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"They are all excellent Beast Hunters who specialize in killing World Defying beast." Luo Tianjun frowned, he did not know how he did it, but he condensed a burst of energy and poured it into Chen Xiang's body, entering Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea.

Chen Xiang only saw that his own Divine Sense Sea's World Defying beast were suddenly enveloped by a translucent light barrier, and the Spirit Qi inside did not leak out anymore.

"Teleport!" Luo Tianjun said.

Chen Xiang immediately used Time and space power to teleport away.

"There's no need to run, they didn't come right away!" Luo Tianjun said.

Although the Myriad Tao Mausoleum was big, their speed was very fast. They were only slightly slower than teleporting, being able to travel across the entire Myriad Tao Mausoleum very quickly.

"They've lost their target." Luo Tianjun was finally relieved. Just now, Chen Xiang had been continuously locked onto, and he was extremely nervous, because the other party was extremely powerful and only sent out people of extremely low status.

"Beast Hunter?" Chen Xiang never thought that his World Defying beast would be valued so highly by these people.

"These World Defying beast are the most precious." Luo Tianjun said: "Myriad Tao Divine Mountain must have told them that that's why they came out. Otherwise, even if Myriad Tao Divine Mountain was pushed to the ground, they probably wouldn't have come out, unless the Myriad Tao's laws allowed them to move."

"Then can I still use the power of the World Defying beast in the future?" This was the strongest power of Chen Xiang, and he usually did not use it.

"Of course you can. You need to learn how to control the power of the World Defying beast. Your control over the power is not enough." Luo Tianjun said: "This requires you to comprehend on your own. I didn't manage to cultivate a World Defying beast, so I can't guide you."

Chen Xiang and Luo Tianjun created a cave and rested inside.

"What should I do next?" How can we leave this place! " Chen Xiang's Time and space power was already useless.

"The seal of the World Defying Stage Clan is extremely frightening … Previously, they were the ones who sealed World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect. " Luo Tianjun said.

Speaking of seals, Chen Xiang suddenly felt that there was nothing to be afraid of, because Feng Ke'er was by his side!

"Xiao Ke'er, come out!" Chen Xiang released Feng Ke'er, and told him about Feng Ke'er's origins.

Even if Luo Tianjun created this Myriad Tao, when he found out about how a seal cultivated Spirit Qi, he couldn't believe it.

"This is a very powerful Myriad Tao seal, able to seal all powers, so your Time and space power cannot be used as well." Feng Ke'er only closed his eyes to sense for a moment before coming to a conclusion.

"Then what should I do? You must have a way! " Chen Xiang really wanted to leave this damn place quickly.

"Of course I have a way, but I need you to bring me to the edge." Feng Ke'er said: "I need to go there and touch the entire sealing formation, so that I can know the specific details of the sealing formation, and so that I can find a way to break through the seal."

"That's not a problem!"

Chen Xiang and Luo Tianjun quietly came to the edge of the sealing circle once again. With the two of them working together, they fiercely attacked the sealing circle, causing it to tremble and release a sealing force.

"Alright!" After Feng Ke'er finished speaking, she anxiously slipped into Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea World, because she sensed that someone was rushing over.

"Hurry up and leave!" Luo Tianjun said.

Chen Xiang brought Luo Tianjun and quickly left.

After returning to the cave, Chen Xiang scolded in a low voice, "World Defying Stage Clan, these bunch of bastards … I worked hard to cultivate these World Defying Green dragon, how many years have they gone through … You actually want to kill me. "

"They are! Furthermore, they think that this belongs to them, because as long as you are someone from the Myriad Tao, they would think that you are theirs. " Luo Tianjun said.

"These bastards!" Chen Xiang gritted his teeth in anger. Myriad Tao Divine Mountain and World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect had not been settled yet, so what kind of World Defying Stage Clan popped out?

"They are being looked after by the Myriad Tao, so there must be a lot of powerful experts inside … Maybe the baby that was just born is from the World Defying Stage. " Luo Tianjun laughed bitterly: "Only by reaching the peak of World Defying Stage can you compete with them."

Feng Ke'er suddenly said: "I have found a way, I will start to set up the array disc needed to break through the seal!"

Feng Ke'er used the Six Realms mirrors as an array disc, which required a bit of time.

"Actually, you don't have to be afraid of those fellows. You can have a large number of Myriad Tao Divine Soil s, but they don't have one, because Myriad Tao Divine Soil can only have one above them." Feng Ke'er laughed: "As long as you have time, you will be able to get more Myriad Tao Divine Soil, and at that time, dealing with them will not be that difficult!"

The Myriad Tao Divine Soil was also one of Chen Xiang's great backers, he suddenly thought of Feng Ke'er's mysterious and powerful golden needle, which could pierce through everything! If his Heavenly magic sword was also that powerful, then as long as he struck it with his sword, the consequences would be obvious.

… ….

Outside the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, a luxurious palace was built on the back of a tiger-like mountain. In a courtyard inside the palace, a white-clothed man looked at the scorching sun in the sky and said with a frown.

"Why haven't you come back for so long? Was that kid called Shen so hard to deal with? But twenty black clothed slaves. " The white clothed man was in the courtyard, watching a group of beautiful women dance.

"Young master, that guy has World Defying Green dragon, it's indeed a little difficult to deal with. Let the four golden slaves go." A lady behind the man in white said softly.

"Fine, let the Four Gold Slaves go. I also want to leave this lowly place as soon as possible." The white clothed man said lazily: "A World Defying Green dragon... It's been a long time since it has appeared on the body of a mortal. This is unbelievable, if it's possible, I want to take a look at that guy's corpse! "

Soon after, four rays of golden light flashed from the back of the giant tiger, and entered Myriad Tao Mausoleum!

"Young Master He, you're really quick. Did you succeed?" At the same time as the voice was heard, a purple-clothed female slowly landed in the courtyard. The defense of the huge tiger was extremely strong, but it was silently broken by an outsider.

"Is it the Mu Rong family's Murong Honglian? I heard that you've always been wearing a red dress, why are you wearing a purple one now? " The white-robed man's eyes shone with a brilliant light as he carefully sized up the violet-robed woman in front of him.

Murong Honglian was beautiful, although pretty, but she was still inferior to the female dancers and the two tall girls behind the man in white. However, the man in white was captivated by her.

"That's only what you heard, looks like you haven't gotten the World Defying Green dragon yet! When you entered, did you do it yourself? "Forget it, I'll have to thank Young Master He for giving the Red Lotus a chance. I'll be forever grateful."

With that, Murong Honglian's body suddenly turned into a red mist and dissipated!

"Young Master... What should he do? She had entered personally, she was considered quite famous in the World Defying Stage Clan! You came the fastest, if she gets the World Defying Green dragon … " The servant girl said.

"Don't be afraid, we believe in the Four Gold Slaves's strength." The white-robed man was indeed a bit worried, but he didn't want to go in.

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