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2. Current Situation Confirmed

Okay, let’s check out the current situation for now. Putting aside the fluffy white tiger that’s jumping and rolling on my king-size bed… well. I’m glad that it became healthy. First pinch avoided!

I checked my appearance using a mirror twice my size on the wall. With straight jet-black hair that reached my shoulders and dark eyes that wouldn’t be weird for a former Japanese; this was me, Serafiona Granzeus. Here is the daughter of the Granzeus family of the Judor kingdom. My family consists of my father, the Minister of Finance, and my older brother. Sadly, my mother died after giving birth to me. In this world, giving birth was still life-threatening.

My father, the Earl, was a handsome man with black hair and emerald-green eyes. Even his body’s figure was like the models from my previous life. He was busy with exhausting work, but he still gave me enough love for my mother too. The me who’s thirty on the inside came to understand that much more. Although, the age difference between my father and my previous self was not large, seeing him do his best as a single father made me want to cry.

We had a territory in the northern valley, but due to Father’s important position, the three of us and just a few servants live at the Earl’s mansion in the capital. It seems that a servant attempted an assassination before, so although we were nobility, our family has the rare rule of doing things by ourselves. It was unbelievable, but because of that, I can do things on my own without too much interference. Of course, there was a guard around me somewhere.

My brother, Laruzza Granzeus, was a little older than me, and this year, he would be ten years old. He was a beautiful boy with black hair and green eyes, exactly the same as Father’s. I’m glad that the three of us have the same hair color.  

The nobles had to do a magical power examination when they reached the age of five, which was divided into high, average, or no magical power. Our Earl family didn’t have anything like an ancestor spirit, but we have massive amounts of magic. My older brother, of course, is someone who could outclass others with his high magic level alone. It was customary for children with high magic levels to enter the Magic Academy, so they usually immediately begin to study magic control at home with a tutor. The age for admissions was thirteen years old.

My older brother studied with a tutor from morning until evening and then learned etiquette for men. We live in the same mansion, but we only saw each other’s faces at mealtime.

Now that I remember, Laruzza might hate me. After all, Mama died because of me. At the time, Laruzza was a smart seven year-old, so he should have understood that. Avoiding the little sister that held the same eyes as you beloved mama, it was nothing surprising.

But maybe that is convenient. Since at the magic academy, one after the other, Laruzza should have met the heroine, fall in love, and become hostile towards me. I will try to avoid the villain route, but somehow, it was already adjusted. Of course, if the route went exactly like the novel, and I’m a kid who loves her brother very much… it would be difficult for sure. I could not bear the overflowing feelings of getting killed by my own brother.


“What is it Sera?”

“Could you tell me your name?”

I still don’t know the name of Byakko-sama, so I have to at least get an introduction. Puppy sized with a black streak on its snow-like white fur. Clear blue eyes like a sunny winter sky.

“Name's Ludarilfina. One of the four celestial divine beasts born from the Moon Goddess. My predecessor died. The other day I got lost. Hehehe”

“Lu… Darui? Mofumofu? Henahena?*”


“Is it okay to call you Lu?”

“… Well, can’t help it, because Sera is small.”

Hey, you too!

But for the person themselves, they wouldn't think of him as a Byakko. A Byakko is a preconception I have from my previous life.

“Why were you in our garden?”

“I came here while I was running around because I was happy that it was snowing.”

You were lost, this little…..

“How did you injure yourself?”

“…… I was thrown a weapon I had never seen. How irritating!”

Now I’m really curious! The one that harmed one of the four celestial holy beasts, what is the weapon?

“Did you get attacked in our garden?”

“I don’t know. It looks like it was poisoned, it was vague.”

“Is that so… Lu… are you okay with being right here? What about your family at home? Are they not worried?

“Because my father, the predecessor died, I don't have anyone.”

“…..Lu, what do you eat? what should I do for you?”

“If I’m by Sera’s side, I will have your beautiful magical power as I want, can I?”

“Of course! because we are friends!”

Lu then jumped from the bed and leaped onto my chest. Well, it couldn’t be helped, he’s still a baby.

“Lu, how old are you?”

“I stopped counting when I was over a hundred years old. “

Aren’t you totally an elder……..


*I think she was trying to pronounce his name or nicknames. Though in Japanese Darui means dull, mofumofu is fluffy, and henahena means helpless/weak.

I don’t really have a fixed schedule but i will update once a week, maybe more if i’m not busy.  I’m still a newbie translator so please do correct me if there was a mistake in my translation. Thank you for reading!

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