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Hearing them say that, Chen Xiang immediately felt the pressure, he never thought that he would have to shoulder the burden of such a gamble! He used to gamble often, but it was all for his own sake so he didn't feel any pressure!

However, it was now for someone else, and a rather good senior at that. This gave him an unprecedented pressure! He looked at Elder Chen and secretly cursed him in his heart. Originally, Master Wang did not mention about the gambling house, but the reason why Elder Chen brought it up was very obvious. He wanted to make Elder Chen feel pressured and then cause a ruckus.

Seeing all of this, even though Chen Xiang felt pressured, he was definitely not flustered. He was very confident in himself, in the many kinds of bet in pill refining, he was undefeated and had never lost. Instead, it was those guys who were initially full of themselves, who had lost the most miserably.

"Is there a time limit?" Chen Xiang suddenly asked.

"Two hours!" Elder Chen said, "It's usually like this, it's starting now!"

The pill furnaces had already been prepared for them, they were all normal pill furnaces, they were slightly stronger than the mud, Chen Xiang had not tried using this kind of broken pill furnace to concoct pills before.

Elder Chen's disciple was a middle-aged man. With Six Gods Stage's cultivation, looking at his dressing, it was obvious that he cared a lot about other people's eyesight, and Alchemist had been refining pills all year round, so it was rare for him to dress up like this.

Chen Xiang also started, he put the Three Elements Flower into the pill furnace, and then took out the flame from the fire pearl and poured it into the furnace.

The flames inside the fire pearl all had their own unique Qi. If they had mixed in other flames, Elder Chen and Master Wang, the two old cunning foxes, would definitely know about it, thus Chen Xiang would not use his own flames.

Chen Xiang was unsure, because he could not use the Crash method to refine it, and he did not know how high the quality would be.

Because the Heavenly Alchemy he used was very special, it could allow him to quickly refine pills and make them easy to refine. However, if it was in pursuit of high quality without using the Crash method, it was impossible.

"Let's see if I can use the power inside the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line!" Chen Xiang secretly channeled the power of the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line and poured it into the fire pearl.

He only used it a little. Although it did not cause any changes to the flame, it helped to refine the ingredients in the pill furnace quickly.

"How magical! As long as I use the power of the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line, no matter what kind of flame I use, I can quickly refine it! " Chen Xiang looked at Master Wang and Elder Chen, but they did not discover anything, so he continued to release Heavenly Alchemy Dao power.

This went on for a while, and the more he used it, the more times he was discovered!

The Heavenly Alchemy Dao power was a very mysterious existence, it did not have any aura, especially when used within the flames, it was even more difficult to detect.

Previously, when he was refining the Three Elements Flower, he did not try to use the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power to refine it, but today, when he used it, the refining speed was actually that fast.

"Looks like I've always been using the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power, so the quality of the pills I've refined will definitely not be low. It seems like I have a good chance to unearth this Heavenly Alchemy Dao power when I'm free, although I can use it, I don't know what its uses are." Chen Xiang now knew the benefits of Heavenly Alchemy Dao power.

He had always been paying attention to the usage of the flame orb. Before, he had been very careful in using it, but now he could be very bold because when the flame mixed with the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power, it burned very quickly, just like the last ten times.

Currently, the three elements within his pill furnace had already turned into medicinal liquid!

Now, he also realised that the medicinal liquid that was refined by the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power could be fused even more easily.

Previously, when he was refining the Three Elements Flower, although he managed to successfully fuse it, it was not that fast. It was not that simple!

Previously, when the medicinal liquids from the three flowers merged with each other, it was as if the three lumps of flour were kneaded together. Although this was not very difficult, it required a bit of time and strength.

However, using the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power now was like fusing three drops of water together; it was the easiest.

"Even though the flames are still sufficient, we are still unable to use the Crash method … I wonder how much the quality of the pills refined by the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power will increase. Chen Xiang released even more Heavenly Alchemy Dao power s and poured them into the ball of fused medicinal liquid.

That lump of medicinal liquid was originally red, but after he injected it into the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power, its color gradually became lighter, and with the burning of the flames, it finally became white.

When he had not used the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power previously, it had always been red!

"I wonder if there are any effects. Regardless, I'll just forge it first!" Chen Xiang split the ball of white medicinal liquid into two, and condensed it into a medicinal crystal. In the end, it slowly compressed, and at the very end, the two pellets suddenly became red again, becoming dark red.

This dark red color seemed to be completely lifeless. It was far from the beautiful, red Spirit Returning Pill that he had refined before.

Two hours were almost up, and Chen Xiang was the first one to open the pill furnace!

When he opened the pill furnace, everyone looked and shook their heads.

"Two pills... To actually be able to refine two of these pellets in such a competition, it should be condensed into one and the quality should be raised. Furthermore, he is dark-red in colour, it is definitely not good. Yu Haorui laughed, "Your standards are only mediocre! This time, Master Wang has been harmed miserably by him. "

When Master Wang first saw it, he slightly frowned, but after looking at it again, he felt that the two pills Chen Xiang refined were extremely reserved, and did not release any of his Dan Qi!

Even the worst quality dan would have a bit of dan-qi, but there was none. It was very strange!

"I've also finished refining it!" Elder Chen's disciple opened the pill furnace and immediately shot out a beautiful red light. The pill Qi was very dense and the fragrance of it wafted for five miles, causing one to be unable to help but exclaim in admiration.

"I don't think we need to test for quality anymore!" Elder Chen chuckled, "Elder Wang, please let me manage your treasured land for now!"

Chen Xiang suddenly said: "I want to test! "This way, I can be convinced of my defeat."

Master Wang nodded his head and took out his own equipment. This was a round disk, and was about the same as the equipment used to test the quality that Chen Xiang had seen before.

Elder Chen placed his disciple's pill on the plate, immediately showing the high quality of over thirty thousand pills!

"He is indeed worthy of being Elder Chen's disciple. This kind of quality is comparable to the masters of many shops." An old man praised, "Having such an outstanding disciple is really a happy occasion!"

Chen Xiang handed over a pellet to them, and everyone revealed a look of contempt. After all, the Origin Recovery Pill in his hand was dim and dull, without any sort of pill Qi, as if it died, and this kind of pellet actually needed to be tested!

"It's hard to tell if your pill can produce a value." Yu Haorui taunted, and laughed: "Don't embarrass yourself anymore, don't you!" [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]



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