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Lin Jitian had a rather good understanding of the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. First, he had the map of the Myriad Tao Mausoleum in his hands, which was extremely important.

"Although I have a map, I don't have a key. There are places that require a key to pass through. That way, it would be safer." Lin Jitian sighed: "It's a pity that there aren't many keys, when we first went in, there were very few keys, and only the Four Great Divine Sects s had them, but it's very big inside, we were split into groups to explore around, and were unable to stay with those Leader s."

Chen Xiang did not tell Lin Jitian that he had the key to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum.

"Uncle, is there any powerful Alchemist in this Yuan Shi Tao School?" Chen Xiang asked: "I want to learn pill refining."

Chen Xiang only wanted to learn how to refine pills that were useful to Six Gods Stage. He felt that Yuan Shi Tao School must have this kind of Alchemist, it was just that it was not easy to see.

"The Alchemist in this Yuan Shi Tao School are all rather special existences. Although they are all part of the Yuan Shi Tao School, other than the Leader s, no one else can control them." Lin Jitian did not expect Chen Xiang to actually want to learn alchemy: "I advise you to not learn alchemy in Yuan Shi Tao School."

"Why not?" Chen Xiang could already see something from Lin Jitian's expression.

"There is a Super Origin Dan Hall in the Yuan Shi Tao School, and this Yuan Shi Tao School is an independent existence. Other than the Leader, no one else can control them. If you want to learn alchemy, you have to go to the Super Origin Dan Hall."

Lin Jitian sighed: "Everywhere in Yuan Shi Tao School is good, so it can be considered fair, but only the Super Origin Dan Hall is very dark. Although the Alchemist inside is pretty strong, there are many dark curtains inside, and other people don't know, but I have been in the Yuan Shi Tao School for a long time, so I am more clear on the situation inside."

"Is the Alchemist inside really that skilled? Is there any way to learn something from it, such as a pill formula?" Chen Xiang asked, he was helpless against the pills that could help him break through to Six Gods Stage, and had no direction to go.

"If the Alchemist's Alchemist doesn't have a certain level of cultivation, then he would have disappeared from the Yuan Shi Tao School long ago. The Yuan Shi Tao School only turning a blind eye to the Super Origin Dan Hall was also because the Super Origin Dan Hall s here truly do have a decent level of cultivation." Lin Jitian said: "If you aren't afraid of hardships, then you can give it a try."

"Then how do we enter the Super Origin Dan Hall?" Chen Xiang had already decided to go in and look for some precious pill formulas.

This thousand floor also required a lot of pills, which could be seen from the special position Super Origin Dan Hall had in the Yuan Shi Tao School.

"I don't know anyone in the Super Origin Dan Hall. Furthermore, my current strength has regressed, so it's very difficult for you to live a good life in the Super Origin Dan Hall. You can only use the most basic method to enter." Lin Jitian took out a Storage bag and said: "First, we have to give them a billion entrance fee. There's a billion in there, take it."

Lin Jitian felt that Chen Xiang didn't have a one billion Dao crystal, so he gave it to Chen Xiang as a gift.

Seeing Lin Jitian like this, Chen Xiang knew that Lin Jitian should not be lacking any Dao crystal, but he did not have much on hand, so he took it.

"Thank you, uncle." Chen Xiang was quite touched. Not long after knowing him, Lin Jitian had given him so many Dao crystal.

Those guys will arrange for you to join the Super Origin Dan Hall as soon as they see that you have Dao crystal. As for the inner sect disciples, I will help you greet the inner sect elders. "" Yes, elder. Lin Jitian scratched Chen Xiang's head and laughed: "Seems like I need to work hard to recover my strength, so that you won't be bullied in the future. I need to go into closed door cultivation for a period of time, when I'm out of closed door cultivation, I will come to Super Origin Dan Hall to find you."

"Yes." Chen Xiang hurriedly nodded, then Lin Jitian told him the way to the Super Origin Dan Hall. Just like this, they parted after a short meeting.

… ….

The Super Origin Dan Hall was located on the edge of the Primal Sky Mountain and was a very small villa. After all, there weren't many people inside.

Chen Xiang was confident in his abilities and techniques, so even if he knew that it was dark inside, he was not worried.

Because he had the entry fee for the one billion Dao crystal, Chen Xiang successfully obtained the qualifications to enter the Super Origin Dan Hall, and also obtained a jade plate.

From today onwards, you are a member of the Super Origin Dan Hall, you are at least a Late period of Three profound realm. If you want to learn the skills to refine pills, you have to start from the most basic of tasks. An elder who was in charge of receiving the guests brought Chen Xiang to a medicinal field in the Villa.

When Chen Xiang saw these medicinal ingredients, he immediately knew that they were all high-grade Heavenly God medicine. Generally speaking, it had some effect on Three profound realm.

"You are in charge of taking care of the herbs here. Remember, if anyone comes here and doesn't show the Golden Jade Token, you must not let them pick the herbs. If they force you, just break this bead." The old man said, "Taking care of the herb fields is a very difficult task. Don't think that this is a very poor job."

Chen Xiang took the pearl, nodded his head, and walked away while brimming with emotions.

"There should be quite a number of medicinal fields here. Right now, I only have three acres of land to take care of. It can be considered relatively small." Chen Xiang looked at the herbs inside carefully and took out a notebook.

"Three kinds of flowers. Three acres of land with different kinds of flowers. 1000 flowers per mu. Let me count and see …" Chen Xiang released his divine sense to count it out, then nodded his head.

"I don't know what kind of medicinal herb this is, but it should be of some use. If I copy it, no one will notice." Chen Xiang looked at his surroundings, then used teleportation to move three of them into his own You Yao Mountain Villa to make a copy. After duplicating them, he moved them back.

"This really is a good job." Although he did not know what the uses of the three flowers were, he was sure that they were relatively more valuable. Otherwise, he would not have warned him so repeatedly.

Chen Xiang still needed to use his Dao Energy to infiltrate the well every day so that the water in the well would contain even more Dao Energy and water the medicinal field.

Just like this, a few days had passed. This matter was relatively easy for Chen Xiang, but he didn't know when he would be able to obtain those precious pill formulas.

Suddenly, someone entered the medicinal field. It was two young men. One of them was a man in dazzling golden clothes. The other one was dressed in ordinary clothes and looked like a lackey.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Chen Xiang anxiously shouted, his voice was stern, because the two of them seemed to be sneaking around.

"We're here to pick the herbs." The golden robed man looked coldly at Chen Xiang.

"Where's the Golden Jade Token? You don't have the Golden Jade Token, you are not allowed to pick it. Please show it to us." Chen Xiang said. The two of them were Late period of Three profound realm s, but judging from their postures, they should be the more tyrannical kind. These kind of people usually had a backer.

"I want to take the medicinal ingredients. Do you know who I am?" When the golden robed man heard Chen Xiang's question, he was immediately enraged and glared at Chen Xiang.

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