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Most parts of the outpost was silent, but there were certain corners and buildings where the muffled crystal and pleas of slaves could be heard. And as a vampire with super hearing, it was no small amount of atrocities he could hear. All of the vampires here, and the members of other races that are also enslaved were sealed, and Kodak was not a weaver, which means that even if he frees them, none of them would be able to fight for their freedom, and against superior opponents as their captors, they might all actually end up very well dead.
So the only scheme Kodak could implement right now, is to have their captors free them, from the cages they had put them in. It might seem farfetched to some and downright impossible, but there was nothing to hard about it, especially since it was Kodak himself who was going to take care of it. All he had to do now, was walked up to the guards, the scions and whatever bastard that ran this place and tell them to set all of their captives free. And he had every intention of asking nicely. The allure will do the rest.
Kodak hugged the shadows and moved as silently as he could. The only time you would ever see him, is when a shadow shows up at the back of one guard or the other. And that guard would hear whispers so divine and so true he could do nothing but believe in it. That the words spoken to him was the gospel truth and the most meaningful part of his or her existence. And whether they realize it or not, their will to resist would be taken from them, as well as the ability to think and act for themselves.
At one end of the outpost, a guard went towards one of the buildings housing the young ones. As he approached, his colleagues, though surprised at hid arrival, greeted him with a smile and a joke about the sexual abilities of the half succubus coven they had raided and captured. Usually this guard would answer, after all he was a banshee and if there's one thing banshee love to do apart from screaming, it's to talk. But he didn't say a word or reply, all his friends received was a silent scream that burned their soul and life force away.
They dropped down to the ground, very much dead and a husk of their former selves. The sound of their bodies dropping to the ground alerted the prisoners, and even more so when one of their jailors opened the doors to their cages and cells and asked them to follow him. The children were scared, but still they were children, and they've all spent enough time here to know it was beyond stupid to challenge or ignore an order. And so they followed, silently picking their way past dead bodies and injured figures, until the got to the outpost's exit.
But that was just one side of the outpost. In anther corner, a werewolf with automatic solar machine gun, walked into the barracks of the guards. His sudden presence made the otherwise lively dorm silent as they asked why he was with a gun, and much more why he had a smile on his face. But he didn't reply, he just squeezed the trigger and watched on in glee and satisfaction as the high caliber bullets tore huge holes in the bodies of his comrades. It was ecstasy to him as their bodies dropped one by one, just like flies.

He picked his way through each other the dorm rooms, carrying death and destruction everywhere he went. He had a seemingly endless amount of ammunition, and he had struck when everyone had their guard down, so not many of them could put up a fight. He killed and his slaughtered his way through, destroying the otherwise tranquil air with the sound of rapid fire gun shots, and the dying screams of people who could not understand why their brother and package would kill them in cold blood. But the silence had been broken, and everyone was now alert and ready.
But they weren't ready enough. Guards and personal militia gathered around the building that house the scions. The best of the best in this outpost, and with the most sophisticated equipment, and defenses to protect their charges. But even with all their preparations they were all beset with one question and one question alone. Who was their enemy? whatever it is that's happening now did not make sense, because the people they played with, laughed with, danced with, fucked with; were the ones now killing them. It was weird and unexplainable, most of them have known each other from birth.
So why the sudden betrayal, why the heartbreaks. But there was no answer, as half the guards marched towards the tower that held the scions and the leaders of the outpost. And without warning or pity, they opened fire, wantonly and with remorse. They slaughtered their friends, their brothers, sisters, and lovers. And said friends had no choice but to fight back, not if they wanted to live. It was massacre, as blood flowed en masse and the vampires around shuddered with anticipation and hunger at the sugary iron scent in the air. They didn't know a vampire was responsible.
And as they slaughtered themselves, he walked past; unseen, untouched and unfelt. The door to the tower was wide open, and the enemies he had to destroy were waiting for him. Kodak turned to look at the carnage he had cause, the blood that flowed, and the anguish that flowed with it. He was not just killing this people, he was breaking them, hurting them all the way to the very depths of their souls. In a way, it made sense to him why vampires are so feared, and that's, strong as they are, they kill with just a word.
Kodak did not really care what happened next, just as long as all the prisoners are led out of the outpost safely, and their captors die painful death from both physical pains and emotional pains, he would be happy. He was like a reaper of lives with a wanton lust for psychological torture; this was a part of him he never knew even existed. But Kodak didn't mind, hell he would even go as far as saying that he liked this person he had become. Because this version of him was strong, and his choices and actions get's shit done.
There were still guards in the towers, however Kodak could not decide if these set of guards were the lucky ones, or the really unlucky bastards. After all, they were locked in here with him. Kodak moved into the crowd, just a breeze and soft caress as he sank his fangs into a smooth and delicate neck. She screamed, but the salty taste of her blood made Kodak feel even more glee at the sound of her voice. She was beautiful and she tasted like the very best sea food a inter-planetary restaurant could offer. After all, she's a siren.
