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Along with the whip's tail was a long spine and flesh. **!。 *

The flesh inside this star beast was also bright red. Due to the fact that it had just died, there was still some heat coming from it.

After pulling out the whip, if not for the blood still gushing out of the hole, the entire body of the star beast would have looked like a perfect shield body.

Strangely, the outer shell of this star beast was abnormally tough. Even with Wei Suo's current skills, he couldn't break it. However, the spine that was pulled out along with the whip's tail was soft, like the cartilage in some big fish.

Just when everyone was curiously looking at the spine with the tail of a whip, a strange 'gulu' sound was heard.

The two who made the sounds were the Evil Woman and the Evil Woman, the two of them gulping down their saliva at the same time.

"My lord …" Seeing the crowd gathering around her, Gu Si Li immediately lowered her head in shame. However, she couldn't help but timidly ask, "Sir, looking at you, do you think that this demon beast's blood, flesh, and blood are useless against you?"

"Could it be that the blood, blood, and flesh of this demon beast are useful to you?" Wei Suo's divine sense was searching for the bewitching star bead mentioned by Ling Long Tian. Hearing Gu Si Li's words, Wei Suo suddenly recalled that when he captured these two alien Heavenly Demons to interrogate them, they said that they could also devour star beasts or elixirs to cultivate.

"We can use it for cultivation. This demon beast's grade is extremely high. Usually, we won't be able to kill it …" Gu Si Li immediately nodded her head, but as if she felt embarrassed, she immediately added, "We won't take Lord's things for nothing. Lord wants to smelt these things to refine, we can also help Lord smelt them."

"Can you help me smelt this Amethyst Divine Bamboo?" The first half of the beautiful female alien Heavenly Demon Ancient Silk was within Wei Suo's expectations, but the latter half of the sentence caused Wei Suo to be stunned.

"However, I should be able to do it this way." Gu Si Li and the male Otherworldly Sky Demon both nodded.

"No matter what, he has the strength of a True Immortal!" After blinking his eyes, Wei Suo reacted and was immediately overjoyed. Even if it was just to help him condense the sword embryo, it would be able to save him a lot of time. In these tens of thousands of years in the cultivation world, there probably wasn't a single refiner who was so extravagant as to have two True Immortal level experts as his assistants.

"Good!" I'll give you guys the magic beads when I take them out. "

After the overjoyed Wei Suo said this, he scanned with his spiritual sense. Immediately, a surge of primeval essence took out the thing he wanted from the shell of the star beast.

These were three peculiar cone shaped magic beads. Each of them was only the size of half a pigeon's egg and had a pale yellow luster. However, the brilliance contained within them was profound, like a starry sky.

"Take whatever you want."

After taking out these three Stellar Pearls, Wei Suo stretched out his hand and pointed at the tail of the whip, which was connected to a long snow-white spine, and the entire shell of the Star Beast.

Other than the three beads, Wei Suo also felt that there was a fist-sized beast core inside. However, these Demonic Cores were useless to him, so he was too lazy to think of a way to take them out. To them, what was useful was the large shell of the star beast as a whole. Furthermore, this shell could not even damage Wei Suo, so they naturally did not need to worry about the damage these two alien Sky Demons would cause to this thing.

"Thank you, master!"

The two alien Heavenly Demons immediately became overjoyed.

As soon as they received the long whip tail and the large shell of the star splitter beast, the two alien demons immediately took a bite after a bite. They first swallowed all the snow-white bones connected to the whip tail as if they were eating raw asparagus, looking like they were eating raw asparagus, it was extremely sweet and delicious.

Following that, the two of them sucked in another mouthful of air as balls of Qi and blood were sucked into their stomachs.

"Gu Si Li treats this guy quite well." Jia and Nangong Yuqing sent him a voice transmission secretly. Both of them could tell that the female alien Heavenly Demon was obviously having the male alien Heavenly Demon devour much less blood and energy.

"Ga beng beng." Even the beast core inside the natural shell was cut into pieces by the white flames ejected from the Evil Woman's mouth. They were all swallowed up by the two alien Heavenly Demons.

Waves of faintly discernible mana fluctuations rippled around the two alien Heavenly Demons. From the origin energy fluctuations, one wouldn't be able to see any changes in the two alien Heavenly Demons. However, the male alien Heavenly Demon's arm growth clearly became faster.

The severed arm, which had been stuck in his buttocks for a long time, was reconnected and looked as if it would grow back soon. At the other arm, many white tendrils gushed out as if they were sprouting from a plant.

Wei Suo's eyebrows couldn't help but jump when he saw this.

Although the speed at which Gu Si Li and the male alien Heavenly Demon refined the Qi and blood of the Beast wasn't as fast as his Water Emperor's Devouring Technique, it was still extremely terrifying. After all, every inch of a True Immortal body was equivalent to accumulating large amounts of elemental energy. No wonder the cultivation world's ancient texts only mentioned the alien Heavenly Demons.

