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Now that Wu profound knew that Chen Xiang was the one who killed him, he would help Chen Xiang keep an eye on Qin profound's movements and the Azure Dragon School's attitude towards him.

Chen Xiang knew that Qin profound was very strong, but he was not afraid now, because he had already stepped into the Heaven realm, although it was only the early stages, he had already opened all of his profound veins, and was able to increase his strength by a lot compared to cultivators of the same level.

Furthermore, he still had sword spirits in his Heavenly magic sword, as well as powerful supporting divine tools like Six Realms mirrors and Emperor seal, which could produce tremendous power.

When Chen Xiang saved Yi Chong, he had gone through a simple disguise, so even if Qin profound saw him again, he would not be able to recognize him. He had also understood from Wu profound that although Qin profound had created a portrait, it did not resemble him at all.

"Concentrate and prepare to participate in Flying Dragon Association." At this time, Chen Xiang was trying his best to refine Dragon Law Rule Beads. He still had three months time, so he wanted to gather as many Dao crystal as possible.

Three months was an extremely short period of time for Chen Xiang. Because of the limitations of the time, he could only sell ten of those Dragon Law Rule Beads s every month, which meant thirty of them in three months. Although it wasn't much, it was enough for Chen Xiang to obtain around fifty billion Dao crystal s.

With what he had earned in the past three months, added to the previous ones, Chen Xiang now had fifty billion Dao crystal.

"The Flying Dragon City is incredible, 50 billion doesn't seem like much to this place." lamented. At this time, he was sitting in Wu profound's carriage, and Wu profound was bringing him to the Center of Flying Dragon City.

"Fifty billion is indeed nothing to the Flying Dragon City. Everyday, there are hundreds of millions of Dao crystal but in the Flying Dragon City, one person only needs three months to earn more than forty billion. I think there should not be more than ten people like that." Wu profound looked at Chen Xiang with a face filled with admiration, because Chen Xiang was one of them.

"Wu profound, have you been to the Center of Flying Dragon City before? How is it inside? I've been to the Flying Dragon City for so long, but I haven't even been to the Inner District." Chen Xiang said.

There were already many rich people in the inner regions of the Flying Dragon City, let alone the Center of Flying Dragon City. Chen Xiang only knew a little about it, but he didn't know much about it.

Wu profound laughed and said: "Of course I have. Although the people inside are all rich and powerful, all of them are from famous families, and the people inside are more profligate and more powerful, most of them are young disciples … But, compared to you, they are far weaker, they only know how to spend, they don't know how to change. Even though they are very rich in the eyes of many, but to make them take out one billion and eight hundred million Dao crystal s in one go, would probably be very difficult. "

"Wu profound, you are so rich now." Chen Xiang snickered.

"Isn't that still taking advantage of you?" Wu profound felt that his cooperation with Chen Xiang was very happy. Just running errands was enough for him to earn this much Dao crystal s, which was more than ten billion.

In such a short period of time, he had already reaped such a great harvest. Previously, he couldn't even dream of such a thing, but now, he was truly born in his body.

"Chen Xiang, actually, we do not need to worry about offending people anymore. We have so many Dao crystal, we can use them to hire some strong practitioners to protect us … Of course, no one knows about us right now, so there won't be any trouble. " Wu profound said. Seems like he was very confident about the black market.

After the carriage drove to the side of a river in the Inner District, Chen Xiang followed Wu profound out of the carriage and boarded a huge boat.

"Can't the carriage go in directly?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course you can, it's just that you can view the scenery along the way by boat …" And it would be more comfortable to take a boat. " Wu profound said: "Of course, I have to pay a lot of Dao crystal."

Although Chen Xiang had more Dao crystal than him, he could not possibly let Chen Xiang out this tiny bit of Dao crystal.

There were still about ten days until the start of Flying Dragon Association. This ship's speed was extremely fast, and also very stable, so Chen Xiang was currently looking at the scenery along the coast from the window in his room. It was indeed quite good.

"Why did it slow down?" Just now, Chen Xiang could still feel that the giant ship was flying, but it had slowed down in a short amount of time and was approaching the shore.

"Chen Xiang, it's me." Wu profound knocked on the door, his voice anxious.

"What is it? Come in quickly." Chen Xiang immediately replied, "Are we at Center of Flying Dragon City?"

After Wu profound entered, he said anxiously: "No, this is still the inner region. The ship is now docked, and another group of people are to board the ship. I heard from the captain just now, that a group of disciples from famous sects will be coming up later … Qin profound is also among them. "

"What? Why is he here?" Chen Xiang was very surprised.

"There was an auction in the inner section just now, and all these guys were gathered here. I never would have thought that I wouldn't ride on this ship if I had known they would come up." Wu profound said with some self-blame.

"It's alright, that fellow didn't recognize me …" Oh right, I've changed my identity to being your follower. Although you didn't say it yourself, I can guess that you have a very prestigious background. It shouldn't be a problem for you to have a follower by your side, right? " Chen Xiang laughed.

Wu profound was startled for a moment, then said: "Do as I say, don't scare me."

"It's just an act, they won't suspect that your follower killed Fan Qing." Chen Xiang spread out his hands and laughed.

"Alright then … "When the time comes, I will say that you are the son of an old subordinate of my grandfather and will temporarily be my follower."

Wu profound thought about it, and felt that this was also good, because when the time came, he would inevitably meet many disciples from famous sects.

"Qin profound came." Chen Xiang looked through the window and saw Qin profound and a large group of people walking over.

"The experts of the seven Divine Beast Sects have arrived. The pressure is quite great." Wu profound sighed: "Hopefully I will be able to get a placing this time, I have prepared quite a few Dao crystal, if I can get a spot, I can quickly cultivate even rarer dao veins."

Chen Xiang said: "You should know them, there is no need to go out and welcome them."

Wu profound nodded his head: "I do know them, but their relationship is very ordinary. Some of them are my enemies, and when I meet them, they will always ridicule me a few times … In the past, I did feel inferior in front of them, which resulted in me always being in the Central Region and not going to the Inner Region or even Center of Flying Dragon City. "Heh heh."

Even though Wu profound had earned this much Dao crystal, he was still filled with confidence.

"They must know I'm here. Later, they'll hold some kind of dinner and invite me." Wu profound said: "I'll bring you there then, and see if Qin profound can recognize you or not."

"Alright." Chen Xiang suddenly looked forward to the banquet.

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