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Chapter 1560 - The Moment of Luo De's Revival

"Vajra Palm."

Within his Little Universe, Qin Chao's palm suddenly released an unprecedented golden light, which instantly killed his Inner Demon.

When he walked out of the Little Universe, Luo Nie looked at him as if he was looking at a monster.


This fellow had actually spoken a modern language. Who knew where he had learned it from?

"Your mental state has actually reached such a sturdy level."

"I have to say, the Diamond Sutra is a great technique."

Qin Chao clenched his fists, looking at the faint golden Buddhist light coiling around his body, "My current Diamond Sutra, has already reached perfection."

Is this the power of the peak of the Vajra Sutra Level 4?

He felt like his heart was a rock, and his state of mind changed.

The irritation and panic were all gone.

His heart felt like it was filled with emotions. It was vast, huge, and yet heavy.

"Such a state of mind is enough to complete the Heart Devil Possession."

Luo Nie nodded and said comfortingly, "The I's spell has finally been completed. You have conquered your heart demon and the I."

Sh * t, these words were too evil.

Qin Chao immediately said, "Now we can leave, right?"

"Hmm, of course, the illusion outside was broken long ago, and your old opponent, Black Kylin, had also come. If you don't go out, I's sword spirit might have been taken away by him."

"He dares …"

Qin Chao's eyes became stern, "This is just the right time for me to train the Heart Devil Possession, no one can try it."

"Actually, the entire Misty Treasury is made up of Piaomiao Purple Mansion. In here, you don't need to use any Little Universe to completely unleash your strength."

Luo Nie told Qin Chao the truth, "In the future, you can cultivate in peace. The Piaomiao Purple Mansion is a good place to cultivate."

"After my Heart Devil Possession, my realm is probably higher."

Qin Chao asked.

"celestial being Da Luo, accurate."

Luo Nie said, "Your heart demon is a little special, otherwise you would not have such a high realm, but you must first inherit the I's sword spirit, otherwise, with your original strength, the Heart Devil Possession will also become an Earthly Immortal. It's already not bad, the I's sword spirit can replenish your heart demon power, allowing your heart demon to reach its strongest state."

"Why can't you replenish my strength?"

Qin Chao immediately said, "How good would it be if I could reach celestial being Da Luo directly?"

"Have you lost your wits?"

Luo Nie rolled his eyes at Qin Chao, "Do you think your body is as wide as the ocean? After channeling so much energy into your body in one go, you're still not going to explode to death, your heart demon, is very special. It's just a pity, you cultivate in the power of the gods, and after pouring in the divine power of the entire I, you'll only be able to transform into divine power which is only equivalent to the early stage of celestial being Da Luo. However, even if it's the early stage of celestial being Da Luo, it's still enough to tie with that guy outside."

So powerful.

Wouldn't he be able to sweep the world in the future?

"However, you can only use this Heart Devil Possession for less than a minute, and can only be used once a day. If you use it too long, the Inner Demon will gain the upper hand, and you will become a demon!"

Luo Nie said the next sentence, and poured cold water on Qin Chao's head.

"Damn, what a scam!"

"Of course, your foundation is too weak."

Luo Nie shrugged his shoulders, "I can only wait until your own strength increases, then I will be able to control the Inner Demon for a longer time. Boy, you can do it, we will depend on you in the future, I is going to return to the Sword Soul, whether or not you inherit it will depend on your abilities."

With that, Luo Nie's body disappeared.

"Kirin Palm!"

The Black Kylin jumped up from the side of the great sword and struck Qin Chao with its palm.

The high purity Nine Heaven Doom Fire that was condensed in the center of his palm possessed incomparably formidable might.

"Heart Devil Possession."

Qin Chao immediately activated the technique that Luo Nie gave him.

One minute.

Just one minute was enough.

The power within the Sword Soul continuously flowed into Qin Chao's body.

In that instant, he felt as though he was infinitely strong.

In his eyes, the Black Kylin of the past were now nothing.

"Vajra Palm."

He immediately raised his right palm and struck the palm he had been training in recently, which was also the strongest palm strike.


The two palms slammed into each other and an intense explosion erupted.

The flames struck the stone walls of the cave, luckily, the stone walls were protected by Luo Nie's technique and were not destroyed, but they were all broken into pieces and flew out.

The surrounding roaming immortal were also affected, they were all flung far away and smashed into the stone wall.

Their eyes widened as they stared in disbelief at the two figures entwined together.

These two fellows were too terrifying.

"After inheriting the Sword Soul, his cultivation actually rose so high …"

The Black Kylin stared wide-eyed in disbelief at the guy in front of him who was chased and beaten up by him in the past.

"There's more fun to come."

As Qin Chao said that, a black arm suddenly flew out from his body, reached out and slapped the Black Kylin's chest with a palm.

"Kirin Palm!"


The black and red flames exploded in the sky.

The Black Kylin's body was instantly sent flying, and directly collided with the wall behind it. It nearly smashed through the wall.

