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Wu profound started to have a dilemma in his heart on whether to withdraw. He even wanted to advise Chen Xiang to withdraw because it was simply too dangerous.

The first group was over, and the second group was about to begin. This time, the chaotic battle was still extremely fierce. Blood splattered everywhere, and hands and feet were flying everywhere. It was truly a tragic scene to behold.

Chen Xiang looked at Qin profound who was not far away, he was actually enjoying the show even more, his face full of excitement, he wanted to rush down and kill to his heart's content.

Chen Xiang then looked at Li Li, who had the same expression as Qin profound.

"Qin profound and Li Li, this old thing must have cultivated some kind of cultivation technique, which made killing people a pleasure. Even if he didn't kill himself, he would be happy to see others kill him. Chen Xiang decided that when it was his turn to go up on stage, he would definitely kill Qin profound.

He knew that Chen Xiang was very strong, but he was also very worried. After all, Qin profound and the others were on his side, and Qin profound also had a deep grudge with him.

"Wu profound, have you decided yet?" Chen Xiang had already seen through Wu profound's hesitation.

Now that it was the ninth battle, it was very soon their turn.

"I've decided to go." Wu profound frowned: "Even if I have to risk my life, I still want to kill this fellow who wanted to kill me. I do want to see who will want to kill me that much at that time."

Chen Xiang nodded, at the moment he was also getting serious and nervous, because he was prepared to fight with Qin profound, and he did not know what the outcome would be.

He felt that when the time came, he would definitely fight Qin profound one on one. With Qin profound's personality, he would definitely not let anyone interfere in his battle.

The ninth battle was over with quite a few casualties. In the end, only twenty people survived, and the fighting arena below had long since been dyed red with blood. Even though they had used fire to clear the area after each chaotic battle, it was still difficult to conceal the strong smell of blood below.

"The tenth match." Li Li shouted. He was also a little excited, and of course he knew about the enmity between Qin profound and Chen Xiang. He also knew some things about Chen Xiang.

Therefore, Li Li would definitely not let Chen Xiang die, but he had to obtain Chen Xiang's memories and master Chen Xiang's absolute art of refining pills.

Chen Xiang and Qin profound's hatred had already spread far and wide. They admired Chen Xiang for his courage, and under such circumstances, he actually did not retreat, and there was only death waiting for him.

Chen Xiang and Wu profound jumped into the fighting arena together, and at the moment when he jumped down, Qin profound suddenly threw his head back and laughed crazily. His face was filled with a sinister look, his laughter was extremely terrifying, and at the moment, he was dancing wildly, looking like a demon.

Qin profound and the others also jumped down one after another. There were only fifty people in their group left just now.

"Chen Xiang, I have to admire you, you are actually not afraid of death, although you have that invisibility secret technique, but here, you cannot escape." Qin profound laughed sinisterly: "An hour, is enough for me to find you … However, you don't have to worry, I won't kill you. I will slowly torture you for ten to a hundred years. "

From Wu profound's words, Chen Xiang could tell that he was going to capture him, but he was not afraid. Currently, his expression was calm, and there was no hint of fear.

Wu profound was the same, he was already determined to fight it out here.

"Begin." Li Li suddenly roared out. From his roar, one could tell that he had suppressed his excitement.

"Wu profound, you must be careful."

Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, the sinister looking Qin profound rushed over, in an instant, his hands suddenly expanded out like a demon's claws, flickering with purple light, the claws were extremely sharp, as though they could pierce through anything.

At the same time, dozens of pairs of claws appeared and covered Chen Xiang's entire body, as if wanting to pierce his body and turn it into a stopper.


When Qin profound came over, he had already channeled his energy and struck a palm towards the claw prints that covered the sky, releasing a powerful shockwave that exploded out waves of aura, causing Qin profound to be forced a few steps back.

Chen Xiang had only used the Heaven Blasting Palm, and had already forced Qin profound to retreat. At this moment, he had a rough understanding of his and Qin profound's powers.

Qin profound is actually being pushed back by his opponent's palm, Qin profound is comparable to Three profound realm, and the opponent is not an early stage Heaven realm, his dao energy is only stronger than a hundred, while Qin profound's energy is stronger than ten thousand.

"You didn't see wrong, Qin profound was indeed pushed back, his strength is unfathomable, no wonder he is so calm when facing the berserk Qin profound."

"Look at Qin profound … His head changed, turning red like blood. This is too terrifying! Just what kind of demonic technique did he cultivate? "

After Qin profound was forced back by his palm, he knew that Chen Xiang's strength was not as weak as he had imagined. This caused him to have no choice but to use his full strength.

"Qin profound, do you need help?" Qilin's disciple Ren Lingyi asked.

"No need, you guys can start now. If more people die here, I will become stronger." Qin profound said in a low and cold voice, his eyes completely red.

"It seems like you two are indeed working together." With that, Chen Xiang suddenly disappeared. He teleported to the back of Qin profound and the Heavenly magic sword shot out, striking towards his neck.

The moment the sword qi appeared, a white light flashed.

The God-killing sword carried a strong killing intent as it soared, exploding from the bottom of the mountain, intimidating everyone.

"This is …" God Murdering Sword Techniques, this guy actually knows God Murdering Sword Techniques, this is one of the four great mystical techniques. " An old man shouted.

"It really is the God Murdering Sword Techniques, haha …" Li Li laughed wildly in his heart, because he felt that he would be able to obtain it very quickly.

For Chen Xiang to be able to cultivate such a strong God-killing sword, he definitely had to have a complete God Murdering Sword Techniques.

The white light of the competition arena dissipated, and Qin profound's head had already separated from his body.

However, although his head was split, Qin profound did not die, and his fighting strength had not decreased.


Qin profound shouted, and his headless body suddenly moved, both fists striking behind him. Countless red skulls shouted out, and rushed towards Chen Xiang like a raging tide.

The invisible Chen Xiang, never would have thought that even after Qin profound's head was chopped into two, he still released such a strong power, that he was not in time to defend, and was hit by one of the heads.

Although he was hit, he didn't feel any pain.

"You are here."

Qin profound's head suddenly merged with his body, and instantly formed a knot. He took a step forward, and arrived in front of Chen Xiang who was invisible, his fists punched out, striking out one black skull after another.

"This guy …" An immortal body. "

Chen Xiang immediately dodged, and then, instantly waved his sword several hundred times. The Sword Qi was like countless blades of air cutting across, and Qin profound's body was instantly sliced into pieces, but he did not immediately separate, nor did his blood flow.


When Chen Xiang saw that the pieces of Qin profound's body were going to stick together and teleport above him, the Fire cloud palm shot out.

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