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Chapter 1920 - Sister Don't Weep

"What's your name?" "My name is Tie Zhu (iron rod), Tie Ji (iron rod), Tie Zhu (iron pole)."

Qin Chao got closer.

The cage was not that big to begin with. With Qin Chao this close, the two of them practically stuck together.

The delicate fragrance from the girl floated into Qin Chao's nose, making him feel excited.

And the breath Qin Chao breathed out, had landed on the girl's face, causing her body to slightly tremble a few more times.

This woman could endure torture. She was determined.

Qin Chao thought.

However, she might not be able to bear her intimacy.

Finally, the young girl seemed to be unable to endure such intimacy. She finally opened her eyes that had been tightly shut the entire time.

Qin Chao's body suddenly trembled.

What beautiful eyes!

Sea blue eyes were deep and mysterious like the ocean, deeply attracting Qin Chao's attention.

Qin Chao never thought that other than the deep ravine, there was actually something that could attract his attention.

The girl's eyes, however, were as beautiful as gemstones.

However, within those beautiful gem-like eyes, there was a hint of anger.

"You … It's too close to me … "

My god, his voice is also very nice!

Qin Chao could not help but think back to the records of the Proliferation Silver Coat s. The bird-type girls that they had talked about before, were all naturally born with a good voice.

The most famous was the young female singer of the oriole tribe.

They were also a very valuable race of slaves.

He never thought that the girls in the swan clan would have such a pleasant voice.

"The cage is only this big, where do you want me to go?"

Qin Chao innocently blinked his eyes and said, "You, do you dislike me … …"

Saying that, she looked a little pitifully at girl of the swan clan and said.

girl of the swan clan immediately trembled.

Qin Chao was only a fourteen year old shota now. He looked wronged and pitiful.

Even the girl of the swan clan did not expect that his black eyes could have such a destructive power.

She had always thought that the ocean blue eyes of herself and her tribesmen were the most beautiful.

But today, she began to doubt her own judgement.

The gaze of this youth actually caused her heart to tremble.

"You, do you dislike me …"

Qin Chao asked again.

"I …"

The young lady from swan clan was a little speechless and did not know what to say.

To say that he despised it?

Perhaps his intimacy had made her uncomfortable.

But now, he didn't feel that sort of disgust anymore.

After all, he was just a teenager.

"He must be being despised..."

Qin Chao said with a trembling voice as he retreated two steps and leaned on the side of the cage.

"My people were all killed … I'm the only one left. I thought I had found another partner. He was going to be despised after all. Who asked us to be the lowliest slaves in Horman people … Elder sister, I missed you so much, where are you … "

Qin Chao's eyes seemed to be shining with tears.

he muttered as he held the bars helplessly.

girl of the swan clan was startled.

She seemed to remember her younger brother in the clan.

If he wasn't captured, he should be happily living together with his younger brother.

The hateful slave trader caught himself while he was out playing.

girl of the swan clan could not help but bite her lips.

Qin Chao thought.

Hehe, there's a way.

At his age of fourteen, he could kill everything in an instant!

A harmless little shota, sigh!

"My name is... Nanacy. "

At this time, the girl of the swan clan finally spoke.


What a good name!

It was worthy of her beauty.

Qin Chao could not help but secretly nod his head.

"Can I call you Big Sister Nanacy …"

Qin Chao asked weakly.

Seeing Qin Chao's pitiful strength, Nanacy felt his heart soften.

"Of course you can … We are going to be tied up and sold to the military.

Nanacy sighed, and then said softly, "We are all slaves, how can I have the qualifications to despise you … [I am a man who is going to be reduced to military whores...] You won't despise me … "Then that's good."

"Sister Nanacy... "What is a military courtesan?"

Qin Chao began to pretend to be innocent.

His question caused Nanacy's face to turn pale.

"In short, it's not a good class … …" However, I will not let those beasts succeed. If they use force, I will bite my tongue and commit suicide. The purity of swan clan s are inviolable. "

"Sister Nanacy, I don't want you to die …"

At this time, Qin Chao weakly shouted, "I, I will protect you!"

"Thank you. "Tie Zhu."

Nanacy was a little touched in his heart.

Unexpectedly, this young man from Horman people who he had just met was willing to protect him.

He was as brave as his brother.

It was a pity that his clansmen did not know where he was. Otherwise, they would definitely come to save him.

However it was better not to let them know or else they would die in the military.

The strength of the slavary army had always been famous in the Zerozone Alliance.

Nanacy did not want his own clansmen to die.

If the saintliness of a swan was sullied, it would die.

There was no need to bury his family.

