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Chapter 884 - monstrous talent!


In the blink of an eye, Tang Huan had already reached the third stage of the "Myriad Sword Spirit Realm".

This was the important place used by the "Pure Yang Sword Sect" to store techniques and battle skills. Each level of space was smaller than the other, and the Sword Seal that flowed in each level was also smaller than the previous level.

The Sword Seal s in the first realm were around four thousand, while the second realm had two thousand. The third realm had about a thousand, and the higher one went, the fewer it was.

The reason was very simple.

In this world, ordinary battle skills occupied the vast majority of the world. The more powerful the battle skill, the rarer it was. According to Hu Chan's memories, if he did not add new battle skills in the last two thousand years, there would only be a mere eight Sword Seal at the ninth stage.

Each of the eight Sword Seal contained a cultivation method or battle skill that was incomparably powerful, and all of them were innate techniques. One of the abilities had already been imprinted into the depths of Tang Huan's soul through Hu Chan's memories. It was a pity that with Tang Huan's current strength, he wouldn't be able to cultivate it.

As for the eighth stage, there were more than twenty of them. Of the ten "Pure Yang Sword Sect" sword arts, five were for the eighth stage and the other five were for the seventh stage.

According to the rules, the disciples of the seven divisions of the sword faction could only go up to the fourth level of the "Myriad Sword Spirit Realm." Of course, this did not mean that the sword faction disciples would not be able to obtain those powerful cultivation technique battle skills.

Just like how Lu Xudong, who had fought with Tang Huan on the Stage of Earth Chess Sword, practiced one of the ten great sword arts in the "Ten Thousand Swords Spirit Realm", the "Thousand Snake Mysterious Fire Sword Art". That sword technique was naturally not something he had obtained from the seventh level of the Space. Rather, it should be a reward he had obtained from completing a certain mission.

In Hu Chan's memories, there were also two types of sword arts. One belonged to the seventh stage, and the other belonged to the eighth stage.

However, Tang Huan was not in a hurry to cultivate. He really wanted to see if he could find a suitable Spear Technique for the third stage of the "Myriad Sword Spirit Realm".

Currently, there were more than ten cultivators in this region.

Almost all of them were sitting cross-legged on the ground, with some Sword Seal surrounding them. There were at least a dozen or so of them, and at most a few dozen of them. They would release the Sword Seal in their hands from time to time and grab onto another Sword Seal, obviously investigating the condition of the Sword Seal in order to pick out the one that was most suitable for them.

Tang Huan's appearance did not attract anyone's attention.

Activating his aura to its peak, he walked toward the center of this space step by step. The number of different colored Sword Seal around Tang Huan grew more and more, several tens, dozens, dozens, hundreds …

Those cultivators who were originally focusing on inspecting the Sword Seal were also gradually alarmed.

One, two... Five... Ten … Not long after, the dozen or so cultivators were all jolted awake and one by one shot their bodies up. They looked around in shock at the surrounding Sword Seal that were unceasingly gathering towards the central region. This sort of scene was simply inconceivable to them.

They were all preparing to change their Sword Seal, when they suddenly realized that the surrounding Sword Seal were all gone.

There was only one reason for such a situation to occur within the "Myriad Sword Spirit Realm", and that was because his Sword Seal had been drawn away by someone else.

But how was this possible? It was one thing to attract the Sword Seal around one person, but to actually attract all the Sword Seal around him? Not only that, not a single one of the other Sword Seal in this space had been left behind, as if they were metal scraps that had touched a magnet.

This completely exceeded the imagination of everyone, and completely overturned their common sense.


How could there be such a monster within the sword faction?

However, the truth was right in front of their eyes, and they had no choice but to believe it. Through the gaps of a thousand Sword Seal, they could indeed vaguely see a figure.

After staring blankly for a while, everyone finally regained their senses.


A young man suddenly shot forward explosively, and in an instant, he arrived beside the multicolored Sword Seal ball in the center of the space. At about the same time, the other ten or so cultivators also began to move. Before long, everyone had gathered in the area around the Sword Seal.

Everyone exchanged glances and could almost see the shock in each other's eyes that was hard to conceal.

In the next moment, a dozen or so people simultaneously pushed their auras to the limits, wanting to work together to attract some Sword Seal back. However, it was not of any use. The Sword Seal continued to follow their original trajectory, as if they did not sense the slightest fluctuation in their auras.

After about ten breaths of time, everyone finally stopped doing this kind of useless work. They looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

A thousand Sword Seal s, yet not a single one approached them. This meant that the aura of the person inside was far more attractive than them. If it was Sword Seal with the same characteristics, it would still be fine with being able to produce such a strong enticement, but it was actually the same for all of the Sword Seal!

"This aura is a little familiar. Where did it come from?" A purple-dressed woman murmured softly.

"Look at that sword token, it seems like he is the same as us, a disciple of the Silver Sword." Another tall and sturdy young man began to guess.

"Silver Sword disciple? Those Silver Sword disciples who came here at this time, were either directly tired from coming from the Sword-fighting Villa, or had just been promoted from the Copper Sword Disciple. "

"New disciple of the Silver Sword, who has such an aura?"


Everyone couldn't help but mutter.

"I remember! Tang Huan! It must be Tang Huan! " The purple-dressed woman widened her eyes before suddenly exclaiming in disbelief, "A few days ago, when he was fighting with Gu Sen on the 'Life and Death Stage', I was watching from below the stage. This is his aura."

"Tang Huan? The Tang Huan who was summoned by the Sect Master and the seven great elders yesterday, and then charged into the one hundredth place on the Earth Board? "

"So it's him?" It is said that this Tang Huan is also a Lower Grade Heavenly Blacksmith. Moreover, his Tools Method Attainments is astonishingly high.

"Tang Huan... Why is it impossible for him to attract all the Sword Seal? "


The purple-dressed woman's words were like a stone that gave rise to a thousand ripples. Everyone cried out in alarm as their eyeballs seemed as if they were about to pop out from their sockets.

Everyone was extremely shocked, while Tang Huan who was surrounded by Sword Seal had long since sat down cross-legged.

He did not stretch out his hand to grab the Sword Seal. To be able to inspect them one by one like the other cultivators, simply expended too much time and effort. Having a strong soul, "Nine Yang Divine Furnace", and "Intangible Buddha" allowed Tang Huan's Perception Ability to rise to an unimaginable level. Under Tang Huan's senses, the auras of all the surrounding Sword Seal were abnormally clear as they were caught, with not a single bit of them being missed.

Tang Huan's heart was as calm as water, he wandered in the ocean formed by thousands of different auras, carefully exploring the strange scene.

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