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"Eight months, although it's a long time, it's okay."

Wang Guoliang smiled happily with his face full of joy, looked at Ding Ning gratefully, and said, "Doctor Ding, I am clumsy of speech. I don't know how to express my gratitude. All I could only say is that if you need any help in the future, Doctor Ding, send me a message, and I Wang Guoliang will shrink from no sacrifice."

"And me, Doctor Ding. Guoling suffered it because of saving me. If you need anything, Doctor Ding, I, Zhang Ziqiang will climb a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of flames without a complaint."

"And me. I am Guoliang's comrade Liu Kun. You saved Guoling. All of us in the seventeenth team of the frontier defense owe you that."

"And me. I am Sun Kai, Guoliang's team leader. You saved him. You are also my saver."

"And me. We are all brothers in the seventeenth team. We will never forget what you have done for us."

...The ten soldiers of the seventeenth team of the frontier inspection station all started to stand up and be counted. Their sincere feelings made Ding Ning felt his blood boiled.

After shaking hands and hugging with these honest and adorable soldiers, Ding Ning said with a smile,

"I am a doctor. Healing the wounded and rescuing the dying is my duty. There is no need to keep thanking me. But I like to be friends with sincere people like you. Please come to Ninghai when you take a vacation. I will be your tour guide."

"Great. It's a deal. We must drink until we are thoroughly drunk!"

"We are all rough men and illiterate. No words can express our thanks to your great kindness but a toast to you when the time comes."

"Rest assured, Doctor Ding. We won't be ungrateful and drink you down."

"Hahaha, we are no match with Doctor Ding in medical skill. But in terms of drinking, Doctor Ding definitely couldn't beat us."

As the team leader, Sun Kai took the lead. The other soldiers all cheered up. And the sad atmosphere before was swept away.

Ding Ning raised his hand slightly, silenced them, turned around, looked at Fang Mingyang, and said, "Doctor Fang, can you check with your superior that Wang Guoliang's condition is critical and needs treatments as soon as possible?"

"Okay. I will report it now."

Fang Mingyang nodded excitedly and then asked uneasily, "Doctor Ding, can I be your assistant when you undergo surgery?"

Ding Ning knew that he wanted to widen his knowledge or even learn some skills secretly by observing his treatment means. Therefore he smiled ironically and said, "Who says I will undergo surgery?"

"How do you treat without surgery?" Hearing that, Fang Mingyang got shocked with his eyes wide-opened as if he were listening to the Arabian Nights.

"I am a traditional Chinese physician. I will treat him with acupuncture and bonesetting. Surgery is unnecessary."

When speaking of expertise, Ding Ning's face was full of brightness, which made people feel trustful.

"Can I watch at the side then?" Although Fang Mingayng thought that it was unimaginably queer, he hoped to witness the miracle to happen.

"Sure you can. That is not some confidential method."

Ding Ning didn't mind it at all. After all, treating Wang Guoliang with acupuncture was just a cover-up for his Meridian Severing Hand.

The only external form that could be punctuated was bonesetting. A common bonesetting was not enough to fix a comminuted fracture. He needed to use superpower to put the crushed bone pieces together like a jigsaw.

Although it didn't look like a surgery, from the perspective of the traditional Chinese physician, it was an energy-and-time-consuming surgery.

"Okay. I am going to ask for instructions from my leader right now."

Fang Mingyang lit up with pleasure and left in haste.

Ding Ning gave the sign to silence everyone and sat quietly on the chair that Nurse Liu brought in for a rest with his eyes closed. However, he was actually getting his idea into shape and going over the treatment plan again and again.

Bone reset was the first step. Without bone support, connecting the broken meridians and blood vessel would be a groundless statement.

He needed to reset the fracture and fix the bones first, then reconnect the meridians to form the neural networks. In this way, Wang Guoliang could regain consciousness.

At this point, he needed to use the Meridian Severing Hand to keep the blood in a state of stagnation. Otherwise, Wang Guoliang wouldn't be able to bear such pain, and when connecting the blood vessels, the pressure in the blood vessels would burst them open and cause the failure of treatment.

After he thought over that again and again and made sure that there was no risk at all, Ding Ning opened his eyes, took out a pen and a piece of paper, quickly drew a pattern, and said to Nurse Liu with an amiable look, "Nurse, please find a pair of splints in this size for me. And make sure that they are the right size. "

"Ding...Doctor Ding, don't you cast plaster?" Nurse Liu asked wondering with her big eyes blinking.

"Can't cast plaster, Wang Guoliang's muscle tissue is necrotic. I will use acupuncture to stimulate his cells to speed up metabolism. New muscle tissue will replace his necrotic muscle tissue. And the necrotic muscle tissue will fall off on its own. Plaster is airtight and will affect his muscle tissue regenerate."

Ding Ning explained patiently.

Nurse Liu looked at him speak with fervor and assurance. Her big eyes were full of adoration. And a layer of rouge-like pink emerged on her pretty face. She said, "Don't worry, Doctor Ding. I am going to prepare now and will stick to your size."


The soldiers couldn't help but laugh out, and they looked at the two winking and making signs to one another, with an utterly ambiguous attitude.

Ding Ning felt speechless. These people were so dirty in mind. Nurse Liu also realized her faulty wording. Her face blushed to feel ashamed. Then she fled rapidly at unease.

