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Chapter 499: Top Saint
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“Yaoyao… Ignore him.”

A weak voice came from that head with the grizzled hair and beard in the jug. Unexpectedly, he was still alive.

The reason that his voice was able to be transmitted wasn’t because the old man had retained his power to this day, but because that young Xilin saint’s power was too strong.

This was still a reflection of the heavens—a method of divine manifestation.

That jug actually wasn’t outside of Earth. Just like this gentle and reserved man, it was millions and millions of kilometers away.

“Heh heh, Uncle Ming, I’m sorry. I see your whole life has been tiring. You’ve always been rushing about all over the place and always thinking about avenging the departed. Tell me, how many can you kill alone? Needing to still be in hiding is no better than living comfortably at my side.”

The feminine man spoke lazily. He was unperturbed towards everything, and an indifferent smile hung on his face as he stared at the head in the jug.

“Wei Heng, back then as I watched you grow up together with Yaoyao, I saw your cleverness, your unique talents, and your ability to leave the heavens breathless. I was very happy and gratified. I never could have predicted that you would change like this one day and brandish a butcher’s knife at me.”

The old man with only his head remaining in the jar let out a sigh. Talking about hate was out of the question. His muddy eyes were filled with traces of vicissitude as he watched the feminine man, Wei Heng, with great sadness.

Earth, Eastern Sea.

As soon as Chu Feng heard these kinds of words, he felt as though his scalp was about to explode and his burned with boundless flames of anger. Even if this saint named Wei Heng was exceptional for a whole era back then, his intentions were malicious.

Wei Heng was not at all unfamiliar with this old man. He was a benevolent senior who had watched him grow up, and one could tell from Uncle Ming’s words that back in those days he treated those kids quite well.

In the end, this Wei Heng unexpectedly became like this. Not only did he cut off the old man’s head, he even marinated it in salt. It made people’s hair stand up in anger!

“Oh, Uncle Ming, don’t say that I’ve forgotten it all. I studied the Eastern Mist Purple Finger with you in my youth. However, that was it. You were Yaoyao’s old servant and always thought yourself to be loyal and dedicated, yet now you are rebelling against great powers. Look at the state of the mother star! Aside from my Xilin race becoming more and more prosperous and being respected by all the races, what of Earth’s other orthodoxies? They’ve all been wiped out. Yes, now the mother star is recovering, but for what purpose? Even the splendid period was no good, let alone the present! It’s unpleasant to hear, but your two or three cats are tiny individuals with no power. They’re all petty and low insects. I casually dispatched a descendant, and they destroyed all of them!”

Wei Heng still spoke in a relaxed manner and the corners of his mouth were held in a cold smile. He didn’t care at all.

Next, he said, “Uncle Ming, for so many years you played nothing more than a role of false bravado. Every time there was a crisis on certain mother stars, you and a few others would jump out and create some commotion scare others, making people think that Uncle Sagemaster still lives and will return in the end. However, I clearly saw that this was the embodiment of a guilty conscience. I knew once the sagemaster had been sleeping for several years that he’d most likely passed on and will never appear again. Heh heh, Uncle Ming, you’ve grown old, so stop repeating this over and over again. Stay by my side for now and see if Yaoyao will come. Alas, although it has been so many years, I am still deeply devoted to Yaoyao and am waiting for her. Since she has not died, naturally I must see her.”

“Wei Heng, right now you’re so grim and merciless that I don’t even recognize you. Back then your innate talents were exceptional. Even the strongest disciples from the ten greatest stars weren’t necessarily as strong as you! Our hearts were filled with such hope for you. We wished that you, Yaoyao, and that other child would grow up together and illuminate the heavens, but you’ve broken our hearts…”

The old man’s head in the jug was grizzled and bloodstained, and his muddy eyes were filled with suffering and heartache. The descendent he had thought so highly of was unexpectedly like this.

“That other person is even more calm and heartless than I am. If I were him, if I were Yaoyao’s fiance, perhaps in those days I would act on impulse. Perhaps I would go kill the enemies and wouldn’t leave with the Xilin army. Oh, fortunately, it was not so. Uncle Ming, you have said all you need to. Now, go rest.”

Wei Heng’s look was cold and detached as he closed the jug’s lid and thoroughly sealed the old saint within, pickling him.

“What a brute! Not only did he go so far as to attack his first teacher, he did it so cruelly. Seems like the Xilin army is excessively ruthless. It’s the headquarters of vicious people!

Chu Feng clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth in anger. He really wanted to punch Wei Heng into pieces. This person had the look of someone who remained calm and composed amidst the chaos. He looked so lazy yet was capable of such extreme evil!

The other people on the island did not dare comment. Although they had come from the outer-realms and were of powerful orthodoxies, they didn’t want to offend the Xilin race.

This was because they were an extremely formidable race and incomparably dazzling. Although they were only a branch during Earth’s previous years, today they were consistently ranked close to the top one hundred. Their successive generations had all produced saints with innate talents were so good that nothing could be said. They were indeed terrifying!

In those years, the few leaders of the Xilin army were all firm and resolute killers. They took responsibility for waging war against foreign powers and were the sharpest butcher knives. In the end, when they were counterattacked, they were still as fierce as ever.

There were accounts that those leaders were still alive—truly unfathomable!

As for Wei Heng, although back then he was called the Ninth under the starry skies and took the entire starry skies by storm, he still hadn’t attained sainthood. He was an expert of the Xilin army’s second generation.

Nowadays, mentioning the Xilin race would rarely lead people to recall old affairs of the past; all they would think of is their powerful lineage and extraordinary innate talents. They were a race with extremely frightening potential.

