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When the Tie Family Fort's group of upper echelon arrived at the gates, the first thing they saw was the arrogant, complacent, and haughty face of He Cheng. Behind him stood a group of He Family experts.

He Cheng's eyes lit up when he saw Tie Xinlan, a lecherous grin on his face, "Little sister Xinlan, you finally came out to see me. How about it? Have you considered my proposal? Don't worry, I guarantee you'll live pleasurably every day after marrying me."

He Cheng spared no attention to the other Tie Family Fort experts present.

Listening to He Cheng teasing Tie Xinlan and disregarding their presence, Tie Qianyuan and the present Tie Family Fort experts were shaking, while Tie Xinlan's delicate face was filled with anger.

Before she could say anything, He Cheng spotted the person standing beside Tie Mu, his eyes instantly widening in fear. His arrogant complacence vanished without a trace, his face drained on blood.

Five months ago, not long after He Hanyu and the other three Patriarchs returned to the Green Sun City, they had assembled all the core disciples, strictly reminding them they must salute Huang Xiaolong respectfully and greet him as 'Young lord' if they ever crossed paths with him in the future!

It was also at that time He Cheng found out that the four families had submitted to Huang Xiaolong. It dawned on him at the same time why He Hanyu kicked him so ruthlessly, nearly killing him.

He Cheng's reaction baffled the Tie Family Fort people. Their gazes followed his gaze, falling on Huang Xiaolong's body. 'Could it be this He Cheng knows Huang Xiaolong?'

While those of the Tie Family Fort was still trying to figure this out, He Cheng was suddenly on his knees, quivering visibly, "Yo-young-young lord!"

Young lord?  

What did He Cheng call Huang Xiaolong just now?

An inexplicable expression appeared on the Tie Family Fort people's faces.

All the He Family experts standing behind He Cheng also fell to their knees in apprehension, looking fearfully at Huang Xiaolong, "Young, young lord!"

He Cheng recognized Huang Xiaolong, and so did the present He Family experts.

The Tie Family Fort people present at the gates were stunned silly on the spot, staring incredulously at the group of He Family experts who were kneeling on the ground, whereas the sibling, Tie Mu and Tie Xinlan, they were staring dazedly at Huang Xiaolong.

Even Tie Qianyuan couldn't hide his disbelief.

When did Huang Xiaolong become the He Family's young lord? Could it be that Huang Xiaolong's real surname wasn't Huang but He?

Huang Xiaolong's scoff jolted everyone to their senses, "Where's He Hanyu? Tell him come see me right now."

He Hanyu!

Hearing Huang Xiaolong referring to the He Family Patriarch by name, Tie Qianyuan and the Tie Family Fort members' jaws dropped to their chest in fright.

Tue Qianyuan refuted his own assumption that Huang Xiaolong might be from the He Family. If he really was He Hanyu's son, he won't dare to call his father by name.

Furthermore, Huang Xiaolong's tone was one of absolute authority, ordering He Hanyu to come see him!

"Yes, yes, young lord, this one will inform the Patriarch immediately." One of the He Family experts nervously complied.

At the He Family expert's words, Tie Qianyuan's group breathing momentarily stagnated.

"Fort Lord Tie, let's return." Huang Xiaolong turned and said to Tie Qianyuan.


Tie Qianyuan's reason returned, but now, the way he looked at Huang Xiaolong had completely changed.

"This, y-young hero Huang, you see, Patriarch He might be coming, shouldn't we…" Even Tie Qianyuan's tone bore respect as he spoke, a little nervous as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

He Hanyu coming, and as the Tie Family Fort's Lord, he naturally had to welcome him ten li from the fort gates, how would he dare to wait inside the fort.

Huang Xiaolong understood what Tie Qianyuan was worrying about. Looking at his expression, he laughed softly and reassured, "Don't worry, when He Hanyu arrives, I'll have him apologize to Fort Lord Tie and Xinlan."

Have He Hanyu apologize!

