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"Isn't it just a relatively large stone? Wasn't it just a little bit more exuberant? "How powerful is it?" Xiao Chou's thunderous voice echoed in the sky and earth, shaking the earth.

The boulder that could destroy a continent dropped down at an extremely fast speed. The giant Xiao Chou, who was already thirty kilometers tall, brandished his fist that carried the might of an invincible god, as he welcomed the gigantic flint stone!

Although Xiao Chou had grown larger, it was still insignificant compared to that huge boulder. At the very least, even if Chen Xiang and the others fled at their fastest speed, they would still be unable to escape the range of that huge boulder!


When the huge fist collided with the huge rock, the sky shook and the earth shook. The rainbow colored cloud in the sky tumbled even more crazily, and the flames on the gigantic fire stone became even hotter, while Xiao Chou's divine fist had already fallen into the middle of the rock. From the looks of it, the gigantic fire stone was like the sky, but the giant Xiao Chou looked extremely small in comparison.

"Break for me!" Xiao Chou bellowed, the fist in his hand suddenly flashed, and a crack appeared on that sky-sized fire stone, inside the crack, there was a trace of gold!

Xiao Chou seemed to have gone mad at the moment, as he punched out with his other fist, hitting the giant boulder that was falling back and forth.


Rumbling sounds came one after another, and that gigantic boulder was smashed apart by Xiao Chou's fist just now. The shattered pieces were very huge, but they were also smashed into pieces by Xiao Chou's chaotic fists, becoming gigantic mountains that scattered in all directions along with the force of the explosion!

Xiao Chou was already out of breath, and quickly returned to his original look. He had exhausted a lot of energy, and looking at his haggard appearance, it looked like he had been squeezed dry.

"Hurry and recover!" Chen Xiang nodded at Xiao Chou. Although the terrifying killing move that Xiao Chou had hidden for a short period of time was extremely destructive, it had become extremely powerful. If Xiao Chou were to mature in the future and use this method to attack other people's mountain gate, who would be able to stop him?

Now, Chen Xiang finally understood why Great Strength Race had been able to shake the entire Imperial Dragon Race, causing him to hate the entire Great Strength Race! No matter how big a dragon was, in the eyes of these giants, the Great Strength Race was like a small worm.

This was the true power of the Great Strength Race!

"What's next?" Yun Xiaodao asked. Right now, their pressure was extremely great, their first shot was already an outrageously large stone, if it was in the outside world, it would be enough to destroy a Chen Martial Continent, let alone the terrifying flames above.

"It's Fire Thunder, who's going up?" Chen Xiang immediately replied.

"I'll do it!" A layer of blue scales appeared on his body, and behind him, appeared a pair of fiery red, gigantic wings that were as sturdy as diamond!

This time, Teng Ying did not become a Kylin thunder eagle instead, he released his scales and protected his body. At the same time, he also released his powerful wings, looking like a mighty youth in armor, rushing towards the battlefield to kill.

The Sky Fire Lightning descended, this was Sky Fire, its power was as strong as the Heaven fire that Chen Xiang used all his power to push, and it also brought with it a gold lightning, which instantly struck down, shaking the entire area, pressuring the heaven and earth.

Teng Ying also turned into a bolt of lightning, shooting out from the ground. In an instant, he crashed into the lightning, which burst out with a strong gold light, enveloping the entire area, and the burst of energy caused the ground to split into pieces!

"It's here again!" Chen Xiang shouted. He had just blocked a bolt of heavenly fire lightning and was sent flying by the force, but now, another bolt had fallen. He immediately used his lightning speed to meet it head on, punching out towards the heavenly fire lightning and extinguishing the momentum of the heavenly fire lightning.

"There's more!"

Teng Ying did not attack once, but only used his strongest power. It was only two attacks, and he felt like he was going to die under the continuous attacks of another ranker!

"I'll break it!" Teng Ying flapped his wings, and faced the few strikes of the violent thunderbolts!

Chen Xiang and the others were gathered together, so if the lightning attacks were to fall from the sky, one person would be able to block them!

"Bald Eagle, let me help!" Xv Weilong suddenly jumped, and shot straight towards the Sky Fire Thunder, who was chopping down from the sky. His speed was not slower than Teng Ying at all.


Xv Weilong and Teng Ying had actually received two bolts of Sky Fire Lightning respectively. Xv Weilong was a human, the strength of his body was not as strong as Teng Ying's, and the skin on his fists had already been split open, releasing waves of mist.

"All of the power of the fire and earth has been consumed on that huge boulder. And right now, the sky fire and thunder should be created using the thunder and lightning method!" Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, another wave of wild thunder came crashing down, followed by an extremely terrifying pressure. A black hole suddenly appeared in the middle of the rainbow cloud, where a large amount of terrifying energy was being released from.

"Attack!" Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and Lian Mingdong all leaped into the air to stop the attack of the heavenly fire lightning bolts.

The secret manual's heavenly lightning fire poured down like a waterfall. It was as though a hole had appeared in a world that contained the Thunder power. All of its strength surged out!

Yun Xiaodao and the others joined hands, and displayed extremely powerful strength. Although all of them had varying degrees of injuries on their bodies, they could not retreat at all, and all of the blood in their bodies was boiling, as they viewed this Nirvana Doom as a great enemy!

Two hours of crazy Sky Fire Thunder had beaten them all up until their bodies were charred black, and fresh blood dripped down, but they still stood straight and resisted the ferocious Sky Fire Thunder. Chen Xiang, Duan Chong and the currently recovering Xiao Chou watched intently from below, they were not affected by the Sky Fire Thunder!

Following the disappearance of the final clap of heavenly fire lightning, the world became quiet. Zhu Rong and the other three were already heavily injured, and most of the energy in their bodies had already been used up.

"Eat the Relive Dan and leave the rest to me!" Chen Xiang said, then he stared at the black hole in the middle of the rainbow cloud, which was the heavy center of the array.

The great natural formation constructed by the mysterious Grain force was extremely powerful. If it was Chen Xiang alone, it would not be easy for him to defend against the two waves of Robbery power.

"What will happen next?" Chen Xiang did not dare to let his guard down.

"It's a Heavenly Lightning Flame, and it's even stronger than before." Duan Chong's expression changed greatly. "You must be careful, the Sky Fire Thunder this time is different from last time!"

Chen Xiang had already felt that mysterious and terrifying power!

"It's a lightning formation formed by the Grain force!" Chen Xiang suddenly saw a purple red array that was flickering with lightning descend!

"Motherf * cker, why would such a thing appear?" Chen Xiang's expression was very ugly. This lightning array also had a golden-red thread connecting it with the Five-coloured Cloud. The Five-coloured Cloud would provide power to the lightning array, causing it to become even more terrifying!

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