“Yaoyao, you’re truly heartless. Why haven’t you come out yet? I miss you so much. Oh, even if you don’t want to see me, don’t you want to see Uncle Ming? He’s worked so hard for so many years and has grown old so quickly. Even though he’s a saint, his wounds are so serious that his life will soon dry up.”

Wei Heng spoke with a slight smile as he transmitted toward Mount Longhu.

“Oh, last time the starcore turtle lineage lost eight divine eggs. That must have been Uncle Ming’s doing, right? Although I haven’t asked Uncle Ming yet, that’s probably the gist of it. If you don’t come, I’ll turn around and give Uncle Ming’s pickled head to Jun Tuo. I’m sure he’ll be very happy. Yes, I’ll ask him for a starcore turtle shell to serve as a shield. It really is a fine material.”

Chu Feng’s look changed as soon as those words were spoken. So it turned out Uncle Ming was the old saint who stole the starcore turtle eggs! He hadn’t seen him before, but he still felt very grateful toward him.

Were it not for this old man, he certainly wouldn’t have been able to shatter all of the shackles in such a short period of time, and make it this far to paint his own exceptional picture scroll!

Knowing that Uncle Ming had been beheaded and pickled made Chu Feng’s heart burst with rage. He hated wanted nothing more than to rush up to the firmament and personally slaughter Wei Heng!

He understood that the old man certainly knew of him. Yaoyao had most likely mentioned him, otherwise, he wouldn’t have stolen the eight starcore turtle eggs and given them over.

“Just you wait. There will be a day when I will kill the Xilin race and avenge Uncle Ming!” Chu Feng clenched his teeth, and his eyes became a bit red. He prayed that Uncle Ming could persevere and live on.

At this moment Chu Feng was over by an incomparable longing to become stronger. He hoped that he could kill his way into the starry skies just a bit earlier and change some people’s fates!

However, he knew that he couldn’t be impulsive now. Yaoyao and Uncle Ming both thought that he was currently moldable and wanted him to grow.

In the outer-realm, Wei Heng manifested himself with a divine reflection and said, “Yaoyao, I see you’re very weak, merely an obsession. Now you ought to be within that life-preserving gold and in deep sleep. Oh, today is truly not the time.”


He was a bit regretful. His handsome, soft, and fair face bore a chilly smile as he said, “Oh, I heard you’ve raised an insect. He’s recently been wild and intractable, and he’s created a few disturbances. Uncle Ming stole those starcore turtle eggs for him as well. Tell me, won’t it be interesting if I poke him to death with one finger?”

“What a pity. The mother star is worthy to be called the mother star, and the surviving restrictive powers have even made me quite afraid of the consequences. I dare not descend as I wish, but I’ve decided to crush that bug you just raised. I can’t be bothered to do it personally, but I’ll dispatch some people to kill him. Yes, perhaps capturing him alive will be more interesting. I’ll have them bring him in front of me and make him kowtow in salute to me. If he vows loyalty to the Xilin race… Oh, that’s not bad.”

Wei Heng carried a soft aura, and his handsome face held a bit of callousness as he looked down at Earth and said, “Worm, do you want to live? Then kowtow to me and I’ll bestow upon you a Xilin surname.”

Chu Feng was furious!

“Wei Heng right? Ninth Under Heaven? Sooner or later there will come a day when I’ll beat you into one of Jun Tuo’s eggs. Bastard Egg, Wei Egg, just you wait. I will personally cut off your head and offer it as a sacrifice to the forebears!” Chu Feng berated him, furious at the top Xilin saints in outer space.

The surrounding people’s complexions suddenly changed. This Chu Feng wasn’t just ordinarily fierce. He had the impertinence to scold the Ninth Under Heaven from those days. Wei Heng was exceptional in ancient times, and even among today’s saints, he was nearly peerless!

However, outside of Earth, Wei Heng didn’t have any response. Because he felt finding Chu Feng was beneath him, he didn’t pay any attention. From start to finish he was gazing at Mount Longhu.

“Yaoyao, if you won’t wake up then I can only leave. Next time I come to see you I will bring a larger gift. Oh right, speaking of the mother star, how is it now? It’s all just a bunch of scum, and it’s difficult to see even one pureblood descendant. Speaking of it, we of the Xilin race are the true orthodox lineage. Here, there are only a bunch of nobodies. Yes, we have consulted with all parties, and there will come a day when we return. Once the mother star has recovered, we will re-enter this place, not only in name but also in reality. We will make a pure bloodline occupy this place.”

After that, heaven’s reflection gradually became fuzzy and Wei Heng carrying the jug gradually disappeared. However, the instant that his presence disappeared, his voice transmitted once more.

“Oh, let me send you off. You’re prepared, right? Go capture that insect for me. Of course, if you can’t capture him, then just stomp him to death!” He was clearly speaking to the young Xilin evolvers, and the insect he mentioned was Chu Feng.

He added on one last thought. “If you’re no good, then I’ll send my son. I’ve already given you the opportunity, so don’t let me down.”

“Please rest assured, Saint, We have already hurried to the territorial waters and are about to suppress Chu Feng. We’ll capture that insect for you!”

Several people were speaking on the sea’s surface, bowing in respect towards the outer realm.

Their voices were loud and shook the heavens. Even those on the Peach Garden Island could hear them, so much so that they could hear the faint sound of them treading on water. Their speed was incredibly fast.

“Xilin race!” Chu Feng’s pupils shrank and emitted terrifying beams of light!

Now his body was trembling, not out of fear but out of excitement. He wanted to deal a fatal blow against these young Xilin talents and force Wei Heng’s direct descendent to come. Then he could behead the saint’s son!

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