Tie Qianyuan and Tie Xinlan's hearts flipped hearing Huang Xiaolong's words.

"Fort Lord Tie, let's go inside." Huang Xiaolong said again.

Tie Qianyuan dared not insist further on the matter, inviting Huang Xiaolong to walk in front, which he did not refuse.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong was seen walking in front while the Tie Family Fort Lord and a group of Tie Family Fort Elders followed docilely behind him, entering the main hall once again.

On the other hand, He Cheng and the other He Family experts were left kneeling at the gates. Without Huang Xiaolong's express permission, not one of them dared to stand up.

The sun was at its harshest at this point, right above their heads.

He Cheng and the others remained kneeling where they were without circulating any godforce to block the prickling heat, and as time passed, there was a feeling as if they had fallen into a stove.

Inside the Tie Family Fort's main hall, Tie Qianyuan and the others sat in front of Huang Xiaolong, extremely stiff and restrained, not knowing what to say. Above all else, every one of them wanted to know the connection between Huang Xiaolong and the He Family, yet were afraid their questions would somehow upset Huang Xiaolong.

"Elder brother Huang, why did He Cheng's group call you young lord?" Tie Xinlan was the first to ask, breaking the prolonged silence. Her eyes sparkled with curiosity as she blinked her eyes at Huang Xiaolong. She remembered when she first met Huang Xiaolong that he said he wasn't from Green Cloud Island.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, "Half a year ago, He Hanyu happened to run into me. I don't know why he kept pestering me, saying he wanted to recognize me as his young lord, but having no choice, I agreed."

Tie Xinlan asked naively, "Really?"

Huang Xiaolong smiled, "It's a lie."

Tie Qianyuan and the others let out a laugh, the earlier tense atmosphere eased.

"Elder brother Huang is so bad now, bullying me." Tie Xinlan pouted her small mouth.

Subsequently, Tie Mu and Tie Xinlan began conversing normally with Huang Xiaolong. From time to time, Tie Qianyuan would add a sentence or two.

Time flew by, and before they knew it, three hours had passed.

Right at this time, a Tie Family Fort disciple ran into the main hall, reporting to Huang Xiaolong and Tie Qianyuan, "Young hero Huang, Fort Lord, the He Family Patriarch is here. With him, there are also the Su, Deng, and Zhuang Families' Patriarchs, as well as the four families' Elders!"

Tie Qianyuan's group was shocked by this.

The Su, Deng, and Zhuang Families' experts were all here. 'Could it be…?' His gaze on Huang Xiaolong changed again.

"Have them all come in." Huang Xiaolong calmly said to the reporting disciple.

The disciple respectfully complied and hurried out, even forgetting to ask Tie Qianyuan, the Fort Lord's opinion.

Outside, at the Tie Family Fort gates.

He Hanyu, Su Yinhai, and the rest walked in with a film of sweat on their foreheads. Three hours before, they received the report of a He Family disciple that Huang Xiaolong was at the Tie Family Fort and that He Cheng and the others were kneeling in front of the gates, He Hanyu's soul nearly left his body in fright. No time to care for anything else, he hastened out from the He Family residence, rushing over.

Coincidentally, the other three families' Patriarchs was at the He Family residence at the time, thus following He Hanyu.

When that Tie Family disciple returned to the gates and saw the He Hanyu and everyone's anxious faces, he quickened his steps. "Patriarch He, Patriarch Su, Patriarch Deng, Patriarch Zhuang, young hero Huang asks you all to go in."

He Hanyu said to the disciple, "May I trouble this little brother to lead the way for us?"

Hearing this, the Tie Family Fort was overwhelmingly flattered, even his legs softened.

Everyone swiftly adjusted their slightly creased brocade robes, then followed that disciple to the main hall.

Upon entering the main hall, He Hanyu's group immediately saw Huang Xiaolong who was sitting at the center seat.

Everyone stepped forward quickly, then knelt in salute.

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