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It wasn't that he didn't want to refuse, but he couldn't.

No matter how he chose, he would end up in Xiang Hailian's hands in the end.

From their conversation with Zhou Yuan, it wasn't hard to tell that they had intentionally arranged for Long Fei to go to the horcruxes hill.


Zhou Yuan must have said something to Xiang Hailian.

As for the horcruxes hill... It had also become an extremely dangerous place.

Long Fei was not afraid of danger, since they had deliberately made such a plan, he might as well do it. I don't know what will happen in the end.

Seeing that Long Fei had agreed, the corner of Zhou Yuan's mouth curled into a complacent smile.

Xiang Hailian also revealed a hint of pride, his fists could not help but secretly clench, and thought in his heart: "Finally, it's about to land in my hands!"

tan dapao's eyes became anxious.

su su and Lan Mei immediately walked forward, grabbed Long Fei's arms and gently shook them, signalling for him not to agree!

However …

Long Fei only smiled slightly.

There were some things that could not be avoided. Xiang Hailian was like a mad dog who was about to bite him, the best way to make the dog let go of its mouth was … … Kill him!

If he couldn't avoid it, then he would go for it!

Following that …

The top ten disciples were divided up one after another.

Lan Mei went to the Sword Peak.

su su went to the peak Zhen.

tan dapao was a little miserable. His result was ranked around thirty, but... but he was the last to be taken away. The reason was simple, launcher!

It was a profession that could not be mixed up in Universal Realm.

On the surface, tan dapao did not seem to mind, but his heart was secretly tight.

A short pause.

Each of them led their disciples back.

Long Fei also followed behind Xiang Hailian.

Walking out of the main hall.

The Crazy Wolf was a little unwilling, and said: "Long Fei, in the future, when you have time, come and play with my beast hill."

Xiang Hailian said: "owner of beast hill, you don't have to worry about my disciple. Go back and properly raise your fairy beast."

While they were talking …

Xiang Hailian then summoned a fairy beast and said to Long Fei: "Let's go!"

He sat on the fairy beast.

Long Fei politely smiled at the Crazy Wolf.

Xiang Hailian also jumped up.

The Crazy Wolf moved, the fairy beast went berserk, its huge body suddenly shot into the sky, and flipped.

Xiang Hailian almost fell down, Long Fei was also very shocked.

"owner of beast hill!" Xiang Hailian said in a heavy voice.

The Crazy Wolf laughed: What are you so proud of? Do you believe that I will immediately make your fairy beast betray? "

Long Fei was secretly shocked, "This beast tamer is too powerful, a idea could make a fairy beast go berserk, this fatry sect is really a hidden dragon and crouching tiger, I wonder what is the purpose of this Elder Swordsman letting me into the fatry sect?"

"Sigh …"

"I still don't know where the Elder Swordsman is!"

Long Fei muttered in his heart.

When the fairy beast entered the clouds, it was like a world of immortals. Xiang Hailian stood on top of the fairy beast's head with his hands behind his back, like a fairy.

Seated on the back of the fairy beast, Long Fei looked at Xiang Hailian's back and lightly said, "elder Xiang, don't hold it in."

The corner of Xiang Hailian's mouth rose as he turned around to look at Long Fei, "You should call me Master now."

Long Fei asked: "Master? I am truly sorry, but I do not have the habit of taking in disciples, so don't hide things from me anymore. You are Zang Tianfeng's master, and also an elder of the horcruxes hill.

He didn't want to be long-winded.

He went straight to the point.

Xiang Hailian stroked his beard and laughed faintly, saying, "Hahaha... Direct and straightforward, since you're so straightforward, then I won't waste any more words. "

"As long as you hand over the god's design token, I can let you go!"

"Listen up, I'm giving you a life!"

Releasing and sparing were two different things.

The meaning was deeper.

"As expected!" Long Fei was secretly shocked, and said: "How do you know it's a god's design token?"

Long Fei had never mentioned this to anyone.

Logically speaking, Xiang Hailian should not know!

Xiang Hailian smiled faintly, and said: "Rainbow Refining Fire, this kind of Refining Fire is exceptionally special. With your artifact forging abilities, even if you had an outstanding talent, it would be impossible for you to cultivate this kind of Refining Fire at your age!"

Long Fei said: "Even if it isn't mine, then how do you know it's from a god's design token?"

Xiang Hailian said: "It's very simple, because your Xian Wu pavilion's pavilion master is horcruxes hill's Peak Owner. Do you really think that god's design attic's assessment fatry sect will be given to a small weapon store?"

"Do you think the Xian Wu pavilion is competent?"

Long Fei was secretly shocked, and said: "horcruxes hill's Peak Owner is Grand Court? "Then he's …"

Xiang Hailian said indifferently, "Don't worry, he hasn't come back since then. I've already told the outside world that the Peak Owner has gone on a search for a breakthrough. If he doesn't appear after a few years, no one will question him." Peak Owner has brought you to participate in the god's design attic's assessment, but no one came back, including the people from god's design attic who died in the Seal. Only you came back, so the Refining Fire that appeared in your body definitely came from a god's design token, and with your refining ability, it's impossible for you to win the test.

There is only one answer, you stole the god's design token from the god's design attic Clan Elder, and that is not important. "

"The important thing is, if you give me the god's design token, you will live well."

His eyes turned cold.

He looked like he was about to eat Long Fei.

He did not believe that Long Fei had passed the god's design attic's examination.

The god's design attic's assessment could be said to be one of the hardest assessments in the entire Universal Realm.

In the nine realms of the Grandmist Realm, there were only nine people who passed the examination every year at most. This level of difficulty was unprecedented, it wasn't even this difficult to become an outer disciple of the god's tribe.

It was impossible for Long Fei to pass!

Long Fei didn't ask too much and said: "What if I don't give it to you?"

Xiang Hailian said: "Several people will die every day in fatry sect, even the top scholar may die, you are a smart person, I believe you will make an intelligent choice."

As soon as he finished speaking.

The aura from Xiang Hailian's body faintly moved.

At the same time.

The fairy beast's flying speed increased, and its height rose as well.

Long Fei only had god's elephant state, if he jumped down from such a high altitude, he would only be smashed into meat paste.

Xiang Hailian said: "I'll tell you one more thing, I want the Refining Fire, but there are people who want your life, as long as you hand over the Refining Fire and leave the fatry sect, I believe that with your talent, you will be able to live a good life."

"Kid, hand over the god's design token!"

Long Fei said: "I am truly sorry, the god's design token are very important to me, I cannot give it to you!"

Xiang Hailian's forehead turned sinister as he said, "You refuse a toast only to be punished?"

Long Fei smiled and said: "I don't like any kind of alcohol."

Xiang Hailian's eyes turned sinister as he said, "You really make me angry. I originally wanted to give you a way out, but you refused to appreciate my kindness. How can you do this …."

"Then die!"

As soon as he finished speaking.

Xiang Hailian suddenly attacked, his hands moved.

"Buzz buzz buzz!"

Long Fei's entire body was covered in illusions, he moved incredibly quickly, as though he was being pounced on by a huge net. Long Fei moved between his brows, his body suddenly shot out, straight into the sky … "Power of Creation!"

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