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Bai Chen didn't drop any other equipment after he died, he only dropped the blade in his hand. Lin Fan and the others didn't have much interest in that blade, it was just a Level 35 Dark Gold equipment.

He picked up the blade and returned to his own camp without saying anything. After all, he had barely won this battle. If Bai Chen hadn't lost his mount, then it would have been impossible for him to win the fight.

However, at this moment, the Assassin of Extermination had already won, causing everyone's expressions to change slightly. This was because the situation now was two to one. As long as the remaining two won another match, they would be able to chase the other out of the Holy City.

Of course, everyone knew very well that the remaining two were simply indestructible bones. In the team competition, Heaven Breaker's arrogant imposing manner, overbearing attacks, as well as his swift sabre techniques, had already made everyone understand just how terrifying this fellow was. As for Lin Fan, the name of 'Explosive Techniques' was not just for show.

With these two standing guard, the black arrows would definitely lose in the following matches. They could only rely on killing to destroy the world. Perhaps, only by killing the world would they be able to win.

"The next match should be ours!"

Heaven Breaker coldly stated as he stepped into the arena.

Originally, they had planned to fight five to five. There were many high-end players in the Empire, but the number of truly top-tier players was still a fraction less. Although the thirteen assassins were powerful, but that was still the strength of the team; after all, the thirteen assassins were all practicing a combination attack.

Even the thirteen assassins were only ordinary experts.

Yesterday, they had hung Bai Chen's mount with great difficulty precisely for the sake of this day's situation. Originally, they thought that they would win for sure, but never in their dreams did they expect that there would be a heaven defying event. This heaven defying expert was extremely powerful, and with the help of heaven breaking, they had no chance of winning this match.

"Who do you choose?"

Killer drew in a deep breath as he stared at Heaven Breaker.


"The archer behind you is too weak!"

Heaven Breaker raised the incomparably massive greataxe in his hands, pointing it at Heaven Breaker.

"Brother Zhan Kuang, can you give it to me?"

Lin Fan couldn't help but ask when he saw Heaven Breaker wanted to fight against World Destroyer.


"You don't trust me?"

Upon hearing these words, Heaven Breaker's eyebrows furrowed as he chuckled.

"I am well aware of Brother Zhan Kuang's strength. However, I am also very interested in him. I want to see just how strong he is!"

Lin Fan shook his head and laughed.

"Then just watch from the side. I'll help you see how good he is!"

Heaven Breaker revealed a faint smile. The meaning behind his words was obvious. He didn't have any intention of giving up his intention to slaughter everyone under the heavens.

"If that's the case, then Brother Zhan Kuang, please do as you please!"

Lin Fan rubbed his nose and laughed softly.

Heaven Breaker was born a combat maniac. Now that he had heard of the matter of slaughtering the entire world, how could he not come and compete with him?

At this time, he was the key to this entire fight, and as long as he lost this fight, this fight would be completely fixed, because the black arrow was not Lin Fan's opponent at all. This was something that everyone present knew very well, and the real fight was actually about this match.

"Let's begin!"

Heaven Breaker coldly said as he held the shield with one hand and the axe in the other.


Upon hearing these words, Killer Shattering the Heavens roared loudly, and with a sudden leap, he leapt to the side of Heaven Breaker. The huge sword in his hand exuded an emerald green light as it slashed towards Heaven Breaker.

"Dang!" A resounding sound echoed out as the gigantic shield appeared in his hands, blocking the strike. After which, he brandished his axe and swung it towards the head of Zhan Chen.

When Slaughter saw the axe cleaving towards him, he couldn't help but stomp on the ground and retreat, avoiding Heaven Breaker's attack. After which, the sword in Slaughter's hands erupted with a burst of resplendent flames that blazed with a blazing flame.

"What skill is this?"

Lin Fan slightly frowned. Looking at the raging flames on the huge sword that was slaughtering the world, he could not help but ask.

"This guy's unique skill is able to attach these magic spells to weapons, greatly increasing the attack power, and it also has a special type of damage!"

Clearly, he had suffered a heavy blow yesterday.

At this moment, the two people on the battlefield had already collided violently. As expected, as Chaotic Heavens had said, the power of the weapons that could destroy the world increased greatly after being strengthened by the flames. Even if Heaven Breaker used his shield to block the attacks, he would still suffer a huge amount of damage.

However, Heaven Breaker was not so easy to deal with. Seeing this, Heaven Breaker coldly smiled and transformed into an enormous giant. He roared at the sky, and his roar was like thunder, directly shaking the eardrums of everyone present.

"Heaven Breaker, what skill is this!"