Thinking about it, Nanacy smiled bitterly.

"You know how to cook. I thought of the military. You will be assigned to the logistics army." That place should be safe, at least not in the cannon fodder division. "

"I don't want to, I want to be my sister's bodyguard."

Qin Chao waved his fist and said, "I can cook, but I can also wield a kitchen knife!"

"I am satisfied with your kind intentions..."

Nanacy closed his eyes in satisfaction.

It was the only warmth in despair.

It was as if his own brother was saying these words to him, causing Nanacy's heart to feel a trace of warmth. This made her very satisfied.

Nanacy closed his eyes, and that bit of intoxication that made Qin Chao's soul throb closed as well.

Ai, what a pitiful and delicate princess.

Yet, her personality was so stubborn.

Would he rather die than be tainted?

He bit his tongue and committed suicide … It was easier said than done.

If the military was truly cruel, they could have cut off Nanacy's tongue easily.

Or give Nanacy some kind of aphrodisiac drug that would make her completely lose her mind and turn her into a bitch in heat.

There were way too many ways to make Nanacy submit.

Qin Chao could only sigh.

How could he protect Nanacy when he reached the military?

A big difficult problem had been placed right in front of Qin Chao.

Qin Chao was unable to figure it out. He could only take one step at a time.

After that, when Nanacy was quiet, someone else brought food over. It was simple water and dry bread.

"Eat, this is already a gift to you all."

Pidd who was delivering food sneered as he threw the dry bread into the dungeon, then turned and left.

The slaves immediately crawled forward and picked up dry bread to satisfy their hunger.

"Have some too."

The old Horman people gave two pieces of dry bread to Qin Chao.

Qin Chao took it. This dry bread was hard and cold, like a stone.

The slaves by the side were all chewing with great difficulty. When Qin Chao saw that some of the Horman people s were bleeding from gnawing on their teeth.

Their years of imprisonment had caused them to lack sunlight and salt. Their gums were not very good, so they would have to nibble on this dry bread.

Sigh, he was about to lose his life.

Qin Chao looked at Nanacy who was covered in scars. He held the bread in one hand and activated the Nine Hell Devil Hound's power at the same time.

His left hand immediately began to heat up. Then, with the power of Leng Yue, he created a layer of mist in his palm, directly evaporating the bread.

"Sister Nanacy, time to eat."

"Hmm …"

Nanacy opened his eyes again and hesitantly took the dry bread from Qin Chao's hands.

She could not bite into this kind of hard and dry food.

Even if he ate it, he could only let himself and the others end up with bleeding gums.

However, if Tie Zhu were to hand it over to him, he would think that he despised her again if she did not accept it.

It would be better if he ate a few mouthfuls.

But when Nanacy received the bread, he was shocked.

The bread was hot and soft, and it emitted a faint fragrance of wheat.

Nanacy was immediately shocked. Could it be that the slave market had shown mercy today?

Or was it because he was going to be sent to the military very soon that he got a better meal?

Actually, it wasn't much better. The bread was just warm for a while.

But at least it could be eaten!

Nanacy was a swan clan, and deep down his bones, he carried a kind of elegance.

Although he was already very hungry, his appetite was aroused by the fragrance of the bread.

However, she used her slender fingers to gently tear off a small piece of bread and put it into her mouth.

Sweet bread.

But such a small bit of happiness actually caused Nanacy to shed tears.

She missed her mother's food.

She missed her people.

"Elder sister, why are you crying … Is the bread not tasty? "

Qin Chao asked.

"No... "Delicious, very delicious …"

Nanacy cried as she shook her head.

"It's really delicious..."

"It's delicious, why are you crying? Big sister won't cry."

Qin Chao had a pure look on her face, and then, she stretched out her small hand to gently wipe away the tears on Nanacy's face.

This fellow was doing it on purpose!

Pretend to be pure, to take advantage!


Nanacy's face was so smooth and soft!

Qin Chao couldn't help but exclaim in his heart.

As expected of a noble girl of the swan clan, I really want to pinch this face …

If her face was so smooth and tender, then her breasts and buttocks must be really good...

The middle Ninja couldn't stop his imagination.

But on his face, there was still a pure and worried expression.

Nanacy's heart was also shocked.

As the princess of the swan clan, she had never been so close to a man!

But now, his face had been touched!

When her heart was in turmoil, she was surprised to feel that she didn't hate Tie Zhu's actions …

On the contrary, he felt a warm feeling in his heart.

It was as if a wooden board had been grabbed onto in the ice-cold sea, causing her to want to tightly grip onto it …

Could this metal pillar be a gift from the Beast God …?

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