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If Chen Xiang had used the Crash method to refine it in the past, he would definitely be very confident, because he was very clear on how high the quality of the pills refined by the Crash method was.

However, it was different this time. This was refined using Heavenly Alchemy Dao power. Even if it was of good quality, he was not sure if it could compare with the other party's pill.

Chen Xiang nodded at Master Wang, who immediately placed the test disc in front of Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang then placed one of the pellet on top of the pellet.

A number immediately appeared on the test disc.

"Twenty-seven thousand quality." The Master Wang looked at the numbers on the plate in disbelief. Even Chen Xiang himself was pleasantly surprised, the pills refined with the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power were actually of such high quality.

Although the pellet that Elder Chen's disciple refined had a quality of more than 30,000, but it was only one pellet, and Chen Xiang had another two.

Chen Xiang also put in the other pellet, which was also of the same quality as the twenty-seven thousand pellets.

"Impossible." Elder Chen shouted anxiously, as he took out his own testing equipment and accepted Chen Xiang's Restoration Divine Pill, testing it himself.

The result of this test was exactly the same as the one from before. There wasn't the slightest deviation.

Everyone was stunned. After all, the two pellets Chen Xiang had refined were of a higher quality than thirty thousand. There was no doubt that Chen Xiang had won.

Yu Haorui was even more jealous as he said, "There is definitely something wrong with this Spirit Recovering Pellet. There is no light, and there is also no pill Qi.

Chen Xiang said: "Then I invite Elder Chen to eat one and see if it has any medicinal effects."

Elder Chen didn't believe it at the moment, so he immediately ate one pill. After feeling the effects of the pill, he frowned.

Seeing Elder Chen frown, Yu Haorui sneered: "I was right, although this pill has a quality value, it does not have any effect."

Elder Chen shook his head, "The effects of this pill are very strong. It's a far cry from the test results … "It's only because you're surrounded by an external force that you're unable to release any of the pill qi from within. That's why it was so low during the test."

Master Wang also ate one pill. His face was full of surprise, and he immediately looked at Chen Xiang: "How did you refine it."

"This... This is a pill technique that I have learned before, using my unique Rule Dao line s to refine it. My Rule Dao line was born with this. " Chen Xiang said: "After my Rule Dao line's power and flames fuse together, it can strengthen the flames and at the same time have a gathering characteristic."

Chen Xiang spouted a bunch of nonsense, he felt that these people would not have any suspicions, after all, they were related to the Rule Dao line that he was born with.

It's no wonder that the strongest part of this pellet is that not even a trace of pellet Qi has been leaked. Many pellets that have been refined will reveal a little bit of pellet Qi, especially when they're refined. Master Wang said: "This time, it's no doubt that you have won."

The Master Wang looked at Elder Chen, but Elder Chen shook his head, and did not say much. He had admitted defeat now, he did not expect Chen Xiang to have such a strange power, and could only admit defeat.

"That's not fair. He has a natural Rule Dao line." Seeing Chen Xiang win, Yu Haorui felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

"Even if you have the Rule Dao line, without sufficient strength to use it, you would not be able to refine a pill of this quality." The Master Wang said with a stern tone: "There are many people who are talented but do not work hard the day after tomorrow. They are ambitious and look down on everyone else.

Yu Haorui immediately lowered his head and clenched his teeth. Master Wang had been talking about him just now, and now he understood why Master Wang did not want to accept him as a disciple.

Master Wang had obtained a Supreme Violet Ginseng Fruit, and he himself did not have much strength left, this made Elder Chen very unhappy, but he had no other choice, he was willing to admit defeat.

The Master Wang laughed as he sent this group of people away. Then, he planted the Overlord Purple Ginseng Fruit and Chen Xiang watched on from the side.

"What's the use of this Great Master Violet Ginseng Fruit?" Chen Xiang asked: "Seems like it's very precious, when Master Chen gave it to you, he was also very pained."

"Hehe, although this is a low-rank supreme divine medicine, as long as it's a supreme divine medicine, it's extremely precious." The Master Wang said, "And the use of this Violet Ginseng Fruit is beneficial to the cultivation of the later stages of Six Gods Stage and early stage of Tai Zun realm. It has no use to you now either."

Master Wang now knew that Chen Xiang had a very high innate talent in alchemy. He felt that if he were to refine the Spirit-Returning Pill, it would definitely not be as high quality as the ones refined by Chen Xiang.

Of course, he did not ask Chen Xiang about his pill techniques.

"Chen Xiang, I will help you ask about the Six-gods Guiyuan Dan's medicinal herbs in a few days. I know that you are currently anxiously stepping into the Six Gods Stage." The Master Wang said, because Chen Xiang had asked him about this before, and when he was sparring with others before, he was only at the Three profound realm, but there was already a huge gap between them.

… ….

A few days passed and Master Wang finished his own work. After he and Chen Xiang finished refining all of the Sansu flowers into pills, he had more time to himself. Right now, he wanted to take Chen Xiang to a place where he could hold a pill refining conference.

Chen Xiang had originally wanted to look for Lin Jitian and tell him about his current situation in Super Origin Dan Hall, but Lin Jitian had gone into closed door cultivation. Helpless, he could only follow him out of Super Origin Dan Hall and head towards a place to participate in the Pellet Assembly.

When he went there, Master Wang had also brought the few herbs needed to refine Six-gods Guiyuan Dan. If he could gather them at the convention, he would be able to immediately refine pills for Chen Xiang.

Of course, the Master Wang had also said that it was not guaranteed for Chen Xiang to break through, but at least it could help him take a step further.

The Master Wang had a flying channel, since he was an expert of the Tai Zun realm after all. He was riding on a flying divine tool right now, heading to the location of the convention.

The flight Divine Equipment could only fly with the help of the Master Wang. The speed of the flight was also very fast, and Chen Xiang felt very comfortable sitting inside.

"Master Wang, what are the general assembly usually held here?" Chen Xiang asked: "This Grand Meeting will always be attended by masters at your level, right?"

"Yes, Alchemist like us are all called Supreme Pill Gods. In this thousand layer, there are only one to two hundred Supreme Pill Gods, so we are all very familiar with each other." Master Wang nodded his head: "The one in charge of hosting this convention is Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect, this Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect is a very mysterious sect."

Chen Xiang had already heard from Lin Jitian that it was about the matters of the Four Great Divine Sects, he did not expect that they would meet the people from the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect so soon.

"Master Wang, what a coincidence." A golden light suddenly flashed from behind, they saw a middle aged man riding on a flying divine tool and chasing after them, and there were a few other people on the flying disc, one of them was Yu Haorui.

"Third hallmaster, you are also going to participate in the Heavenly Refining Auction, right?" This middle-aged man was Yu Haorui's father, Yu Jinggong. He had just looked at Chen Xiang and knew that he knew about Chen Xiang's situation.

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