The expressions of the crowd changed as they looked at the giant giant in the sky and shouted out in shock.

"Titan Martial Immortal!"

Bai Chen took a deep breath and slowly said: "There are ten top-level Hidden Professions on the website, and one of them is the Titan Martial Immortal!"

"Legend has it that the Titan Martial Immortal's attack power is extremely powerful. Even his defense is extremely abnormal and extremely difficult to deal with!"

"Titan Martial Immortal!"

Hearing this, Lin Fan couldn't help but be slightly shocked. The Titan job was actually so overbearing, its defense and attack were both so powerful!

"Of course, your Gloom Mage is one of the top ten hidden professions!"

Bai Chen enviously said as he looked at Lin Fan's expression.

Clearly, the temptation of the top ten hidden professions was still quite great.

"Roar!" Heaven Breaker, who had transformed into the Titan Wargod, let out a roar and directly raised the huge axe in his hand, chopping down ferociously towards the murderous world. Instantly, he was so scared that his face paled slightly, rolling on the ground to avoid the huge axe which could shatter the heavens. He personally saw Heaven Breaker become a giant and smash it to death, and he did not want to repeat the same mistake again.

After the axe strike was struck down, Heaven Breaker's body abruptly shrank once more. He returned to his original state and laughed loudly as he looked at Exterminate the Heavens, "Again!"

After saying that, he directly bullied his own body, and the shield in his hand directly smashed into Killer World, causing him to take a few steps back, and then he stopped in his tracks.

In the face of the sky-shattering attack, Slaughter The World also roared out in anger. His body suddenly burst forward and once again rushed towards Heaven Breaker. He then aimed his huge sword at Heaven Breaker and swept his sword horizontally.

"Bang!" The huge sword directly bombarded Heaven Breaker's shield. Then, the flames that were attached to the giant sword suddenly burst out and instantly exploded. The huge flames seemed to have grown eyes as it directly went around the huge shield and bombarded Heaven Breaker's body, causing him to stagger for a moment.


After this earth-shattering attack, he didn't plan to let Heaven Breaker off. He directly roared and suddenly swung his sword, aiming straight for Heaven Breaker's throat.


"Die!" Heaven Breaker roared in rage, and immediately afterwards, the giant shield in his hand directly blocked the enormous sword that was slaughtering the world. He turned around and directly arrived at the side of the world-destroying world, the incomparably huge axe in his hand directly exploding forth with a blood-red afterimage, directly striking upon the body of Murderous World.

"1024!" A huge amount of damage value appeared above Shattered Heaven's head. Under that attack, Shattering Heaven's damage value was so high that it caused Zhan Chen's face to sink slightly. Shattering the Heavens with this set of equipment was definitely an incomparably powerful skill.

After receiving a heavy blow from Heaven Breaker, Killer's face darkened slightly. He took a step back, and then a brilliant silver light burst out from his sword. The silver light crackled as it exploded. Clearly, it was accompanied by the power of lightning.


He raised the huge sword high up in the air, and with a loud shout, he viciously swung it down in front of him.


With a crackling sound of lightning, the huge sword that was slaughtering the world suddenly exploded forth with a lightning sword beam. It was formed from thunder and lightning.

He broke through the sky and left.

It was obvious that the sword energy formed from the lightning bolt was abnormally powerful, and if he were to meet it head on, he would probably suffer a great deal of damage. However, the speed of the lightning bolt was too fast, and Heaven Breaker was unable to avoid it.

"Titan Shield!" Heaven Breaker roared as he raised the giant shield in his hands. The giant shield in his hands slammed into the incoming bolt of silver lightning.

"Rumble …" A loud explosion sounded out, and even though Heaven Breaker had received heavy damage from the silver serpent's attack, he still managed to withstand the attack. He took a few steps back, and only then did he halt his retreat.

A huge damage value of 1520 appeared above his head.


Heaven Breaker let out another bellow of rage after receiving such a heavy blow. Abruptly, his body expanded once more, transforming into the form of that incomparably gigantic giant.

The huge axe in his hand struck down on the people of the world who were fighting in front of him.

He had wanted to rush forward and stab Heaven Breaker with his sword, but now, seeing that Heaven Breaker had transformed into an incomparably massive giant once again, his expression changed slightly. His body, which was still rushing forward, suddenly stopped, and he wanted to retreat quickly out of Heaven Breaker's encirclement.

However, Heaven Breaker didn't want to give up this opportunity to slaughter the entire world. With a sneer, he directly swung his axe at Zhan Chen. An incomparably huge axe flashed with a golden radiance as it ferociously rushed down towards Zhan Chen.

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