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Chu Yang was only a fourth stage Martial Sovereign, but he had the divine spirits of the first master of the Nine Tribulations Sword with him. Now, he had the most powerful divine spirit and sense in the world!

The divine sense was like a gigantic net which could silently spread out thousands of feet in all directions. Chu Yang closed his eyes and could see that on the spire of the tower a long distance away, there was a thin figure in white drifting above the spire. In the morning sky, he looked just like a ghost.

He seemed to be examining the gate of the Law Enforcement Hall, but he didn't come close to it.

At this moment, his eyes were fixed on Chu Yang. Although that person was a thousand feet away from Chu Yang and Chu Yang had his head lowered, he also felt pain in his head as if it was pierced heavily by a needle.

Chu Yang was stunned.

That person was so far away, yet Chu Yang could feel his sense of murder and his ferocious eyes! Then, this person was at least… a Martial Monarch!

Still lowering his head, Chu Yang stayed on the spot like a sentimental teenager who was looking at the swaying wildflowers on the side of the road with focused and deep eyes.

But in his heart, there suddenly rose a flame!

My cultivation has recovered!

I'm a fourth stage Martial Sovereign!

My capability was far worse than my opponent!

But I still don't know how powerful will I become after I break through my current stage!

This person will be a touchstone for me!

A knife may break from sharpening, but if one doesn't sharpen it, it will break from rusting.

The sword spirit didn't speak or give any advice. Ever since Chu Yang recovered his cultivation, the sword spirit knew that he should get off his hands as much as he could. Only by making Chu Yang pass through the various dangers alone, would Chu Yang develop faster!

The sword spirit's role was to turn the tide when Chu Yang was in absolute danger of death!

Chu Yang's will to fight rose up in his mind, but he remained as calm as ice. Although his cultivation was promoted and his power had strengthened, he was far less capable than his opponent.

Even if he wanted to sharpen his knife, he couldn't sharpen it till it broke! That would be committing suicide!

He must take some measures.

The next moment, Chu Yang gently raised his head and revealed a warm smile, just like a happy teenager who was enjoying the morning scenery. Then, flicking his sleeves, he strode a step forward.

Towards another direction.

This direction was towards the street of the outskirts of Wujin Town.

Around the path that Chu Yang walked on was full of lush green grasses and swaying wildflowers. In the sky, the clouds flew under the morning breeze.

Chu Yang, clasping his hand behind his back, walked for a moment and stopped for a moment as he enjoyed the green grasses and yellow flowers on both sides of the road. His brows were stretched out and his eyes were moist. Seemingly to be carrying on him some indescribable kind of disconsolateness of a teenager and enjoying the great morning scenery, he walked by the flowers and trees that were deep in their sleep gently, as if he dared not to disturb them.

He didn't raise even a speck of dust.

And walked towards Wujin Town.

The moment he raised up his head, Old Third Ma immediately unfolded that portrait. With only a quick glance, he had confirmed: This sentimental and gentle teenager is my target and the person that I'm going to kill!

I'm so far from him. Even a Martial Monarch may not discover me, let alone a teenager whose cultivation is wasted!

Old Third Ma was completely unworried.

Old Third Ma started to fly quietly towards Chu Yang like a stream of light.

But following which, he saw Chu Yang change his direction towards the outskirts of the town. Old Third Ma couldn't help but hesitate for a while.

It's good to kill Chu Yang here, but… If Eldest Young Master Chu Feilong was openly killed in Wujin Town, it would inevitably lead to a violent response from the clan. It's a sensitive period for Chu Feilong for the time being. I'm afraid I would disadvantage him.

If Chu Feilong was disadvantaged, it would be tantamount to hindering the plan of Thirteenth Master.

It's better to follow him and see which direction he's going. If he goes to a slightly remote area, I can kill him and destroy his corpse after that. Isn't this seamless plan?

So, he slowed down and followed Chu Yang from far behind.

Although Old Third Ma was confronting a person with no cultivation, he remained careful. Any sorts of accidents might happen in the world — this was what Thirteenth Master frequently said.

Old Third Ma didn't want any accident to appear when killing Chu Yang!

Seeing that Chu Yang was casually walking towards the outskirts of the town and completely unguarded, Old Third Ma was overjoyed! You're seeking death for yourself. You can't blame me.

I didn't expect Thirteenth Master's task to be so easy.

As he thought till here, he couldn't help but start to despise Chu Feilong from the bottom of his heart: To be coerced to such an extent by a careless and smelly kid who has no cultivation at all, this Chu Feilong is really first of his kind.

Wait till I finish my task, I'll definitely go back to tell Thirteenth Master: Chu Feilong is mediocrity and we mustn't use him!

The path in front gradually turned wide. As his clothes fluttered in the air, Chu Yang walked on the path casually and quietly looked around himself, occasionally bending down to sniff the grasses and wildflowers. His face revealed a blissful smile.

This kid was really sour.