"If he's able to connect his severed arm like this, then how long will it take before he's unable to possess another body?" Suddenly, Wei Suo seemed to have thought of something, and could not help but look at Gu Si Li and the male Otherworldly Sky Demon and ask.

"It depends on your cultivation. With my husband's and my cultivation, after a day or so, our vitality will be gone and we won't have the ability to possess another body." Gu Si Li immediately replied.

"Then are there any restrictions on possession?" Wei Suo glanced at Gu Si Li, "Or any demonic beast or cultivator of any cultivation level?"

"It doesn't matter what cultivation level the demon beasts and cultivators are." Gu Si Li nodded, feeling that what she said was not detailed, she immediately added, "It's just that the strength after possession is related to the strength of the cultivators and demon beasts before possession."

"Demonic beasts and cultivators can do it?" Wei Suo's expression immediately changed. "Then, how many alien Heavenly Demons do you have in this space?"

"I didn't lie too much when it came to numbers. There were a total of two hundred names." Gu Si Li did not dare to look at Wei Suo.

"Why are there so few?" "Are there any big restrictions to your reproduction?"

"Yes." "Normally, our clan only has three chances to reproduce, every two thousand years. Furthermore, even if one was able to conceive successfully, he would still be able to give birth to only one fetus. As for what happens if you possess flesh and blood, according to our tribe's rules, we will kill you and eat your Yuan Qi back. This is because our clansmen value bloodlines very much. This kind of possession that was born from an alien Heavenly Demon looks no different from us, but it is also considered to have an impure bloodline. "

"The abilities of these Foreign Sky Demons come mostly from their own Inherent skill. If we value bloodlines this much, it is because we are afraid that the future generations will have their abilities reduced. " Ling Long Tian looked at Wei Suo and used the Voice Transmission Technique to speak to him. "Moreover, these alien Heavenly Demons and other races are somewhat similar. The greater the number of them, the less cultivation resources they have. They don't even have enough to eat."

"Since you guys aren't numerous, then logically speaking, ShiJia Lan should value the lives of each and every one of you. Why does it seem as if she doesn't care about your lives?" Wei Suo nodded his head. His eyes flashed intensely as he looked at Gu Si Li and the male Otherworldly Sky Demon and spoke.

We have helped you to this point, so we are akin to traitors within the clan. Of course, he would not be lenient towards us. Even if he saved us, he would reduce us completely to slaves. Upon hearing her name, Gu Si Li shivered once more and said, "He doesn't think much of ordinary clansmen, but among those who are at the third level of the True Immortal Stage, there are many who share the same royal bloodline as him. Their cultivation aptitude is naturally much higher than ours, but those are the ones he values."

"In other words, our chances are a bit better." Wei Suo exhaled in relief, as if this was the answer he wanted to know.

"Darling, what do you mean?" The Sorcerer couldn't help but ask. She didn't understand the meaning behind Wei Suo's words.

"The thing I'm most afraid of is that he doesn't need to care about the lives of his people. But if he does, then he feels that we might lose a lot of people if he tries to kill us." Wei Suo explained.

"You have a lot of evil ideas, but the crux of the matter is how strong we are." Han Weiwei, on the other hand, understood Wei Suo's thoughts very well, so she rolled her eyes at him.

"Yes, the most important thing is to raise my cultivation." Wei Suo nodded seriously, but secretly winked at Han Weiwei.

"Damn hooligan!" Han Weiwei nearly fainted from anger.

"Sister Steel Teeth, how do I use these Drunken Star Beads?" Wei Suo, who was secretly squinting his eyes, immediately pointed three unique magical pearls in front of Ling Long Tian and asked.

"Qingsuo Silver is known as Ten Thousand Silver. Don't you have your Cyan Silver Staff? You can just directly inlay it into your Cyan Silver Staff." Ling Long Tian then returned the three magical pearls to Wei Suo's side and said, "However, we have to work together with the Immortal Splitting Shield made from this beast shell in order to use it. The power of the Immortal Splitting Shield can dispel the intoxicating nebula created by the magical pearl. If not, I would have fallen asleep all of a sudden. "

"As for refining this shield …" After pausing for a moment, Ling Long Tian looked at Wei Suo and added, "You've obtained Da Litian's inheritance, and need to set up a control array and an array to stimulate her elemental energy. You shouldn't need to ask me, right?"

"Yes, yes." After thinking for a moment, his eyes flashed and a thin line of fire formed in front of him. As if it had a life of its own, it shot into the hole at the back of the star beast shell and began to swim inside at a very fast speed.

Seeing Wei Suo like this, Ling Tian suddenly frowned. Seeing the stance of the two alien Heavenly Demons, this star beast was definitely extremely rare in this space domain. If it really was damaged, then it would be difficult to find one. However, Wei Suo actually didn't even start training and had already started to carve out the array.

However, after knitting his brows together, Ling Tian was finally able to grit her teeth in relief. This was because she was very clear that the reason Wei Suo dared to do this was because he was absolutely certain that there was no mistake.

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