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Chapter 440: The False One and the True One
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Yu Wenfeng was in a horrible mood. This person who was a rebel in his eyes was beaming with happiness and chatting delightfully with the divine son and saintess. They almost seemed to be forming a group.

As visitors from the star passages and as top geniuses of their respective planets, that divine son Ji Ling and that demon race saintess Ji Xuan were completely ignoring his feelings. This made his eyes turn sinister.

The effects of his defeat were becoming evident. It was just the beginning, and the other divine sons and saintesses were already looking down on him. They didn’t put him on their minds at all.

What would happen in the future? When the time came for the divine sons and saint children to contend for hegemony, he might be the first to get eliminated. This was the rule law of weaklings—everyone would want to stomp on them and squash them like soft persimmon.

At the thought of this, Yu Wenfeng’s expression was as gloomy as water. He turned around and left the folded space border with due haste.

Chu Feng saw the situation and quickly shouted, “Hold it wealth spreading child, leave that yellow-furred lion dog behind and I’ll give your maid a chance to live.”

At this moment, Huang Tong was shocked out of his wits. His face was pale because he would meet a fate worse than death if he were to be handed over. It would be better to commit suicide on the spot.

“Saint child, save me.” As someone aspiring to be an interstellar hunter, he was never stubborn and had no bottom line. He burst into tears on the spot and begged Yu Wenfeng not to throw him out.

“This seat won’t act in such an untrustworthy manner. I promised to protect your life when we agreed to work together,” Yu Wenfeng said coldly. He then turned to glance at Chu Feng and said, “I’ll give my maid to you!”

With that, he left without looking back and disappeared instantly.

“Master!” Bai Qing cried in anguish and couldn’t stop weeping. She was both disappointed and terrified to have been abandoned by Yu Wenfeng.

“Let’s have a talk. Tell me everything you know.” Chu Feng glanced at her with a smile.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” Bai Qing turned around and avoided eye contact, her expression once again cold.

“White duck, you’ve been abandoned. You don’t need to be like this. Don’t force me to turn you into roast duck. I’m quite familiar with the recipe of the famous Quanjude restaurant.” [1]

Bai Qing was both furious and embarrassed. She was a true swan, but this person kept on calling her a duck. “I have nothing to say to you. Once I die, the saint child will avenge me and wipe out your nine generations. You’ll live a life worse than death!”

The woman was quite unyielding and had no fear of death.

“Then be on your way!” Chu Feng said in a cold voice. He had no need to understand Yu Wenfeng’s troops too well. All he knew was that they were the descendants of the heavenly knights.

Exactly offspring of that group of cruel and inhuman executioners. Now that they want to walk their ancestor’s path, Chu Feng would kill them without mercy and give them no second choice.


Chu Feng chopped off one of her arms with the bronze sword and forced her to reveal her true form.

Bai Qing screamed as she was forced into her swan form by Chu Feng. She was extremely large and clad in a coat of white feathers. She was currently drenched in blood and incomparably resentful after losing a wing.

“It’s unfortunate that the toad isn’t here.” Chu Feng recalled his mount and let out a sigh. Toads loved to eat swan meat—it wasn’t just a saying.

Chu Feng had wanted to make a roast duck out of her at first and gobble her up, but now he found that he couldn’t do it.

He wasn’t sympathizing with her, especially after seeing those vicious eyes. Well, he definitely wouldn’t be protective of the fairer sex. The main reason was that she was in human form just now and looked no different from a normal person.

It felt odd to eat her up directly the next moment, and he just couldn’t get into the mood.

Chu Feng felt that he should let her stay in her true form for a few days. Perhaps if she looked more like a wild animal, he wouldn’t feel so guilty at heart. However, he was just about to head to Mount Longhu so he didn’t have so much time.


In the end, Chu Feng gave her a swift end and decapitated her directly. He then paid no more attention.

After the curtains fell on this incident, whether it was Ji Xuan, Ji Ling, or other people from various parties, all of them were shaken. The outer realm saint child Yu Wenfeng had suffered a crushing defeat. This subverted everyone’s thoughts.

Doubtlessly, the effects of this battle were significant!

A native had relied on his own strength to beat up a saint child level character until he was completely dispirited and had no face to meet anyone. This would soon turn into a storm.

At the current stage, anyone would have to think twice when dealing with this native heaven’s chosen. There was no guarantee they wouldn’t become the second Yu Wenfeng if they were to become enemies.

This was especially true when they recalled how he had driven away a prince from an evolver’s dynasty on Mount Lao. It was somewhat frightening.

