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"obtained the Bone level Dan's pill formula from the Dan Heart Pavilion. At that time, I was worried that he would attract trouble, so I made him hide it! The old man in charge of the Dan Heart Pavilion knows about this as well. At that time, I told him to keep quiet! Therefore, since Chen Xiang has the Bone level Dan's pill formula, there is no need to doubt this point. " Luo Tianjun said with certainty: "Looks like he has already found the Bone level Dan's divine medicine and can refine it!"

The White Tiger laughed, "What a pity, we can't go to bid. I think it's time for me to prepare to cultivate my Bones, since it's very obvious that this thing will increase its strength."

Luo Tianjun laughed: "You don't have to worry, this guy can casually refine six pills, when the time comes we can find him and buy them at a friendly price!"

Very quickly, the first Bone level Dan that was auctioned off shot up to three million, but each pellet was sold for this price. Now, he could already confirm that Chen Xiang was the first in the competition.

The bidding was extremely intense, and there were even some experts from the Divine Nations who were having difficulty buying Bone level Dan s. Now that they could meet one here, they would naturally not let it go!

They all believed in Master Guo. Master Guo had tasted it himself and confirmed it. That was why they believed it to be the truth!

In the blink of an eye, it was seven million Shen Yuan stone!

Previously, when Chen Xiang obtained the Bone level Dan, he already knew that although it was of low quality, the price would definitely surpass that of many Zhongpin Dan.

If it was a middle ranked Bone level Dan, then the price would be even higher!

Chen Xiang felt that refining a batch of Bone level Dan was much more worthwhile than refining many of them, and the amount of spirit pearls he used was even less! If he and Feng Yujie were to dual cultivate Alive Slain Method, condense a large amount of Spirit Orbs, and then refine Bone level Dan together, then, before long, there would be more and more rare Bone level Dan!

"10 million!" The red clothed man lightly shouted. His voice had an innate aura to it. Although his voice wasn't loud, it contained an imposing aura that made many people in the pavilion quieten down.

The ones who were fighting the most fiercely were the experts from the Divine Nations. These experts all came from different Divine Nations, and they were in charge of observing the competition and came here to see how the development was going!

When they heard the red clothed man's voice, they didn't dare to raise the price anymore. This was a prince of the Divine Nations, the son of a Divine Lord! Even if they were stronger than the prince, they didn't dare to offend him!

Chen Xiang was able to deduce something from this. Previously, it was a million Shen Yuan stone, but now, there was only a voice of ten million, it was completely silent.

Yue'er said to Chen Xiang through sound transmission, "He's a member of the Divine Nations's Imperial Family, I can't forget about his aura. I never thought that someone with this identity would actually come, it should be something like a prince!"

As a pill god, he knew that the Divine Nations's royal family had very high expectations for the pill god. Therefore, he thought that Chen Xiang would have a bright future, but he did not know that Chen Xiang and the Divine Nations had some contradictions with each other.

The first Bone level Dan was sold for ten million, and the person who came up to buy the divine pellet was the red-clothed man's old follower.

Although they did not manage to buy the first one, there were still four remaining. The rankers from Divine Nations could only hope that the Prince of Divine Nations was not too greedy and would snatch the Bone level Dan from them, the small fry.

He himself knew how to refine Bone level Dan, of course he did not lack this, even if he did not know how to refine it, with his identity as the Divine Nations Prince, it would be easy for him to get Bone level Dan.

"Young master, are you sure? If it's fake, then I will immediately go kill that brat and fool around with him! " The old follower was extremely sincere towards this prince, and couldn't bear to see this prince suffer even the slightest bit.

After the red clothed man finished eating, he lightly sighed, and looked as if he was sincerely convinced: "It's a real Bone level Dan! It's much better than what I and my master refined! The light yellow color that Master and I refined can only be considered to be of low quality, but his was close to that of the Peak quality. If we were to sell it in the Divine Nations, twenty million Shen Yuan stone s would be considered very cheap! "

He mocked himself, "It seems like I've picked up a big bargain!"

The old subordinate saw that his Young Master had received such a huge blow and became angry, "Young master, this must be because of the Heavenly Alchemy. If you possess the Heavenly Alchemy, you can definitely be like him, or even surpass him! I'll help you snatch the Heavenly Alchemy right now! "

"No!" The red-clothed man indeed had a trace of intention to snatch the Heavenly Alchemy just now, but he told him in the depths of his heart that he could not do so, because this would go against his original intentions.

A prince of noble birth, with guidance from a master, with abundant resources. But in terms of refining Bone level Dan, Chen Xiang had far surpassed him.

"We can't touch him!" The red clothed man spoke very sternly. He understood his old follower very well, which was why he was so strict with him.

The old follower nodded and sighed.

Chen Xiang sold all five Bone level Dan, for a total of sixty-seven million. He was very satisfied with the price. Of course, if he were to sell it in the Divine Nations, it would sell for even more!

"Chen Xiang has obtained first place. This is the Life Soul Divine Pill's medicinal formula and ingredients!" Master Guo gave the rewards to Chen Xiang and even gave him a Storage bag. There were tens of millions of Shen Yuan stone inside, and he did not want to make Chen Xiang's Bone level Dan for nothing. By doing this, he would leave a good impression on Chen Xiang.

After Chen Xiang received the prize, he quickly left the stage!

Just as he walked out of the plaza, Yue Er immediately transmitted her voice to tell him about what just happened.

He walked towards the pavilion that Feng Yujie and the rest were in, which was at the side of the plaza. Just as he reached the bottom of the building, he saw a few figures flying out from upstairs.

At the same time, roars of lions erupted outside the city!

The Divine Lion Race is here!

The elders of the Supreme Divine Palace all flew to the top of the city wall, while the Divine Lion Race and the Star Moon Divine Race were outside the city.

Feng Yujie brought Shui Bingyan to Chen Xiang's side and said: "Hall Master said, the Transmission array here is usable, what are your plans? Would you like to teleport out of here or stay here? "

"Of course we're staying here! Where's Big Brother Yang? " Yang Tianyi had actually not recovered, but Divine Lion Race and Star Moon Divine Race had already come. He could guess that the reason why Star Moon Divine Race had come was because Star Moon Ancestor Emperor had called him.

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