Kodak ducked a punched to the head as he grabbed the offending arm and jumped upwards to the ceiling, smashing the massive chandelier that gave light in the process. The ripped off arm fell to the ground a second later, as it's previous owner screamed himself hoarse to a death cause by bloodlust. And then Kodak moved, from one end of this foyer to another, and as he did so, darkness fell. His every movements plunging the room into a gloom that only he and three werewolves on the ground could see through. Kodak stood on the wall smiling eerily.
And then he moved, and the werewolves moved also, shifting their bodies as they aimed for the rapidly approaching vampire. Unfortunately for them, they were not as strong as they thought they were, and even though they had a chance at beating and even killing Kodak due to their superior numbers and the amazing cooperation of werewolves. Kodak was no ordinary vampire. He had no intentions of fighting them head on, so he moved close to the first werewolf, and quickly grabbed him from his midsection and flew up to the roof, with the other werewolves snapping at his heels.
The werewolf Kodak had grabbed snapped his jaws shut around his shoulders, snarling sinisterly as Kodak's blood flowed into his mouth. But Kodak had a smile of his own as he said to the werewolf.
"Haven't you heard the phrase, be careful what you eat."
Immediately all of Kodak's blood that had spilled into the werewolf's mouth, throat and stomach turned into enormous spikes that drilled massive holes out of his body. The werewolf was still alive, but the soft whines that came from his mouth showed it's incredibly injured state. Kodak twisted it's head, and brutally ripped it off.
He turned his head back, and poured the blood flowing from the open neck of the werewolf into his mouth. Smiling and drinking as he instilled fear and horror into the hearts and minds of those who were still watching. Kodak dropped the body, and flew towards the remaining two werewolves, a ball of blood acting as a shield that intercepted all of the energy blasts and bullets being shot at him. With more speed than the werewolves could keep up with, he called out his hammer and smashed in the face of the first werewolf, killing him instantly and swiftly.
He turned the hammer so that it's tipped handled was pointed as the fully transformed werewolf flying at him. With a wet squelching sound, the shaft of his hammer slid into the werewolf's throat, growing wider and longer as it burst out from the werewolf's read end, edged and wider than normal. A quick flick of his hands separated the body of the werewolf in two gruesome halves, and within his hands, an enormous broadsword with a Warhammer head as a guard was seen. Kodak spat out, and a fast flying glob of saliva smashed the remaining light, bringing darkness.
And that was when the true killing began. All vampires thrived in darkness, it was what they knew best, and what favored them the most. They don't just become the apex predators when they're enshrouded in darkness, they become death and the darkness itself. You would never see them coming, never hear them coming, all you can feel is fear and then nothing as you also become one with the darkness. There were screams and loud shots and what was left of these guards let their fear get the best of them. And so they killed themselves off, one after the other.
And all Kodak had to do was sit back and watch the show in true vampiric fashion. But when it was obvious the enemies realized that they were just doing his work for him, he stepped in, and began repaint lives, his enormous broadsword singing with a nefarious wind as it cleaved through flesh and bone, spilling guts and organs under embrace of blood to the ground. In that darkness, Kodak was horror incarnate, and when he got bored of cutting them in half, he switched the broadsword back into it's Warhammer form, and began to crush skulls.
And with that he moved forward, climbing the tower and relying on his senses to find the monsters in this place. And as he did so he wondered how they would feel, and what they would think. They had plans of hunting on his home grounds, of hunting his family, his friends, his people. While he knew his king would never allow such a thing to happen, what gave this bastards the audacity to have such thoughts. After everything they've been through, the world just doesn't want to leave them alone, well if that's the case Kodak was going to find every single person like that, and he's going to eat them. Regardless of who the fuck they are, or which ass their parents are kissing or who kisses theirs.
Kodak wanted them to feel every second of the horrific moment he was about to visit on them. They wanted to torture exotic races, **** them, and once they're done they wanted to be them. To take pieces of them and graft it onto their own filthy and unworthy bodies. They wanted to hunt, as if their lives meant nothing and wad comparable to that of a common animal, fuck!
Kodak was going to let them experience it all, what it means to be hunted. What it means to be tortured, and raped and killed. And as an added bonus he would let them experience what it feels like to be else's food, a plaything. That was a Vampire's specialty after all, they were a race driven by their hunger.
And Kodak did find them, huddled in the very same room that they had committed their atrocities. Or at the very least one that was similar seeing as this was at the top of a tower and no where close to a sewer. And as he entered the room, he closed the door behind him with a smile. Blood dripping of his body that not an inch of his original skin was seen. Kodak didn't know it yet, but it was in that second his demonic bloodline awakened, and it grew stronger in the carnage that was about to begin...that was when the screaming began.

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