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Chapter 1252 - The Land where Heroic Spirits Rest For All Of Eternity

The four imprints at the center of his palm weren't that large, but they were extremely complex, like deep starry skies, but also like a condensed reincarnation life and death disk.

Four reincarnation imprints, all of them extremely indistinct, but all real!

Shi Hao was stumped. What was going on? What he experienced was real? But why was it that he was standing perfectly fine here, his body unchanged?!

In that instant, he thought of many things, not moving at all here, as if he had remained petrified throughout the years.

He recalled that when he cultivated his second strand of immortal energy, his body and dao were almost erased, his primordial spirit leaving his body, entering a cage of darkness. He saw many mysterious primordial spirits that were locked up there in that place.

It was to the extent where he vaguely saw reincarnation in that land of darkness!

"The instant of return to the body, the moment of concentration, was a reincarnation of life." Shi Hao said softly, great waves stirring in his mind.

Reincarnation, this was an extremely serious topic that left countless individuals blessed by the heavens at a loss, a problem that remained unsolved throughout all of time, no one able to explain it distinctly.

It was easy to confuse ordinary people, some people believed in superstitions themselves, believing that there was definitely heaven and hell, that previous incarnations existed in this life, but how could cultivators believe in these things?

The more powerful one became, the more they believed in themselves, and not the so-called mandate of heaven, the so-called gloomy foreordained. Cultivators walked against the world, precisely practicing the dao to twist karma, go against their own fate.

Otherwise, how could cultivators achieve long life, achieve lifespans that far exceeded ordinary people's?

Only, after endless time passed, thousands of eras passed, no one was able to decipher the true meaning of reincarnation, unsure whether or not it truly existed.

If one said that it didn't exist, at times, there were individuals whose soul seeds would revive. For example, Qing Yi, as well as other heavenly talents who had reincarnation imprints appear on them, like the current Shi Hao!

If one said that there was, there was no direct proof. Who could say for certain that anyone was a true reincarnated immortal from the ancient eras who had died?

Perhaps reincarnation were only brandings of certain periods of time, a wondrous experience when one went on a mental journey into the great nothingness, a piece of imaginary experience when the primordial spirit left the body.

Shi Hao thought to himself, pondering over this.

He didn't really wish to think about the true meanings of the past, present, and future, because these went against his own notions.

After who knew how much time had passed, only then did he raise his head, waking up from this state of silence.

"Just now, when I was absent-minded for a while, heart unable to calm, I felt like everything I experienced now already happened in the past. Could that also be considered a type of reincarnation?" Shi Hao laughed self-mockingly.

Sometimes, he felt like what he was currently doing had already happened, like deja vu. Should this be considered a type of reincarnation?

He shook his head. These weren't the mysteries he should be trying to look into right now, this was the domain true immortals set foot in. Only when he could exist for a long time in this world would he then touch upon the cycle of life and death, only then would it have any significance.

Right now, all he needed to do was become stronger!

"Primordial spirit force truly is astonishing…" Shi Hao said to himself. Even he was astonished, how could the primordial spirit of a normal heavenly deity be this frightening?

Shi Hao stood in his original location without moving. The space between his brows shone, a small figure walking out from his frontal bone, divine radiance shining in ten thousand streaks, releasing endless strands of multicolored light, auspicious energy swirling about, incomparably divine and exceptional.

It was right before Shi Hao's brows, shining like a small sun. It was definitely a supreme being in the Heavenly Deity Realm, from past to present, not many individuals' primordial spirits in this cultivation realm able to compare.

There was a type of imperceptible great might exuding from it!

Apart from this, above this fist-sized primordial spirit were all types of bone texts, densely packed, forming a set of natural armor, protecting it within.

"True Primordial Record." Shi Hao said to himself. These patterns were the bone texts of the True Primordial Record. Now, they became one with his primordial spirit, becoming an unmatched set of armor.

The primordial spirit returned to his head. Shi Hao was full of vital energy, reaching the greatest peak of his entire life up until now!

Regardless of whether it was his flesh or his primordial spirit, Shi Hao already stood at the peak of his martial dao career. If he encountered the Nine Netherworlds Ao again, he had confidence that the battle wouldn't be as difficult.

Now, he had faith in sweeping through all enemies. Was there anyone in the Heavenly Deity Realm who could still face him?!

Shi Hao produced a fine white little cauldron, storing the other Yellow Springs Fruits. The first tree already had all of its fruits eaten by the Yellow Springs Bugs. The second tree originally had three, but he already ate one, and the third had five golden fruits.

The seven fruits were golden and sparkling, carrying an intoxicating fragrance, but it was also extremely dangerous. Who would have expected that eating a single one would bring about reincarnation?

A single mistake would make one pass into oblivion, forever unable to free oneself, unable to wake up.

Even now, Shi Hao was still in doubt. Was it a dream or was it real? It was because the four reincarnation imprints on his hand were too glaring, constantly reminding him!

He didn't eat a second one, because the Great Elder had instructed him that eating one Yellow Springs Fruit was already enough, eating more wouldn't produce any effects.

"The last seven can be given to others. However, I have to watch over them, or else there might easily be problems." Shi Hao said. He then turned around, leaving this place.

He didn't dig up the three fruit trees, because they couldn't live even if he removed them. He had previously heard that places where the Yellow Springs Fruit grew were areas of extreme yin, terrifying to the extreme.

This meant that they were definitely places where endless corpses remained.

Meanwhile, the reason why this place was sacred and holy was because the bones here weren't of ordinary creatures, but likely immortal corpses. Even though there weren't many, they possessed miraculous effects.