There were rumors circulating that the Prince of Great Qi, Qi Yu, had retreated because of someone else. Not many people believed it was Chu Feng’s action.

But now, they had seen that he indeed had such strength and methods!

Chu Feng made continuous arrangements before he left. He upgraded all of Mount Lu’s domains around the folded space of Yu Wenfeng’s star passage and activated them progressively.

He was confident that one would have to pay an even greater price than before if they wanted to step out of the star passage.

It was still very difficult to touch the domains on the main peak of the famed mountains, however, he could easily control the ancient domains here and even repair them.

The divine son Ji Ling and the demon race saintess Ji Xuan drew in a breath of cold air after witnessing this scene. This Chu Feng was truly ruthless—he was planning to completely block off Yu Wenfeng’s path!

At the current stage, the divine sons and saintesses from all parties had to treat this native heaven’s chosen seriously because it would become extremely difficult to cross over once they offended him!

The fates of Yu Wenfeng and that prince from Mount Lao were prime examples!

A power undercurrent, a massive storm was brewing because Chu Feng had become a troublesome character whom the saint child level characters had to consider seriously.

So much that every party had to draw him in. His domain talents were somewhat heaven-defying!

Chu Feng then left. Those descenders who had followed him into Mount Lu were all apprehensive and reverent as they made way for him.

In outer space, Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng, and Lan Qing were feeling intense emotional fluctuations—they were fairly shaken and astonished.

After such developments, Yang Xuan began to doubt if the heaven’s chosen he had inadvertently produced was actually the real deal. This Chu Feng was too powerful!

However, Qing Lan shook his head and said, “Before this, I had always felt him to be the heaven’s chosen one. How otherwise could he have made you two hop about in anger for all the time? But now, on the contrary, I don’t think so anymore. I think he’s the false one who exists to conceal the true one’s existence. He’s there to protect the true heaven’s chosen.”

His point of view was quite novel, but after connecting it with some historical records and some old matters, Yang Xuan and Hu Qingcheng drew in a breath of cold air.

Such things took place continuously during ancient times. The false one would stir up the people’s focus first, and when the true one came into being, the world would be filled with stormy clouds and cause great waves. He would gather all resources and fortunes to himself for a fierce rise in power. He would be unstoppable.

But any age with the existence of a false one would be extremely terrifying because the true one of that era would erupt with a brilliance capable of shaking an entire era.

“This… is extremely possible!” Yang Xuan felt his hair stand on end.

He thought about the glory of this planet which used to be ranked eleven. It had been silent for countless years, but now that it was beginning to recover, it had to produce a torrential momentum capable of shaking the world.

The divine sons and saintesses from many factions had rushed over here precisely for this momentum. A year of cultivation here was equal to tens or even hundreds of years in other areas!

“There’s definitely a false one!” Hu Qingcheng also made such a judgment.

They had already spied that Chu Feng, who was out in the open, was a false one used to attract everyone’s attention.

They instantly felt quite scared—how terrifying would it be when the true one emerg1

“Mn, it’s said that there’s an energy pagoda of primal chaos on earth. That’s a peerless inheritance which even the top ten planets coveted, but it had thoroughly disappeared. It was quite likely that the fortune was prepared for the true one. This Chu Feng’s talents in domains were astonishing and were apparently born to protect the real one.

“True, there is such a theory. Domain researchers can’t inherit that orthodoxy and can only serve it.”

Yang Xuan and Qing Lan began to discuss some taboo topics. Those were things their ancestor saints had talked about in private and they overheard some bits of pieces.

“It seems that the true one is indeed in the dark,” Hu Qingcheng shivered.

The three wore serious expressions. They felt that the numerous divine sons and saintesses weren’t very likely to gain an advantage—they likely weren’t destined for that energy pagoda of primal chaos.

Chu Feng had just come out of Mount Lu.

“Thank you, sister-in-law. Your monastic robe is indeed quite good. I’ll go see your sister later on!”

Chu Feng looked up into the sky and said in all due seriousness. He felt that the woman was probably prying on him.

In outer space, the trio’s discussion came to a grinding halt. Hu Qingcheng’s expression turned dark—she was truly distressed because that monastic robe was an extraordinary secret treasure.

“Brother-in-law, your bronze sword is just so-so. Apart from being very durable, I haven’t found anything special about it for the moment.” Chu Feng’s words made Yang Xuan’s face turn ugly.

Afterwards, those inside Mount Lu saw a spectacular scene—beams of divine light shot down from the sky and towards Chu Feng as he walked away, calmly humming a tune.

