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The moment prince of god's eagle walked down the Heaven Stairway, the surroundings burst into applause.


"The first one to pass the examination!"

"As expected of the prince of the Heavenly Eagle Empire."

"The prince is awesome!"

… ….

Walking down the Heaven Stairway, he directly walked in front of Long Fei and sneered: "Trash, have you seen it clearly?"

In his heart, he was very unhappy with Long Fei.

Originally, he could have walked even higher, but because of Long Fei's sudden appearance, his entire body exploded out in a moment, and stopped at the one hundred twentieth step.

tan dapao immediately went up to him and said: "You dog money thing, are you trying to cause trouble?"


A few clan elders who were beside prince of god's eagle rushed forward to protect prince of god's eagle.

prince of god's eagle glanced at tan dapao, and laughed coldly: "You trash want to fight me? Kid, a person with a low cultivation like you can't even take the second step? "

"120 steps, do you see clearly?"

"All your life, you've only been looking up to it, hahaha …"

prince of god's eagle laughed crazily as he glanced at Long Fei, then turned and left with a smile.

tan dapao couldn't help but say: "Boss, I can't tolerate this any longer."

su su also said, "I can't tolerate it either."

"Look at his arrogant attitude. I really want to give him a hard slap. What the hell is that?"

Long Fei smiled faintly and said: "If a dog bites you, you can't go up and bite the dog and bring it back. There's only one way for this kind of person, and that is to slap their face!"

He raised his eyes slightly and looked at a spot one hundred and twenty steps away. Long Fei's lips curled up slightly.

"120 steps, right?"

"I want to reach the heavens!" Long Fei's heart trembled. After two hours of observation, he was now completely sure that the so called ladder question of god was inside an illusory realm.

It was hard to break out of these illusions.


But Long Fei had a king of illusions in his body.

Using illusions to break through illusions, it allowed you to fall into his illusions without being noticed at all.

"Next, Yang Jin!"


The elder on the stage shouted.

tan dapao said: "It's your turn, I'll kill him!"

Yang Jin slightly smiled, and without saying more, he slowly walked forward.

He took a step forward.

Very calm.

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Long Fei also observed every single detail carefully. Both he and Long Fei knew that this golden hair was not an ordinary person.

Ten steps!

Fifty steps!

One hundred steps!

It was done in one go without any hesitation.

tan dapao said slightly: "If the hundred steps were the assessment's standard, he would have already passed the examination."

Lan Mei said: "I never thought that the golden hair is hidden so deeply."

tan dapao asked: "Boss, what do you think his rank will be?"

Long Fei didn't think about it further and said: "Over a thousand steps."

tan dapao was startled.

Long Fei said slightly: "His goal is the Secret Sect, if he wants to pass the examination, it is extremely important, and there are Elders watching him here, as well as some in the higher ups. If he wants to enter the Secret Sect, he must perform well enough, and make all the elders above moved, it is impossible without taking a thousand steps."

It was exactly as Long Fei had expected.

Yang Jin quickly charged forward, every step extremely fast.

They practically jogged.

It took less than half a minute to walk from one hundred to five hundred steps.

The surrounding people were also stunned.

The elders on the stage also became excited.

Only the prince of god's eagle had an ugly expression.

By the time he reached 800 steps, his speed had already slowed down. However, he was still working hard and persevering. By this time, he had already arrived in midair.

One hour later.

Step one thousand.

Another half an hour passed.

The prince of god's eagle stopped at 1100 steps. Strangely, he did not reveal anything.

He himself flew down from the 1100 step position.

Now that he was two-thirds of the way, with his perseverance and cultivation, he could still advance, at least another hundred steps.

But he didn't!

Long Fei was a little puzzled at this point, "What are you hiding?"

However, he didn't think too much about it.

"1100 steps, qualified!"

The elder on the stage walked towards Yang Jin with an excited expression and said: "Young man, not bad, not bad.

Yang Jin looked exhausted, and panted: "Thank you, Clan Elder."

"Hahaha …"

The few elders smiled faintly. They liked it very much.

The elder above the ladder question of god was also surprised, "Your talent is not bad, and your potential is also not bad. It's just that your perseverance is a bit lacking, but you have reached the standard!"

"Next, tan dapao!"

As soon as his voice faded …

tan dapao's eyes shook as he said excitedly: "It's my turn."

Long Fei looked at tan dapao, and said: "It's good as long as you do your best."


tan dapao did not directly walk forward, but first walked in front of prince of god's eagle and sneered, "Grandson, open your dog eyes wide and you will see clearly."

prince of god's eagle's face turned sinister.

tan dapao immediately stepped onto the ladder question of god.

It was not fast, but his steps were steady and every step he took was incomparably sturdy.

was very clear in his heart that he could not walk too fast, and only by walking step by step would he be able to walk further.

Compared to the people of Universal Realm, who were native-born, he had no advantage at all. The only advantage he had was that he had a little more martial arts experience than the people of Universal Realm.

Furthermore, he wanted to follow Long Fei down the stairs, so he had to be extremely careful with every step he took.

Ten times.

Hundred steps!

Then, after another five hundred steps, he had no intention of stopping.

prince of god's eagle's face turned ugly.

It was fiery hot, as if someone had pressed down on his face and fiercely kicked it.

Eight hundred steps.

His steps began to become a bit unsteady and a bit unsteady.

tan dapao sweated profusely. All sorts of things had happened in his world, his right arm moved, and started sweeping frantically.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

And then …

The 900th step wasn't over, and he was still trying his best.

It was also at this moment that blood started to flow out from the corners of his mouth and chest.

He did not stop.

Step by step, he climbed up.

For the thousandth step, he was still working hard.

He would do everything he could to go higher.

One thousand two hundred steps, tan dapao's entire body was practically covered in blood, and his entire body seemed to have been submerged in blood.


The steps were fixed at 1,499 steps.

Whether it was the plaza or the clouds, both were shaken by tan dapao.

"Your willpower is extraordinary!"

"This person should have suffered a lot. Only with great perseverance will he be able to achieve great things."

"The only pity is that … He is a launcher, and compared to that person from before, I have my eyes on the one in front of us more. "

… ….

tan dapao was carried down the stage, panting, he stopped in front of the prince of god's eagle and laughed in disdain: "Trash, did you see that clearly? You dare to be cocky at 120 steps? "

prince of god's eagle clenched his teeth and his face turned ugly.

"tan dapao, 1,499 steps, passed the examination!"

… ….

"su su, 1675 steps, passed the examination!"

… ….

"Lan Mei, go to the skies, take three hours!" Next, Long Fei!

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