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"Evil Soul." When Wu profound heard this word, he felt that it was a little familiar.

When I was very young, I once heard Father and Mother say that this is a very terrifying thing, after the people who were trapped inside the Myriad Tao Mausoleum died, they would absorb the Evil Demon's power from the Myriad Tao Mausoleum and cultivate it to become a terrifying Evil Soul. Wu profound's expression also changed, "The most powerful thing about this kind of Evil Soul is that it can take over another person's body, and there is no way to guard against it."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "That's right. In the place I was previously at, many of the big shots and powerhouses had their bodies occupied by the Evil Soul, and even I myself nearly suffered."

Wu profound had always been curious about Chen Xiang's background. Now that he found out that Chen Xiang had come up from the first floor by himself, he admired Chen Xiang even more, and at least he didn't think that he had the ability to do so.

"I have another friend who also went up to the tower. I just don't know if he came here yet. I hope he's fine." Chen Xiang had always been very worried about Tai Shangzhen.

Tai Shangzhen had sent out the news much earlier than him, but now that there was no news, he didn't know how to contact him.

"It will definitely be fine. Don't worry." Wu profound said: "Right now, the ones we need to pay attention to are those Evil Soul s, I wonder if they brought them here."

"Go and tell the more prestigious people here to keep their guard up and see if we can get rid of those guys." Chen Xiang said: "Amongst them, the strongest should only be the Six Gods Stage. If they occupy someone else's body, they will have a lot of problems, and won't be able to unleash that body's power for a short period of time. Right now is the best chance to eliminate them."

"Alright, I'll go look for Flying Dragon City Lord now. My parents have a good relationship with him, he should be able to see me." Wu profound said.

After Wu profound left, Chen Xiang also left the profound Wu Dan Pavilion to look for Xue Qing.

Chen Xiang had always been good to his friends, but now, Xue Qing's situation was very special. Even though he still had that body, his soul had already been devoured and occupied by the Evil Soul.

The thing that made his heart ache the most was that Xue Qing's memories were also swallowed up by the Evil Soul. The Evil Soul possessed all of Xue Qing's memories and he could pass off as Xue Qing.

Now, when Chen Xiang went to find the Evil Soul, he wanted to free him. He could not let the Evil Soul continue occupying Xue Qing's body.

This was also the only thing he could do for Xue Qing.

Chen Xiang had been keeping an eye on Xue Qing this whole time, and he saw Xue Qing and Xue Yunxiong entering a big hotel, they should be staying in.

He looked at the door of the hotel from afar and waited for more than two hours. After seeing Xue Qing coming out by himself, he then quietly followed behind Xue Qing.

At this moment, he had the appearance of a middle-aged man, so there was no need to worry about him being recognized.

He followed Xue Qing and arrived at a beautiful place.

"This guy, he actually came to this kind of place." Chen Xiang also walked in.

After he entered, he sensed a few extremely powerful auras, he never expected that there would be such a strong person guarding this wind and moon place, he felt that it should be the Late period of Three profound realm, or even an early stage Six Gods Stage Ranker.

"We can't fight here." Chen Xiang thought that it would be more convenient to make a move here.

"Let's deal with him for a while and wait for an opportunity to strike." Chen Xiang made up his mind and waited outside for Xue Qing.

Flying Dragon City was very tight as well. From time to time, a large group of powerful guards would patrol the place.

Therefore, Chen Xiang could not make a move inside the city.

In the evening, when Xue Qing came out of the Wind Moon Restaurant, he had changed back into his original appearance, pretending to be passing by to let Xue Qing see him.

Sure enough, Xue Qing saw it in a glance, and he was very surprised too.

Previously, they had planned to take care of Chen Xiang with their group of Evil Soul, but ever since Brother Wang gave Chen Xiang a flying divine tool to go to Flying Dragon Pagoda, he had never appeared again.

Now that he saw Chen Xiang, he immediately understood why Chen Xiang had not returned. He had come to this place.

Although Xue Qing thought like this, he was still very suspicious, because they had all come here via the Transmission array.

Chen Xiang did not know about the Transmission array, so it would definitely be difficult to get to the top, and he was also clear about Chen Xiang's strength; it was impossible for him to get to the top by himself.

"Chen Xiang." Xue Qing anxiously walked over and pulled Chen Xiang, and revealed a surprised look on his face, "It's really you, you actually came here too, and I thought you had met with some accident."

Chen Xiang also pretended to be very excited.

"Xue Qing... "How did you get here? When I first came here, I lost half my life." Chen Xiang's face was full of surprise as he asked.

was shocked, and now he was sure that Chen Xiang had climbed up to this hundred floor by himself.

"He came together with my grandfather … That's right, my grandfather and the others are outside of Center of Flying Dragon City, I will bring you to see them. Even though you came here, we had always thought that something had happened to you. Xue Qing pulled Chen Xiang and immediately walked toward the main door of the Center of Flying Dragon City.

There was a wilderness between the Center of Flying Dragon City and the Inner District. Chen Xiang had heard from Wu profound that this Xue Qing was going to bring him away from the Center of Flying Dragon City.

Previously, Chen Xiang had seen Xue Yunxiong entering the hotel and not coming out. Now, it was said that Xue Qing's grandfather was outside the Center of Flying Dragon City, and obviously wanted to take him outside to kill him.

"Alright, I also want to see the Head Xue and ask him about the things related to the Flying Dragon Pagoda. This place is really mysterious." Chen Xiang laughed, it suited him perfectly that Xue Qing wanted to go outside with him.

Xue Qing had been here for a while, and he was familiar with the place. Walking on the shortcut, he quickly brought Chen Xiang to a forest outside of Center of Flying Dragon City.

"Where are the Head Xue and the rest?" Chen Xiang looked around: "How long more to go?"

"Right here." Xue Qing's tone changed, and became gloomy and cold. This was also within Chen Xiang's expectations.

"Not at all." Chen Xiang continued to pretend not to know, and looked around.

"Go to hell, idiot." When Xue Qing shouted this, he had already arrived behind Chen Xiang. At the same time, a blade stabbed into Chen Xiang's heart, and even used a purple colored iron chain to tie Chen Xiang's throat.

The purple chains emitted a true purple electric light, and it looked very domineering.

"Hehe, your body is mine now. As long as I can obtain your alchemy memories, I can have endless wealth." Xue Qing's face turned sinister as he laughed wildly.

Just as Xue Qing thought that he had succeeded, his head was suddenly slapped.

Chen Xiang suddenly appeared behind Xue Qing, using a type of power that was extremely harmful to Divine Sense Sea, using the Heaven Blasting Palm, it shook Xue Qing's Divine Sense Sea to the point of collapse.

After Xue Qing's Divine Sense Sea was smashed into pieces by the force, the intense pain caused him to bleed out of his seven orifices, and he fell onto the ground.

This was something that Chen Xiang had done using his body splitting technique and a camouflage technique. When Xue Qing had attacked, his true body had already teleported away and he had even hidden himself. When Xue Qing had completely relaxed and focused all his attention on his body, would immediately take action.

"You are too inexperienced. I have already seen through your little trick." Chen Xiang's large palm grabbed Xue Qing's head, and lifted it up. Both of their gazes met, and their faces were filled with a cold sneer and ridicule.

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