"Regardless of whether it is this place or the depths of the ravine, there are several remains that seem to be from true immortals. With my current ability, it is too difficult for me to approach them." Shi Hao said.

Otherwise, he didn't mind becoming a grave robber, checking those supreme creatures' bodies for immortal dao treasures.

He followed the path from which he came for a bit, and then changed his path, looking around this hilly region, to see if there were other opportunities. After all, this place was known as Immortal Mound.

Soon afterwards, he arrived in a stone forest region, rocks everywhere, some like heavenly swords that pointed straight towards the sky, some like old bulls, blocking the path ahead, some like Kun Pengs spreading their wings, standing upright and motionless there.

In addition, there were strands of immortal mists here, making one couldn't help but want to get closer.

Shi Hao walked inside, relying on his own feelings to make his way forward. In the end, he arrived in the depths of the stone forest. There was a stone forest here that wasn't that tall, but there was a vigorous aura.

"Yi, it's that old farmer again!"

Shi Hao saw the old farmer he saw previously. He was pacing about here, but this time, the other party didn't say anything, as if he was listening to some type of dao sound, comprehending the dao here.

Shi Hao also heard it. There were waves of scripture sounds here.

In addition, it wasn't a single person that was chanting, the sound mixed, even quite noisy, scripture sounds unending. The entire mountain was covered in a layer of bizarre radiance.

With a shua sound, Shi Hao rose into the air, arriving on the mountain, surveying the area behind the mountain. His scalp immediately became numb, his body quickly moving backwards.

The scene behind the stone mountain was shrouded in yin mists, dusky, but also having strand after strand of immortal mists mixed in. Ghost-like figures were everywhere, of all types of creatures.

In the darkness and duskiness, they released low roars, crying out.

At the same time, a few extraordinary creatures were seated there, unmoving, chanting scriptures. There were many followers around these creatures, these followers sitting down as well, comprehending the scriptures' meanings.

Heroic spirits!

There were so many heroic spirits, covering this place densely, as if there was a sea of corpses, a mountain of bones concentrated here.

Most of the heroic spirits were damaged, only the powerful heroic spirits that were seated and chanting scriptures complete. Instead of saying that they were chanting scriptures, it was better to say that they were displaying great divine abilities, subduing and gaining subordinates.

"This is an extremely great power!" Shi Hao was greatly moved. If these heroic spirits were released one day, even heaven and earth would change color!

"Watch carefully, the few heroic spirits furthest back have all become golden, no longer carrying yin energy, not that much weaker than when they were still alive." The old farmer appeared, speaking at Shi Hao's side.

Shi Hao opened his heavenly eyes. As expected, he saw that within the yin mist, there were a few specks of golden light within the depths of the concentrated heroic spirits, dazzling and brilliant like blazing suns in the night sky.

This greatly stirred up his mind, his soul about to become rigid. Those creatures were too powerful, unprecedentedly so. They carried immortal dao aura and not death energy!

"These heroic spirits are too strong! If they leave this place, who could stop them?" Shi Hao broke out into a cold shiver. Forget about those heroic spirits who carried golden light, even if those others that had badly damaged limbs rushed over, they would still be difficult to defeat. Not only might Shi Hao die here, this world itself might end up in chaos!

The old farmer opened his mouth, saying, "This place is called Immortal Mound, but it is actually an ancient burial ground. After the great war, too many creatures were buried here, no lack of true immortals among them! There are some that have turned into heroic spirits, displaying the terrifying scene of this place. However, there is one thing you don't have to worry about, which is that they temporarily cannot break free, because there are seals in place here!"

Shi Hao soared even higher up, and as expected, he saw a sheet of paper on the other side of the stone mountain that was turning yellow. On it was an Immortal Ancient character: Seal!

This was an old-fashioned piece of paper that was windswept and battered by rain, already turned yellow, but it still had such great power, suppressing endless heroic spirits, no one able to take a step beyond it!

"If I recall correctly, there seems to be someone who has said that those who have karma in later generations can come and undo the seal, bring these heroic spirits to battle. Only, they need to be careful, a single mistake and it will be hard to distinguish friend and foe, the heroic spirits ultimately bringing great suffering to the world."

This old farmer was drawn on a stone wall by someone, and only later on did he develop spiritual wisdom, moreover able to completely understand past events. However, the things that he revealed to Shi Hao were already sufficiently world-shocking.

Shi Hao stood there in a daze. He looked at the endless creatures, a few golden spheres of light incomparably terrifying. If those things appeared in the world, they would definitely be exceptionally frightening.

"Aside from this, I seem to have heard a voice tell me to pass this onto those who come later. There is an even more terrifying supreme being sleeping under this ancient land." The old farmer further said.

Shi Hao suddenly turned around, looking at him, finding it even more difficult to calm down.

"It is rumored to be an unmatched expert among heroic spirits, already a supreme being heroic spirit in Immortal Ancient Great Era. Its previous body is ancient beyond belief!" The old farmer's expression became grave, telling him that the heroic spirits here were double-edged swords.

"I will keep this in mind!" Shi Hao said. If he had a choice, he wouldn't be willing to come here. However, if the day truly came when he had no choice, he would come back and undo this seal.

Shi Hao turned around and left, no longer trying to listen to those messy scriptures. They didn't carry too much meanings for him.

"Goodbye, I am going to cultivate! Using the body as the seed, I have to succeed!" Shi Hao decisively turned around to return to Heavenly Deity Institution, leaving Immortal Mound. he was going to start his own path of nirvana.

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