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Chapter 2599: Kill him, I'll go with you!


Inside the hall, outside the hall, the thousand over people could not make a sound, it was so quiet that it made people panic, they could only look at Long Fei blankly, as though they were looking at a monster.


The slap of a infinite ancestor at the peak of the Zhen Wu realm was flipped over?

He still possessed the power of the Imperial Qi.

of the sect of infinitas.

He was beaten into a dead dog just like that?


It must be an illusion.

It is impossible for such a thing to happen, the people of sect of infinitas rubbed their eyes quickly, but, it was just that … infinite ancestor was still lying on the ground like a dead dog.

Unable to accept.

Several disciples of sect of infinitas immediately shouted out.

The silence in the hall was broken.

"Boss is mighty!"

"The boss is domineering!"

"Hahaha... "Junior is awesome!"

"Hahaha …"

Many Magic Captains s started to laugh out loud.

When they entered the Imperial Palace, he had said that he would ask Long Fei to come out early, but now … Even his master was defeated with a single palm strike.

What about him?

At this moment, the tong shen was trembling in fear.

Are they all monsters?

Why did powerhouse who produced so many Zhen Wu realm s appear overnight?

He is the genius ranked sixth in Sky Sect of Ling Clan, but … Why did he have the guts to become a trash ranked 60th?

Not even a little girl.

Now, it was even Long Fei who had come to shoulder the role of boss.

Thinking of this, his heart trembled.

All these years for today, but. He felt like he was a joke!

What a ridiculous joke!

At this moment.

The corner of Long Fei's mouth curled up as he gently glanced at infinite ancestor who was twitching on the ground and laughed coldly: "Acting tough?"

"I'm sorry!"

"I like to trample people like you guys who like to act cool!"

While they were talking …

Long Fei stepped on infinite ancestor's head.

Zhao Wuji's eyes darkened. He strode out and shouted, "Kid, what are you trying to do?"

infinite ancestor was on the verge of death, if he was hit again, he would immediately die.

No matter what, the infinite ancestor was still his master.

If infinite ancestor died in front of so many people, wouldn't that be slapping his face?

Long Fei grinned and smiled, saying: "Didn't I say it clearly? "I'm here to rob your Zhao Family, whoever dares to block me will die!"

As soon as he finished.

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Long Fei exerted force with his feet and with a surge of True Essence, he directly stepped on infinite ancestor's head until it exploded.

Brain matter and blood shot out in all directions.

Zhao Wuji's eyes narrowed, he had no time to stop them.

As for Zhao Haotian, he narrowed his eyes and watched coldly from the side, and did not have any intention of stopping them. To him, the infinite ancestor was only trash.

Why did he save the trash?

The entire audience was in an uproar.

Many people were so scared that they directly stood up and staggered back.

The faces of the ten families disciples all became pale, their hearts pounding, "Is this person crazy? This person is a madman. "

"Kill the infinite ancestor in front of the Zhao Family."

"He, he, he doesn't want to live anymore, right?"

"Madman, he must be a madman!"

"This man is crazy."

… ….

Long Fei was too arrogant.

So what if it was the infinite ancestor?

Acting so arrogantly in front of your father is the same as dying!

If he hadn't blocked Xing Tian's axe yesterday, Zhao Haotian would already be dead. Today's god's sect gathering would be his Underworld Feast.

How could there be so many things left to do?

Zhao Wuji's face turned ashen, his eyes seemed to spew fire as he stared straight at Long Fei, his teeth chomping loudly, as he spoke word by word, "Are you trying to rob the Zhao Family?"

"You want to go against the Zhao Family, right?"


"Brat, let's see just how many lives you have left!"

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Zhao Wuji was infuriated to the extreme.

This was their Zhao Family's territory, how could they allow Long Fei to be so arrogant?

Where was the Zhao Family's face?

Where was the prestige of the Zhao Family?

Zhao Wuji did not think too much at this time. He shouted, "Kill him!"

Power surged in the dark.

Chief Captain also rushed out and said heavily: "Who the hell touched my junior brother, I will kill him!"

Seventeen Magic Captains s rushed out together.

They all stood next to Long Fei.

Xiao Die, the big size man and the thin monkey were the same, they quickly rushed to Long Fei's side.

Whoever dared to move would immediately put their life on the line.

Xiao Die shouted, "sister Yourong, why are you not moving? "Come here."

A Magic Captains said: "There is a power controlling her in her body. I wanted to break through it a few times, but I don't have enough power."

Long Fei's eyes turned sinister as he cursed, "You motherf * cking old demoness!"

This was definitely something that the old demoness had done.

There was no need to even think about it.

Zhao Wuji laughed coldly and said, "You came prepared, right? If the Xuan Yue sect colludes with the Magic Tribe, they can be killed. "

Zhao Wuji looked at the darkness on both sides of the hall and shouted, "What are you waiting for? Kill them all! Kill them all! "


There was no response from the darkness.

No one came out.

At this moment.

Zhao Haotian's forehead tightened, but he did not say anything.

Zhao Wuji's expression changed slightly as he looked at Zhao Haotian.

Zhao Haotian looked towards one direction.

He only saw … A middle aged man dressed in unusual clothes slowly walked out from the darkness with a faint smile on his face as he looked at Long Fei.

Zhao Wuji's pupils suddenly constricted.

Seeing the man walk out, he immediately kneeled on the ground, "Greetings Lord sky envoy!"

Zhao Haotian also bowed slightly, not daring to have the slightest bit of disrespect.

The entire audience was stunned.

They all looked at the middle-aged man.

"sky envoy!"

"So it's true, god's tribe's sky envoy really came to Zhen Wu continent!"

"My god."

… ….

At this moment, the people from ten families quickly followed and kneeled down, and said in unison: "We pay our respects to Lord sky envoy."

Long Fei's gaze tensed up as he thought to himself: "As expected!"

Chief Captain said: "sky envoy, god's tribe's people."

The middle-aged man walked to Long Fei's side and said: "You can choose, but what I say remains the same. As long as you nod your head, no one here would dare to even touch you!"

"How is it?"

"Are you willing to follow me to the Universal Realm?"

"There are over a hundred Zhen Wu realm powerhouse s in this hall, you guys can't block it."

He had even exposed the Zhao Family's trump cards.

Zhao Wuji's eyes tensed up, he was extremely worried. As long as Long Fei nodded, the Zhao Family would probably …

He was furious.

He wanted to tear Long Fei into pieces, but... He did not dare move, he had never seen the power of a sky envoy before, but his father had once described, ten thousand Emperor Zhen Wu powerhouse s were not his match, he was too strong!

Zhao Haotian's eyes also turned sinister, his heart trembling!

Both of his eyes stared straight at Long Fei, "Don't ever agree, don't ever agree …"

Long Fei nodded, then everything he had done in this lifetime would have been in vain!

Long Fei smiled faintly and said: "Sure, but I have a condition: kill him, and I will go with you!"

He raised his finger and pointed at Zhao Haotian!

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