Old Third Ma twitched his mouth and followed after Chu Yang from a distance of 200 or 300 feet away.

But he didn't realize that Chu Yang chose this route after turning three rounds. Chu Yang had chosen this route because he could walk against the wind…

For every ten steps he walked, he would bend down to sniff at the wildflowers at both sides of him alternatively…

There seemed to be no patterns at all in the way he sniffed; But if one would pay attention to it, he would realize that for every blade of grasses that Chu Yang sniffed, they would point to the direction that he had come from, which was the center of the road. For every piece of petals that Chu Yang sniffed, the dewdrops would press down the petals to slightly incline towards one direction. And that direction was similarly… the center of the road!

And, for every blade of wild grass or petals that Chu Yang sniffed… the dew would unnoticeably change its color, then immediately, it would return to its transparent color.

Following which, the dewdrops would immediately evaporate to form a thin layer of mist, which rose and mixed within the faint morning fog. Under the morning breeze, this faint mist blew and concentrated on the path behind Chu Yang.

However, as Chu Yang walked slowly, the morning fog actually stayed still on the path, seemingly to be unaffected by Chu Yang's movements.

But within the fine morning scenery, which had the morning fog cast over the entire outskirts of the town, all these were barely noticed.

Chu Yang finally arrived out of the town.

He looked into the distance and saw a circle of morning fog, milky white in color, rolling at the hillside which was directly ahead of him. The scenery was really dreamlike.

Chu Yang took in a deep breath, stretched his arms and smiled happily. "So beautiful and comfortable."

As he extended his arms, his two palms naturally opened up and tilted slightly behind his back. Then, a thin layer of mist that couldn't be seen at all by naked eyes abruptly rose to his palms.

The morning breeze brushed against him gently and brought away the mist on his palm and lay densely behind him.

Then, Chu Yang began to hasten his footsteps with impatience.

Old Third Ma had long been vigilant on Chu Yang's every move. Seeing that Chu Yang was speeding up, he naturally also accelerated his pace.

When Chu Yang had arrived at a small forest, Old Third Ma was already 100 feet behind Chu Yang.

And he broke into the fog that Chu Yang had just created.

Then, Old Third Ma suddenly felt himself falling into a trance for a short moment, then he suddenly returned to normal. He shook his head in disbelief. It seemed that he was skeptical of why, with his cultivation, there would be such an occurrence.

But when he raised his head, Chu Yang had already entered the forest and vanished in the morning fog.

He had no time to think about it and he looked around his surroundings. But everywhere was quiet and there was no trace of Chu Yang.

He sneered in silence. Like a cloud, he drifted into the forest.

Within the forest, the morning fog seemed to have gotten thicker.

But this was a natural phenomenon of morning fog. Old Third Ma wouldn't doubt any other aspects at all. He looked around and still didn't discover Chu Yang.

Anxiously, he rose up to the treetops and looked into the distance. He discovered that Chu Yang had already gone out of the forest, and was walking slowly into a small valley.

Chu Yang still had his hands clasped behind his backs, revealing a casual look.

Old Third Ma snorted and flew towards him without hesitation.

He was a meticulous man. But at this moment, a doubt arose within him: Chu Yang didn't have any cultivation. How could he walk so quickly?

But somehow, although he had this doubt, he didn't think about this deeply. He only had one thought: Catch up with him! Kill him!

He rushed forward like a galloping horse.

After he turned around at the entrance of the valley, Old Third Ma instantly became stunned.

In front of him was a teenager in a light robe. He carried a gentle smile and his hands were clasped behind his back, as he stood casually on the spot. His eyes, which were cast on Old Third Ma's face, were also beaming like spring water.

That teenager looked like he was enjoying a flower.

A bright, blood flower.

Once Old Third Ma had his eyes on the teenager, Old Third Ma only felt the teenager's eyes instantly turned into a heaven-shattering swift sword that pierced violently into his own eyes!

Old Third Ma was taken aback. At once, he felt a sharp pain in his pupils. He retreated a step before his pupils shrank abruptly! He never expected that his opponent was actually an expert! He had caught his opponent off-guarded, and now, he could feel that his eyes were injured!

His vision had now turned blurry. And now, there seemed to be a severe sword aura stirring up within his eyes!

Under his fright, he abruptly closed his eyes and exercised his cultivation violently and forced out the sword aura that was pierced into his eyes. Two thin strains of blood streamed down from the corners of his eyes which were shut tightly. He looked even more monstrous and frightening.

When he opened his eyes, his eyes were already completely red.

The teenager ahead of Old Third Malooked back at him sadly and with dull eyes. The teenager's sleeves fluttered within the grasses and flowers, making him appear entirely lifeless.

Old Third Ma's heart gradually sank. He discovered that the information that he had was very wrong!

At this moment, he started to curse Chu Feilong heavily in his heart: Damn it! This is the nephew that you said whose cultivation was abolished? Motherf**ker, Motherf**ker, how can you cheat me like this…

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