The higher-ups of the hospital were shocked by Fang Mingyang's report. Although there were many doubts, luckily Executive Xia Jifang knew that Ding Ning cured Monkey. Therefore he got quite curious about him, prevailed over all dissenting views, insisted on giving Ding Ning a chance to prove himself, made every possible effort, and finally passed the resolution to give Ding Ning a shot.

The resulting impact was that the entire military hospital had boiled over, and even patients gathered at the door of Wang Guoliang's ward, wanting to see the level of the doctors from Ninghai to witness if they could create miracles.

Of course, there were some discordant voices in the world. Some of the senior officials of the Council and department heads thought that Ding Ning was amid sensationalism and denying the hospital's treatment plan, making the whole hospital embarrassed. They were waiting to see him make a fool of himself with their arms crossed.

Some vicious man even called reporters to come. Nominally, they were there to witness the miracle. But as a matter of fact, they wanted Ding Ning to become a laughing stock so that they could maintain the reputation of the military hospital.

In the situation under the attention focused by millions of people, Ding Ning's pressure was imaginable.

He was 100% confident in his treatment plan although he said that there was only 80% out of his habit of being a doctor. After all, anything could happen.

After a few simple words with the leaders of the hospital, Ding Ning began to enter the state. Fang Mingyang volunteered to give him a hand. Ding Ning also unceremoniously directed him to bring Wang Guoliang into the operating room.

What made him helpless was that under the insistence of the hospital, monitoring equipment was installed in the operating room, and everyone could see the whole treatment process with their own eyes.

The reporters surrounded Executive Xia Jifang holding their microphones and voice tubes and threw out sharp questions,

"Executive Xia, from what psychology did you allow this doctor from Ninghai to treat the patient?"

"Executive Xia, this doctor from Ninghai has totally repudiated the hospital's treatment plan. Is it a provocation, or a medical competition?"

"Executive Xia, may I ask if the doctor from Ninghai really cures the patient who needed amputation, what does it mean for the military hospital?"

"Executive Xia, I heard that the doctor from Ninghai is a traditional Chinese physician. If he could really cure the patient with traditional Chinese medicine as he had said, does it mean the recovery of traditional medicine?"

As an executive, Xia Jifang had been through many situations. He said in an impassioned voice, "Please be calm, everyone. I am the executive of the military hospital Xia Jifang. Doctor Ding is a young and excellent doctor from Ninghai. In accordance with the principle of healing and saving people, we agreed to let him have a try. Otherwise, the patient would be amputated. Give it a thought, everyone. If a young frontier guard had to quit his post of duty because of disability, this is something we never want to see it happen. We are doctors and will take whatever treatment plan is good for the patient. That has nothing to do with medical competition or face problems, but humanitarianism..."

Xiao Nuo mingled in the crowd listening to the sharp questions from the reporters and secretly worried about Ding Ning. She couldn't understand why he wanted to save a stranger. Didn't he know the seriousness of the consequences?

If he had a treatment failure, his life would add a disgraceful resume. And it would become a stain that was difficult to erase in his career.

The reporters present at the scene and the crowds would become the main force of his criticism. Under the overwhelming public opinion propaganda, the doctor from Ninghai would become a clown.

Her mouth was whispering, "You deserve that. You are swanky. You took advantage of me and unwilling to take responsibility. Hum, you better fail at the treatment and become a disgusting mouse on the street that everyone wants to kill."

Although she was cursing on her mouth, the move that she was clutching her fists with a nervous expression and looking up to the live screen on her tiptoes betrayed her double-faced and complex emotions.

In the crowd, there was also a graceful black figure of a woman. Her beautiful eyes looked at the hospital's big screen. Ding Ning was calmly preparing for treatment. She whispered in her mouth, "Is that the mission goal? Interesting."

She stood in the crowd, and the hot figure and the beautiful face of her should have attracted many people's attention. But strangely, everyone seemed to neglect her existence, as if she were invisible, which was quite miraculous.

Ding Ning took a deep breath and looked down at the nervous Wang Guoliang. He smiled encouragingly and said, "Don't be nervous. Relax, and everything will be fine."

Wang Guoliang looked tough, "Doctor Ding, go ahead. Even if it fails, I won't blame you, no matter what, thank you!"

"Why? Don't believe me? Since I have said that there is a chance of 80%, I would surely be able to cure you. If I failed, I would cut down my leg to compensate you."

Ding Ning said that out like a joke, but it showed strong confidence of his.

However, when the crowd heard the words, they started to spark an outcry saying that he was arrogant, aggressive, blagging, ignorant, manic, and so on.

The reporters were excited, "What is hot, that is a hot spot."

The doctor from Ninghai talked widely, that if he could not cure the patient, he would cut a leg to compensate.

Some reporters have turned on a synchronized screen for live broadcasts.

The whole hospital was in a hot discussion. Some people took the mobile phone and uploaded it directly to the Internet. In a short period of time, the click rate crazily reached more than 100,000. The forward rate reached 10,000. And it was still increasing like a rolling snowball.

The power of public opinion was indeed quite strong. Before Ding Ning started treatment, he had already become a hot spot online and attracted the attention of countless netizens.

The doctors all over the country were boiling over with their eyes on this place in the border.

Others have obtained Wang Guoliang's medical records and films for analysis by pulling strings. The results were self-evident. They were powerless and could only take amputation.

Therefore, in the discussion of many netizens with doubts, there joined the doctors as a new force.

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