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Chapter 828: Be Careful!

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“Hehe…” Qian Yu laughed gently and ignored Mo Shanshi’s words. She did not care for his opinion at all.All she knew was that from today onwards, Ping Yang’s name would reverberate throughout the entire Holy Region. That was all she cared about.”This…” The emceeing Heaven Dao Pavilion disciple stared at Ping Yang and cleared his throat. Beads of perspiration lined his forehead. “Go on.” Mu Qingfeng had lowered himself into his seat once more. He did not dare to believe what he had just witnessed but the facts were indisputable. Ping Yang had won!There was no doubt at all. As a master of the Sage State, Ping Yang would have won this round anyway. Of course, she had taken everyone for a ride. “It’s a pity that that shameless fellow isn’t here with me today, or…” Ping Yang tilted her head upwards and gazed at the skies as she kept her Blazing Qilin Spear. “The second round between Ling Yun Tower and Fu Xi Valley has been won by Ling Yun Tower. Ling Yun Tower will progress to the second stage of the tournament!” The sound of the announcement echoed throughout the Heaven’s Peak.The disciples from the various sects recovered themselves and responded with a round of applause. Ping Yang had impressed with her abilities and managed to gain the respect of the younger martial artists present. “You’ll never know what to expect from the Five Sects of the Holy Region!” “A 16-year-old master of the Sage State. I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!””Yeah, I wonder if there are any more upcoming surprises.”The disciples of the various sects were looking forward to the next battle. The Shadow Sect and Xuanji Sect were going up against each other. “Congratulations, Little Sister Ping Yang!” The Heaven Dao Pavilion disciple said to Ping Yang with a bow.”Thank you, Senior. Hahaha…” Ping Yang giggled as she returned to the Ling Yun Tower camp. On the way back, she tried to catch a glimpse of Chi Guyan, who was in the Heaven Dao Pavilion camp.Chi Guyan returned Ping Yang’s gazes with a nod. It was clear that she held affection for Ping Yang.”Alright, it’s the Xuanji Sect’s turn!” Following Zu Lian’s exclamation, a young man leapt into the fighting arena.The young man wore a pale yellow robe with the words ‘Xuanji’ sewed with gold thread onto the chest area of the robe. He carried a sword with a golden sheath in his hand.”I’m a disciple of Xuanji Sect, Chang Wei, 29 years old. I am at the peak of the Rebirth State and have killed five Rock Mountain Beasts in a row atop the Jade Lotus Mountain!” The yellow-robed youth greeted the audience with clasped hands after he had finished introducing himself.”Rock Mountain Beast?! That’s a monstrous animal. When fully grown, its power becomes similar to that of humans who have attained the Rebirth State. He actually killed five of them in a row? This Chang Wei is powerful!””One has to be powerful in order to participate in a tournament like this.””That’s right. Take Ping Yang for example. We had all thought that she was at the Heavenly Reflection State but she turned out to be a master of the Sage State!”The disciples from the other sects began to prattle away after they had heard Chang Wei’s introduction.Wu Yuer smirked as she listened in on the conversations between members of the audience. “Can you defeat the Rock Mountain Beast?” Wu Yuer adjusted her black dress and turned to look at the figure behind her.”I stopped fighting Rock Mountain Beasts a long time ago. If I really had to take them on, I could kill three to four hundred of them in about an hour.” Wu Yuer received a reply from the figure who emerged from behind her. It was a muscular young man wearing a tight-fitting robe. His dark skin shone in the sunlight. He gave off the vibes of a savage animal. In fact, everyone who had heard his name saw him as a beast. His name was Yan Qing and he had grown up among wild animals.”Three to four hundred Rock Mountain Beasts in an hour? That’s an insane exaggeration…” The Xuanji Sect’s Chang Wei scoffed at the other contender. However, he turned pale and swallowed the words that he was going to say when he saw who it was.”Yan… Yan Qing?!”The Xuanji Sect had widespread influencethroughout the War Pinnacle and Radiant Moon Empires. As a disciple of Xuanji Sect, how could Chang Wei not know of the madman from the War Pinnacle Empire, Yan Qing?”What? It’s Yan Qing?!””Yan Qing… has joined the Shadow Sect?””How is this possible? Hasn’t he always said that he would settle for nothing less than the Five Sects of the Holy Region? Why did he… did he join the Shadow Sect?”Not only Chang Wei, but the rest of the Xuanji Sect disciples, as well as the people who knew who Yan Qing was, were all stunned.Although Yan Qing’s reputation was not outstanding in the Holy Region, his name spread far and wide beyond the Holy Region. After all, the War Pinnacle Empire was a regime that placed a heavy emphasis on the martial arts.As the legendary prodigy of the War Pinnacle Empire, Yan Qing was highly sought after by the various sects. These sects included the Xuanji Sect who had widespread influence all over the War Pinnacle and Radiant Moon Empires. Not only that, but it had been said that the Xuanji Sect leader Zu Lian had waited a month outside Yan Qing’s residence for an audience with him. Unfortunately… Even though Zu Lian had waited a month to meet with Yan Qing, Yan Qing had replied with the words “Xuanji Sect isn’t worthy!””Sect Leader, I…” Chang Wei’s wide grin had been wiped off his face by Yan Qing’s appearance. He looked at Zu Lian with a pained expression.If he had known beforehand that his opponent would be the monstrous Yan Qing, he never would have gone into the fighting arena even if someone had held a dagger to his neck. The reason was simple. The people who had sparred with Yan Qing were either dead or maimed. None of them managed to survive the encounter whole.”Chang Wei, you’ve come a long way from then. You are not weaker than Yan Qing. Make it quick and don’t let Yan Qing drag on the fight for too long!” Zu Lian clenched his fists as he spoke. In truth, Zu Lian was extremely troubled. However, he was not about to forfeit the battle. What he could do now was to offer encouragement to his disciple despite knowing that defeat was imminent. “Don’t act tough. You obviously know that you are going to lose… is your disciple’s life not worth anything to you?” Wu Yuer chuckled and refilled her teacup with a teapot before sipping on it contentedly. “Wu Yuer… do not be too happy yet!” Zu Lian’s face turned a deep red upon hearing Wu Yuer’s mocking words. However, there was nothing he could do about it.Desolation had hit him the moment Yan Qing had emerged from the crowd. “Xuanji Sect has been down on its luck.” Mu Qingfeng shook his head. He was aware that Yan Qing had joined the Shadow Sect. Strictly speaking, Xuanji Sect was in no way weaker in strength than the Shadow Sect. In fact, their influence spread over a larger area than the Shadow Sect. However, no one could say who Lady Luck favoured at the end of the day. “Are you ready?” The Heaven Dao Pavilion disciple asked the contenders. “Ye… yes!” Chang Wei looked at Yan Qing with his body drenched in cold sweat. He gritted his teeth and nodded.”Chang Wei of the Xuanji Sect is going up against Yan Qing of the Shadow Sect. Let the first round begin!””Ah, I’ll beat the living daylights out of you!” Chang Wei raised his sword up into the air and rushed forward manically towards Yan Qing.He had remembered Zu Lian’s words about him not being weaker than Yan Qing and that he had to finish Yan Qing off as soon as possible.He had rushed forward without hesitation!At the same time Chang Wei had rushed forward, Yan Qing charged at Chang Wei like a mad bull. Chang Wei’s sword attack surged forward like a dragon. It had to be said that Chang Wei was a skilful martial artist himself. His sword move was not only fast but so powerful that it whistled through the air. It was a pity that Chang Wei’s sword was halted in midair by a bare hand and broke into pieces. Following that, Chang Wei was tossed up into the air. Of course, Chang Wei could remember some bits and pieces of the moments before he had been thrown up into the air. After Chang Wei ‘s sword had been broken into pieces, a hand as tough as iron had gripped his wrist and twisted his arm forcefully. “…” Chang Wei had no idea how he had ended up on the floor. All he knew was that one of his arms was broken. So were a few of his ribs. He took a break.The mountain breeze was rather nice and warm.Chang Wei slowly closed his eyes. He could fight on but he did not want to. He knew that if he got to his feet, he would break more than just an arm. “It has ended?””It… looks like it!””Indeed, there was no doubt…”The disciples from the other sects gazed at the fallen Chang Wei with a mixture of pity and helplessness. They did not blame Chang Wei.After all, every person who had fought Yan Qing ended up in this way. All they could hope for was to break fewer bones and keep their lives. “Yan Qing from the Shadow Sect has won the first round!” The Heaven Dao Pavilion disciple announced immediately.The disciples from the various sects carefully observed Zu Lian. They remembered how Zu Lian had told Chang Wei to end the fight quickly and to not let Yan Qing drag it on for too long.Hmm… The fight had ended quickly enough!…