"How … How is this possible …"

The Black Kylin's eyes widened in shock.

"That's the Vajra Sutra Level 4."

Bai Ze hurriedly reminded him, "Your Majesty, he can imitate your moves with 100% memory."


Kong Se who was at the side, was completely dumbstruck.

Vajra Sutra Level 4...

Wasn't this the technique he had created himself? It had actually been perfectly displayed on the body of the Devil God.

It looked like the devil was going to be in charge …

"Stinky brat, you only have less than a minute left. Hurry up!"

Luo Nie's voice sounded beside Qin Chao's ears.

At this time, Qin Chao had already completely absorbed the sword spirit, and his consciousness was left on top of Qin Chao's sword.

The gigantic sword fell down and stabbed into the ground, completely losing its former luster.

"Damn it, This King wants you dead."

The Black Kylin roared in rage, and a gigantic Black Kylin rushed out from his body. It was more than ten meters long, and was extremely vicious.

This was the life attack of the Black Kylin, it was extremely powerful.

If these Qilin flames were to hit the ground, it would be enough to destroy half of the Earth.

If it was the old Qin Chao, he would have been killed instantly.

But the current Qin Chao, staring at a pair of red eyes, felt like he had the world in his hands.

"Elephant Roaring."

He suddenly concentrated and put on the white gauntlet with his left hand. He aimed at the Qilin's head and threw out a punch.


A huge elephant image pounced out and directly smashed into the Qilin's head, directly blowing it to pieces.

The rolling flames engulfed the entire room, and the roaming immortal dodged in every direction.

As for the Black Kylin itself, its entire body was blasted away by the Elephant Roaring, directly smashing through the Misty Treasury's ceiling and disappearing in the air.

What the f * * k? They were sent flying such a far distance.

Qin Chao saw that the Black Kylin's body was getting smaller and smaller.

"Your Majesty."

"Damn it, just you wait!"

Bai Ze and Xuan Feng immediately gave chase.

The Black Kylin flipped in the air and barely stopped, but a trickle of blood flowed out from the corner of its mouth.

"Damn it..."

Looking at Bai Ze and Xuan Feng who were flying over, he could not help but be enraged, "That guy, what is he doing exactly? Why did he suddenly become so powerful, to the point where even I was injured by him?"

"Lord, why don't we go back and discuss this further?"

Bai Ze suddenly said.

"We do not know the depth of Qin Chao's strength, if we go in again, we will be injured. Since we have obtained the weapon, why not study it slowly and see what cultivation Qin Chao has, and then make a move, it is not too late."

"Hmph, the next time will be the day he dies."

The Black Kylin thought for a bit. son of a bitch, I'll let that guy off first.

His cultivation level was a bit terrifying. Indeed, the power of divinity was incomparably powerful.

Unless he completely inherited the power of the Ying Tian.

Impossible, he had yet to learn a single move from the Ying Tian.

It was probably the power of the Sword Soul.

Damn it.

What exactly was the Immortal Piao Miao, and why was it so powerful?

The Black Kylin wiped the blood from its mouth and stepped on the fiery cloud, leaving in a sorry state.

"Holy shit, they scared him away!"

Seeing the Black Kylin far away from him in the air, Qin Chao instantly let out a sigh of relief.

The Heart Devil Possession immediately scattered, revealing its original appearance.

However, all the roaming immortal s on the other side were trembling in fear as they looked at him.

"Looks like they were scared by you."

Luo Nie laughed.

"bloke Qin, quickly pick up the Reshaping Pill!"

At this time, Luo De could not hold it in anymore, and kept shouting in his ears.

"This little fellow is really anxious. Moreover, it seems somewhat familiar …"

said while looking at Luo De's body.

"I am Luo De, not comparable to a great deity."

Luo Nie was also a No.1 warrior general of the heavens back then. No matter how arrogant he was, he would not dare be presumptuous in front of Luo Nie.

"Oh, oh, oh. The avatar of the I does have an impression of you."

Luo Nie nodded his head: "Your body has been destroyed, and you should eat a Reshaping Pill. Qin Chao, you have already inherited the legacy of the I, you can do whatever you want."

Saying that, Luo Nie no longer said anything.

Qin Chao slowly walked to the side of the treasure box and looked at the Reshaping Pill inside.

This was what the roaming immortal s were fighting over.

He seemed to be able to feel Luo De's excitement from within his body.

At the same time, the gazes of all the roaming immortal s landed on Qin Chao.

That Reshaping Pill was no different from their lives.

Qin Chao had already taken out a Reshaping Pill, allowing it to float in the air.

At the same time, the Ying Yang Bell flew out. A black spirit body slowly merged with the Reshaping Pill.

"Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu!"

A black tornado surrounded the Reshaping Pill and roared.

The hearts of all the roaming immortal were in extreme pain.

Who was this reviving?

I's Reshaping Pill, ah, just wasted one.

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