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Chapter 523 The Power of Dragon Force

Chen Xiang didn't have the time to watch the two alluring bodies. He hurriedly shouted, "quickly put on your clothes. There is a fight going on outside. How could you still be able to take a bath here!"

As he spoke, there was another explosive sound ringing out. The earth shook violently, and the house nearly collapsed.

Leng Youlan and Bai Youyou was astonished. They hurried dressed up. At this time, Chen Xiang could not help but take a few more glances. This was a rare opportunity, especially for him to watch Leng Youlan, who was wrapping her big "snow rabbits" in front of him without leaving a single mark. On the other hand, it was Xue Xianxian who felt extremely bashful, her face completely red.

"You rascal, you have seen everything of us!" Xue Xianxian snorted coquettishly and scolded Chen Xiang for appearing here so rashly.

"Sister Xianxian, you're already big brother's wife. Why are you still so shy?" Leng Youlan giggled. She was Chen Xiang's little sister, and even she didn't care anymore, let alone Xue Xianxian.

After the two girls put on their clothes, they didn't even have time to ask Chen Xiang before he urged them to leave the Demon Subduing Academy. Seeing Chen Xiang's nervous and serious expression, the two girls hurriedly left. Although they were both worried of him, they knew him well and were pretty clear how capable he was.

The news of Chen Xiang escaping the dungeon shocked the entire Demon Subduing Academy. They also heard that Chen Xiang had released a villain.

"I found him. Liao Shaoyun seems to be in his residence. He puts away his aura, so it's really hard to find him." Long Xueyi suddenly said.

After Chen Xiang learned Liao Shaoyun's location, he sprinted up and made continuous leaps on the mountaintops.

"This guy seems to be afraid of being dragged into this mess. He doesn't dare to move around recklessly." Chen Xiang sneered. His residence was far away from the Demon Subduing Academy, but the battle still affected this area. Many mountains were shattered and many houses built in the mountains collapsed.

"He really hide far away!" Chen Xiang locked onto a mansion that was built on top of a mountain peak in the distance. That was Liao Shaoyun's residence.

Chen Xiang released his aura from far away. It was a threatening killing intent pervasive around the mountain peak with waves of cold aura, causing Liao Shaoyun to have no choice but to take a look inside.

Liao Shaoyun was very familiar with this killing intent, but he could not believe that Chen Xiang would come looking for him. Of course, based on his understanding of Chen Xiang, he knew that Chen Xiang wouldn't do such a stupid thing. If Chen Xiang could find him, it meant that Chen Xiang must have some confidence.

Liao Shaoyun was secretly on alert. He tightly clenched his fists and threw out an explosive punch as he observed Chen Xiang suddenly flying over.

A thunderous sound accompanied with Liao Shaoyun's punch. The lightning on his fist was dazzling, and countless lightning snakes with dazzling light were shot out along with his fist, just like ferocious ghost hands fiercely rushing towards Chen Xiang. His power was very tyrannical, causing the air to vibrate with a 'pa pa' sound. Horrible thunder force released an invisible pressure from far away, enveloping Chen Xiang, making him feel like his entire body was being cut by sharp knives.

Countless bolts of lightning suddenly struck at him. Shocked, Chen Xiang hurriedly dodged from it. At the same time, he let the Black Tortoise Armament Armor maintain its best defense while he released the Black Tortoise Luotian Barrier. Even so, the right side of his body was still struck by the sudden, violent lightning. The burning numbness and pain rushed into his body, causing him to bite his teeth until they almost shattered.

"Chen Xiang, it's really you! I didn't expect that you would dare to come to die!" Liao Shaoyun relaxed a lot as he saw Chen Xiang being punched so painstakingly by him. This proved that Chen Xiang's strength hadn't increased by much.

Chen Xiang clenched his teeth and said, "Thunder Soul! How could you get such a thing?"

"Haha …I should thank you. If you didn't kill Zhong Quan, I wouldn't get the chance to collect his scattered Thunder Soul. You may not know, but things like the Thunder Soul are intelligent. Even though they flashed away at that time, as long as I control a part of them, I can gather the others!" Liao Shaoyun said in excitement. He himself was a person who used the power of thunder and lightning, thus the Thunder Soul was a supreme treasure for him.

Chen Xiang's heart was bleeding with hatred. He never thought that his murder of Zhong Quan would raise Liao Shaoyun's strength by a large amount.

Seeing that Liao Shaoyun was even more powerful than he had imagined, Chen Xiang was secretly alarmed. But since he had come, he could not just leave like this. No matter what, he would definitely deal a heavy blow to Liao Shaoyun today, and even if he couldn't kill Liao Shaoyun, he would at least injure Liao Shaoyun so that he would make errors during the Nirvana Tribulation.

Since it was not a formal martial contest, Chen Xiang could fight recklessly. He called out the Azure Dragon Devil Slayer, and the Hands of God of Slaughter, which tremendously increased his strength.

Seeing Chen Xiang take out his divine weapons, Liao Shaoyun's eyes were filled with greed and ecstasy. He already knew that Chen Xiang's Azure Dragon Devil Slayer was not a simple item. Right now, he had a good opportunity to obtain this weapon, just by killing Chen Xiang.

"You have no idea what you are dealing with!" Liao Shaoyun stretched out his five fingers, after which lightning flashed in his palm, and a electric net made of lightning suddenly shot towards Chen Xiang at an extremely fast speed.

Chen Xiang, who had been prepared for this earlier, dodge it with his fastest speed. He used the Water Mirror Technique, thus the electric net only struck a fake image he released.

After the virtual image formed by the mist was hit by the electric net, the intense electric current caused a burst of heat, causing the mist to disappear.

At the same time Chen Xiang performed the Water Mirror Technique, Long Xueyi also started to release her dragon force and fused it with Chen Xiang's force for him to use it.

In just a split-second, Chen Xiang felt his entire body brimming with terrifying power. That was an extremely rich and powerful dragon force!

As a dragon, Long Xueyi didn't need to transform her dragon force. Instead, his strength was all pure dragon force, while Chen Xiang's dragon force was compressed through martial arts, that he must compress a large amount of True Qi rapidly so transform it into dragon force, which was still very different from the real dragon force.

Not only did Long Xueyi integrate her dragon force with Chen Xiang, she also combined her magic power and divine sense with him, allowing Chen Xiang to gain a better understanding of the situation around him.

At that moment, he could feel the ants moving within a radius of several miles. He could even clearly count the number of these ants. This was the effect of a powerful divine sense.

Such a miraculous fusion caused Chen Xiang to be extremely excited. Last time Long Xueyi fused with him in the same way, it was her who controlled the power, but now it was him who took the control. He felt pretty different than he did last time.

In a split-second, Chen Xiang's strength soared to an unbelievable level.

He flashed to the side of Liao Shaoyun, waved his blade, and suddenly chopped down. Dragon force bursted out from his body like rivers and rushed into his blade, then emitted out with a buzzing sound. After the occurrence of such kind of formidable dragon force, a lot of cracks suddenly appeared on the mountaintops. Liao Shaoyun's house was also instantly shattered by this powerful energy.

"Boom!" A loud sound reverberated in all directions. Liao Shaoyun had actually struck out his attack in the blink of an eye. The fist with berserk thunder force struck on the edge of the blade!

The two violent forces collided with each other, releasing an astonishing amount of energy that caused the entire mountain to collapse.

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