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After taking care of the two Evil Soul s, Chen Xiang immediately rushed forward and quickly caught up to Wu profound.

"Done." Wu profound never thought that Chen Xiang would catch up so quickly, he knew that Chen Xiang was facing two Three profound realm Rankers just now.

"Yes, it's settled now. Those two fellows were once my acquaintances, but they were taken care of by Evil Soul. Sigh." When Chen Xiang killed Xue Qing earlier, he was also feeling the same way. After all, Xue Qing, Tai Bo and Tai Bao had all been his friends before.

Wu profound laughed: "If I am to be carried by the Evil Soul one day, when the time comes, you must kill me without hesitation as well. I do not wish for such a thing to be used by my body to commit evil."

"Don't say that." Chen Xiang laughed: "Although these Evil Soul are dangerous, but here they don't dare to do anything rash."

The mountains here were like volcanoes, there was a huge pit at the top of the mountain and these pits were the fighting grounds. When the time came, many people would watch from the sides of the deep pit.

"There are a total of ten arenas. Today, we will be able to complete a hundred groups of people." Wu profound started to become nervous. At that time, he would be facing Qin profound and his six powerful disciples.

Furthermore, his relationship with Chen Xiang was so close, and he was very worried that he would implicate Chen Xiang later on, because Chen Xiang's strength was already as strong as Qin profound's now, so it shouldn't be a problem for him to face Qin profound. However, his strength was only comparable to the disciples present, so he felt that he could still hold on against two or three of them.

However, the opposing side had six seats of disciples.

"I don't have much hatred towards them … But it's hard to say if they'll focus on me. " Wu profound was very worried about this.

"If anything happens, I'll help you." Chen Xiang patted his shoulder: "I have a divine tool that can hold people back. When you can't take it anymore, I'll put you in.

"That's not bad, but if you face Qin profound and get surrounded by six other disciples, the pressure will be huge." Wu profound said.

"I'm fine." Chen Xiang felt that after he became invisible, it would not be easy for the other party to defeat him.

Of course, he was already at the late stage of Heaven realm, it was impossible for him not to fight. Furthermore, he had previously suffered from injustice and was constantly suppressing it in his heart.

After arriving here, everyone gathered and divided the fighting grounds. Chen Xiang and the others were in the third stage of the fighting arena.

At the same time, an old man appeared. He was the one who sent people to assassinate Chen Xiang, Li Li, who was only at the Late period of Three profound realm level of cultivation, but he had a lot of prestige.

This time, the Flying Dragon Association was filled with miasma, it was the result of Li Li's manipulation from behind the scenes.

"First, let's talk about the rules. Once you enter the arena, the array will open, and you can't come out. Because this is a chaotic battle and everyone's cultivation is not weak, it will be difficult to control your strength.

Li Li's cold eyes swept across the crowd, and said: "In other words, entering the fighting arena, you will easily die, even if you cannot win, there is no path of retreat, and if you want to give up now, there is still time, if not you will have to take responsibility of your own death."

Many people knew that one would be able to stay in the battle arena for an hour. However, they didn't expect that one would be stuck inside for less than an hour before they felt that something was amiss.

If they couldn't beat him, they could just leave the arena. But why did they still set such a rule? Many people felt that this rule was very cruel, and people had already given up on participating.

"Do these guys really like to see people die?" Chen Xiang said in a low voice: "At that time, we must be careful."

"Everyone may have misunderstood this rule. Let me explain, the main reason is that when the chaos breaks out, it will spread to the surroundings, so we can't enter or leave the array. On one hand, we can't let others ambush us from the outside, or we can come in and cause trouble."

Li Li had already heard the curses of many people, and his expression became extremely ugly, the voice just now had a trace of anger.

No one dared to curse anymore. Those who were afraid of death quietly withdrew. They were worried that they would not be able to defeat the other party when the time came, and there would be no retreat. It would only be a dead end for them.

Over ten thousand people were participating in this final battle, and over three thousand had given up.

Right now, many people were doubtful, because there were ten thousand slots to enter the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation, with so many empty spots, was there still a need to compete, and what about the empty spots, who was going to take the top.

Of course, no matter how much doubts the crowd had, it was useless. In this place, only those with strong abilities could speak for themselves.

After arriving here, many people could see how dark the Flying Dragon Association was this time.

"The seats vacated must definitely be for the trusted aides of the upper echelons of the seven great Divine Beast Sects. This is very obvious." Wu profound sneered: "Damn it, how can there be no daylight left in the dark?"

Li Li gave everyone one hour to decide whether to leave or not. After one hour, only five thousand people would participate.

Chen Xiang was sure that there were not many people left after the third round of battles.

"Elder, there's less than a hundred people in each group right now, why can't we just directly obtain a spot in the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation?" A middle-aged man boldly asked.

"Because this is a competition, and is a rule set by many generations of Flying Dragon Association, even if the number of participants is insufficient, they still have to go through the selection, although there are less than a hundred people in each group, but according to the rules of the third round, as long as we can endure for more than an hour, we will be able to pass. This test of everyone's strength, is not something that can easily enter the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation, it is not so easy." Li Li's voice was cold, and used his strict gaze to look at the people who were doubtful.

"Alright, we'll start now. Everyone should know which batch you're in right now."

Chen Xiang's group was the last group on the third stage.

Right now, Chen Xiang and Wu profound were standing on top of a huge mountain, looking at the crater like competition grounds, the first batch of people who entered didn't move at all, because they only had seventy people in their group, all thinking that they would be able to pass in half an hour.

But who knew that Li Li would suddenly say that if no ten of them fell, their group would not be able to get a placing in the end, and thus, a chaotic battle would immediately occur. Everyone was worried that they would be the one to fall, so they made the first move, attacking the person closest to them.

After an hour, there were only thirty or so people on the third stage. Although ten of them had fallen early, there were too many who had fought previously, and some of them were not convinced and had to be beaten back. Even if ten of them had already fallen, they still had to fight to the death.

"It's really bloody. Those who fell must have all died." Wu profound frowned, it was still too late to leave, he actually had the thought of leaving.

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