Not to mention the others, even the divine son, Ji Ling, and the demon race saintess, Ji Xuan, were dumbfounded. Princess Lin was so shaken that her heart was trembling.

People were even more convinced that he was the heaven’s chosen one!

This was especially true because Chu Feng’s appearance was too calm. It was almost as if he was used to this and paid no attention to the odd phenomena.

In outer space, Yang Xuan and Hu Qingcheng were ashamed and finally gave up. They had broken their vows once again.

In the distance, Qing Lan’s expression was quite ugly and was warning them, “If people get wind of this, we three will be in serious trouble. You can’t change anything, so stop disturbing the judgment of the divine sons and saintesses!

At this time, Yang Xuan felt cold all over and felt unconvinced. He whispered, “I’m feeling somewhat scared right now. Do you think he acted the way he did according to the earth’s will? Could all of this have been to promote the false one?!”

“It’s possible. I… I want to leave this place!”

Chu Feng walked out of Mount Lu and had just gotten onto the jade green bamboo raft when a shout was heard from afar.

“Chu Feng, where will you run to? Chen Sheng is here!”

A battleship appeared over the horizon as the young master of the Penglai Chen family appeared. His expression was cold, and he was surrounded by a number of experts, all surging with killing intent.

Near Mount Lu, the group of descenders all wore odd expressions. Demon king Chu had just displayed his divine might and now there was another one knocking on the door?

But soon, they realized that the incident here had happened just now. News of it hadn’t spread out yet, and this unlucky Chen family child had no idea at all. Now, it seemed he was tired of living.

“Haha… Chu Feng, why aren’t you running?!” Chen Sheng was incomparably cold and sinister. He brought people to block the way and kill Chu Feng.

That was because he had gotten news some time ago that Chu Feng had entered Mount Lu. He immediately gathered his troops and came to hunt Chu Feng personally.

“Young master, run!” At this time, a bird king shouted in anxiety. He had exited Mount Lu before Chu Feng and gone to meet Chen Sheng.

“Eh?” Chen Sheng was puzzled.

“Chu Feng has defied the heavens. He alone killed off most of a saint child’s troops and blood flowed into rivers. Run quickly!”

“What?” Chen Sheng turned pale after hearing this, and his body began to sway. He could hardly accept such an outcome, but he was still quite decisive and shouted, “Run, run quickly!”

But at this moment, Chu Feng’s eyes turned cold. He immediately pounced from afar—a pair of energy wings spread out behind him as he approached as fast as lightning.

The big ship ran frantically and tore through the firmament.

The masses were speechless. The Chen family young master who had come with such a grand momentum was actually fleeing so wretchedly after knowing of the situation.

“He’s catching up. Quickly activate the spatial leap and return us to the Penglai sea region!” the Chen family young master screamed in a shrill voice. He was truly shocked and afraid.

“This broken battleship might not succeed. It was retrieved from the ruins just recently and there are still many problems with it,” an elder on the ship anxiously replied.

“No time to care about that much. Quick!” Chen Sheng said in anger.


Afterwards, the sky trembled as the entire battleship began to grow blurry and was about to disappear into a fuzzy zone. The place was both like a swamp and a door.

Chu Feng was furious—he was just about to catch up but the ship was going to disappear.

He no longer thought too much and brought out a bone arrow. It was precisely one of the three he got from Bai Qing. He nocked the arrow on the string of the Thunderous Bow and fired rapidly at Chen Sheng.


In the end, a mass of light erupted amidst Chen Sheng’s miserable cries. He tried his best to evade, but in the end, one of his arms exploded completely and turned into bloody mist. Additionally, a large hole appeared on the battleship.

After a moment of commotion, the battleship finally vanished.

The surroundings were all quiet. This Demon King Chu’s viciousness stunned everyone. He even shot the young master of the Penglai Chen family without restraint. This was too domineering. Now, who could still keep him in check?

But some people sneered in secret.

“He who rises fast will fall just as quickly!”

“Just look at him being so splendid and brilliant. It’s possible that this is an omen of his imminent fall.”

Some people bore ill-will and wore cold expressions.

But most people were sighing in astonishment—they believed Demon King Chu had formally risen to power, and that there would be no one to challenge him in the short term. He was destined to progress triumphantly.

The news spread to the outside world and shook all the major powers.

“He defeated the troops of a saint child? Demon King Chu has finally turned his demonic claws against the extraterrestrials!”

This is so Chu Feng!”

Some ordinary people, some corporations, and other familiar people all gave him different assessments.

Chu Feng didn’t pay attention to any of these as he approached Mount Longhu.

[1] A famous restaurant.

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