Zu Lian had a terrible look on his face. Honestly speaking, anyone in his situation would be looking like this too. The two young disciples who had been standing behind Zu Lian looked back at him blankly. When they had first been selected by Zu Lian to take part in the tournament, their chests almost burst with pride. Now, they were nearly begging him to rescind his orders.”Sect leader, we…” The two disciples looked at Chang Wei’s fallen form and then at the bored-looking Yan Qing standing in the fighting arena. Their lips quivered as they struggled to speak their minds.”You two will decide among yourselves.” Zu Lian waved them away. He knew what they wanted to say.”Among ourselves?””What, do you want me to choose instead?””No no no, we’ll decide among ourselves. We’ll do that!” The two young disciples replied quickly and turned to discuss among themselves. “Little Brother Li, I’ve always treated you well.””Big Brother Wang, I’ve always served you to the best of my abilities.””I’m getting on in age and it takes a longer time for me to recover from injuries. If I fight in this battle, I’d be at least bedridden for two to three months. Would you bear to see me end up like that?””Big Brother Wang, you make sense. But I’m young and have a bright future ahead of me. Wouldn’t it pain you if I died here?””Young? You’re only two months younger than I am!””I’m still younger than you are. Big Brother Wang, you should exercise some of those big brother qualities and protect your juniors!””Can’t you respect your elders instead?””Stop arguing. Sort it out with a guessing game!” Zu Lian had enough of their bickering. It was irritating him to the point where he was very close to kicking them both up on stage. “No need for that. I don’t mind the Xuanji Sect sending both of these two pieces of trash up on stage to fight me!” Yan Qing suddenly spoke.”Both?!”This Yan Qing is a crazy man indeed!”The surrounding disciples of the various sects were astonished. At the same time, Yan Qing invoked in them a sense of visceral fear. “Yan Qing, you said it!” Zu Lian narrowed his eyes. He had been infuriated by Yan Qing’s arrogance. “Yes.” Yan Qing nodded. “Any objections, Wu Yuerr?” Zu Lian turned to look at Wu Yuer. “No.” Wu Yuer shook her head carelessly. She did not even bother looking at Zu Lian. “Alright, Wu Yuer. You’ve forced my hand. I’ll let you see what the Xuanji Sect is capable of!” When Zu Lian had finished speaking, two masses of energy that were as bright as the stars appeared in his hands.”

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