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He was just one step away from God.

This step was called becoming a Deity!

Long Fei was one step away from becoming a god. This step wasn't becoming a god, but a monster!

He needed a monster to activate the system.

It was just like when he activated the system. Killing a toad, unleashing a godly skill, activating the system, this was the beginning of his valiant life!

Thus …

Facing the dimension door, Long Fei did not have the slightest trace of fear, but instead, was excited in his heart.

Other than young taoist, the middle-aged man didn't even have a soul. It was impossible.

Long Fei was excited, "My System, I'm coming!"

A white light flashed.

Long Fei stepped into a brand-new world.

One step in the air.

Long Fei plummeted from the sky, "Ah …"

He subconsciously let out a shout and cursed in his heart, "Fuck, can't you lower the door a little? "Don't you want me to fall to my death?"

"Ahh …"

Free fall.

Long Fei was simply unable to control his speed, and could only slightly control his body as he rapidly dropped from the sky.

In his previous life, he had seen some extreme sports where he tried his best to expand his body. With the help of the wind, he slowly gained control of his flying speed.

Even so.

He didn't have Bird Person's exclusive sports clothes, so he could only barely control the direction.

"The lake!"

"The lake!"

"Without a lake, rivers are fine too."


Long Fei searched high up in the sky with all his might. As long as he fell into the water, he should be able to keep his little life.

However, after searching for a long time, he still couldn't see the lake or the river even though he was getting closer to the ground. He was secretly nervous, "This is it."

"I'm really going to fall to my death this time."

"Damn you!"

Long Fei could no longer control himself as the speed at which he was falling increased.

"Don't die a horrible death!"

He folded his arms and thought about the scenes from the movies of Star Lord's Martial Arts in his previous life, "If he really wants to fall to his death, then he should at least do something cool."

His palm slammed down.

Ye Zichen slapped down on a dense jungle.

… ….

"Princess, you won't be able to escape today!"

"I don't like to do things to women. It's best if you choose to do it voluntarily and don't suffer too much. I will give you endless happiness. Only I can give you this kind of happiness!"

In the forest.

A woman was forced to the corner.

One of the men had a lewd smile at the corner of his mouth, and his expression was exceptionally proud.

The woman said: "Chen Huai, aren't you afraid that my royal father will know what you just said?"

"Your royal father?"

"Hahaha …"

The man suddenly laughed, "Princess, I'm afraid you don't know? When we left the capital, your royal father wasn't the emperor of this country. "

"The reason why you're still alive and still able to stand here is all because of me. If it wasn't for me, you would have already died in the rebellion. In the end, you should have thanked me." Chen Huai laughed, looking at the girl's beautiful appearance, his adam's apple couldn't help but roll up and down.

The lady's eyes narrowed, "Your Chen Clan wants to rebel?"


Chen Huai sneered, and said: "Don't make it sound so bad, your Xuans's mountains and rivers were originally fought over by my Chen family.

As he spoke, he stepped forward.

The woman said, "Along the way, were those people who mysteriously disappeared? Did you do it?"

Chen Huai said: "Of course, if they don't die, how can I give them a chance to be alone in the wilderness, how can I give them a chance to enjoy life in a place that no one will ever be able to hear?"

"Hahaha …"

"For this moment, I've been waiting so long for it. Finally, it's here."

"Rest assured, the moment I enter your body, I will feel a little lighter." Chen Huai laughed obscenely. He was already unable to endure the hunger and thirst in the slightest.

The woman stuck her back to the corner as she looked at Chen Huai. Her heart was filled with anxiety, "Chen Huai, don't come over, don't come over. There are countless powerhouse s in our Xuans.

Chen Huai did not stop and said: "You mean the experts of the Divine Sect's Xuans s?"

"I forgot to tell you!"

"Just with the strength of my Chen family, I am unable to deal with your Xuans, but … If a powerhouse of the Divine Sect were to make a move against the Xuans, then it would be a different story. "

"I'm afraid all of the's experts in the Divine Sect have died."


The woman was even more shocked. "Impossible!"

The reason why the Xuans was able to establish a dynasty was because the Xuans had a position in the Divine Sect. The Divine Sect's medicinal pills and secret techniques were constantly being transferred to the Xuans, to be cultivated by the Xuans's disciples.

There were hundreds of Xuans s in the Divine Sect, thus, they could not be cleared out.

Chen Huai laughed: "Aren't you surprised? Yes, I was surprised when I heard the news, and I thought it was impossible, but. Do you think that the scum of your Xuans can withstand the personal attacks of the vice sect master of the Divine Sect? "

These are secrets.

The Chen family's top secret.

Chen Huai knew this because he was Chen Haohai's only son.

The reason why he said it out loud was because Xuan Yu would die after being toyed with by him.

"Hahaha …"

"Xuan Yu, come!" Chen Huai laughed loudly, "Don't waste my time anymore."

Xuan Yu's expression changed as she executed a martial art move. She said: "Don't come near me. You also know that there are countless martial arts techniques in the Xuans. If you dare to come again, I'll make my move."


Chen Huai laughed and said: "You?"

"You want to attack me?"

"Come, come, come. Hurry up and make your move."

"Don't you know that our Xuans possesses a supreme palm technique? This kind of palm technique falls from the sky, with a single palm strike, it could kill all Ethereal Opening powerhouse."

"Hahaha …"

"Come on!"

"Let me experience this palm technique. Come on, come on..." Chen Huai continuously laughed, the Xuans did indeed have a supreme palm technique.

It was just as Xuan Yu had said.


Not a single person in Xuans had successfully cultivated this technique.

No matter how talented he was, it was useless. Just based on this Mysterious Jade that didn't know what kind of cultivation he was talking about?

It was impossible.

"Bring it on!"

Chen Huai couldn't wait any longer, "Little darling, come, I think it's been five years since I last thought about it."

Profound Jade's tears were about to flow out, thinking of that supreme palm technique, and randomly slashed at Chen Huai.

Chen Huai feigned a pained look and said, "Ah … Ah... "It hurts. It's so powerful."

His entire body pounced on her. "Bring it on!"

Xuan Yu hugged herself tightly and curled up her body.

At this moment!

"Ahh …"

An explosion sounded in the sky.

Chen Huai tilted his face slightly, looked at the sky, and his pupils suddenly shrank, as he muttered to himself, "Could it be that this kind of palm technique really exists in this world?"

"Rumble …"

Later, and more

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