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Chapter 1587 - Exchanging Hostages

"Calm down, and keep the gunpowder on you."

Chen Keqiang also said, "We will need it later."


Only then did fire ghost give up on the idea of throwing bombs.

"Leave it to me."

dog ghost stuck his head out of the window with a Woods submachine gun in his hand. He fired at the police cars and Faction Big Qin's cars behind him.

Qin Chao's heart tightened.

Gods, Buddha, please bless them …

In order to find the big boss behind the scenes, they could only watch as they took the risk.

A police car's tires were hit by the sweep and its body immediately started to slip. It spun around before colliding with a Faction Big Qin car beside it.

The two cars crashed into each other, but they didn't flip over.

But as a result, many cars in the back were also left behind.

"Ha hha, this is so exciting!"

The dog ghost laughed out loud.

Too excited.

This was what he loved to do the most.

In the five Cantonese ghosts, all of them were bandits that did not care about their lives.

They loved blood and killing. They loved to see people lying on the ground and painfully struggling.

Back in the Golden Triangle, the five of them were notorious for their brutality.

Qin Chao hid within the five Cantonese ghosts in order to find out who exactly was the mastermind.

In the past, when they were still in the island nation, the Military Advisor had instructed a family to overthrow the three great families of the island nation and then disintegrate their power in the island nation.

Fortunately, he discovered it early and destroyed it.

However, the Military Advisor had already been killed by him, so he probably wouldn't be the one to be in charge of this.

Could it be that Cao Cao still had other subordinates in his hands?

Cao Cao, Cao, who the hell are you?

Just as Qin Chao was trying to figure out what was going on, that Ivy car suddenly rushed to the top of the airport's highway, then sped away.

Qin Chao was immediately shocked. Was this the way to the airport?

These guys wanted to fly away.

Qin Chao couldn't help but take a few more glances at Chen Keqiang. This brother of his was really bold.

No wonder they were called five Cantonese ghosts, they didn't care about their lives.

Iveco ran very fast, rampaging across the airport's highway, causing the highway to become paralyzed.

There were less and less cars that could keep up.

However, the police and the Faction Big Qin still chased after Ivico tenaciously.

"son of a bitch."

fire ghost seemed to be angry, "What a bunch of people."

As he spoke, he pulled open a waterproof bag beside him, took out an RPG, and placed it on his shoulder.

"I'll send them to God."

As he spoke, he was about to push open the back door of the car.

"You're crazy!"

Qin Chao was shocked, he extended his hand out to stop her.

"Number four, which one of your tendons won't fit today?"

fire ghost reached out his hand, pushed Qin Chao away, "Why do you still like to meddle in I's matters?"

"Third brother, didn't I say to keep the gunpowder?"

Chen Keqiang looked at fire ghost, "We will be doing something big in a while."

"Got it."

fire ghost bitterly kept his RPG.

He was looking forward to seeing the highway turn into a sea of flames.

Qin Chao heaved a sigh of relief.

If he really did fire the RPG, he would have to take action in secret and push the missile away.

These people were all crazy.

"Boss, what do you want to do?"

Qin Chao asked.

"Hijacking a small plane, we leave this damn place,"

Chen Keqiang said, "Xu Mingdao is crippled, we can only snatch back the golden triangle, if not we can snatch our own territory and become the big drug lord. After we have gathered all our energy, we can come back to take revenge on the Faction Big Qin."

You still want revenge on Faction Big Qin huh?

"What does the boss say?"

Qin Chao asked again.

Although he knew that there was a big boss behind the scenes, he didn't know what that big boss looked like.

In the five Cantonese ghosts, only Chen Keqiang had any contact with the boss.

"You really talk a lot today."

Chen Keqiang intentionally or unintentionally glanced at knife ghost, "Four years ago, what happened?"

"When the two of us were whoring, we were ambushed."

Qin Chao searched through knife ghost's memories and said, "Big brother's thigh was cut by a bitch, and there's still a wound … …"

"Alright, alright..."

Chen Keqiang stopped Qin Chao from continuing.

Only two people knew about this private matter. There was no third person.

It seems like this brother of his isn't an impersonation.

Then why is he so weird? It's a little different.

Maybe it was his imagination.

Sigh, after all, there were too many people running about on the blade every day. There might be too many things on his mind.

"We're almost at the airport. Get ready."

Chen Keqiang threw a waterproof bag to knife ghost, "All of these are your favorite guys, let's go."

With that, dog ghost drove the car head first into the airport's glass door.

The passengers shouted in alarm as they scattered. They watched as the Iveco crashed through the glass and charged into the airport lobby, bringing with it sparkling and dazzling fragments.

The airport lobby was instantly thrown into chaos.

Groups of passengers and flight attendants fled in panic.

The police cars also rushed in, taking a walk beside them.

Groups of heavily armed police jumped out and surrounded the airport.

The dark suits from Faction Big Qin also got off one by one.

Although it was a gang, the Faction Big Qin was both black and white, and had a strong power on the white side. Hence, unlike other gangs, they had to run the moment they saw the police.

Iveco growled a few times and suddenly stopped.

The mother and daughter were so frightened by the car that they fell to the ground.

But at this moment, Ivy's car door suddenly opened, and Chen Keqiang directly jumped out. Holding onto a M1911 in one hand, he grabbed onto a little girl who was about seven or eight years old from the ground, and directly hugged her tightly as he pressed the gun against the child's temple.

The child cried and cried for his mother.

The mother was also terrified, she shouted her child's name and rushed towards Chen Keqiang.


Chen Keqiang was vicious as he fired a shot at the mother.

Qin Chao sat in the car, his hands moving quickly, and used his mind to push away the bullet.


The bullet flew past the mother's arm, causing blood to spurt out.

He missed.

Chen Keqiang didn't really believe that his spear art would make a mistake.

But now, he could only take the opportunity to shout.

"All of you, retreat, retreat!"

His pistol was pressed against the girl's temple. "If anyone dares to take a step forward, I guarantee that little girl's head will burst open."

With the hostages in hand, the policemen could do nothing but step back, the guns in their hands too afraid to move.

"All of you, put down your guns. Do you want to see the child die?"

Chen Keqiang hid his body behind the door and pulled the little girl as he spoke.

Qin Chao thought, this bastard, actually took the little girl as hostage.

When the masterminds behind his actions were unearthed, none of them would be able to survive.

Qin Chao would never be lenient towards someone who deserved to be killed.

These scum had no value in surviving.

With hostages in hand, the Faction Big Qin didn't dare to act rashly.

Although they were idiots, if they rushed up now, it would bring them a lot of trouble.

It was because of this point that Chen Keqiang had taken a hostage and was preparing to board a private plane and leave this place.

"Threatening a little girl is nothing compared to a man."

While the two sides were in a stalemate, a pretty girl suddenly walked out from the crowd at the side.

The woman was wearing a red flight attendant uniform.

A silk scarf was tied around her neck, making her look even more elegant and beautiful.

Air stewardess.

Chen Keqiang looked at the woman who was walking over, not knowing what to do.

Qin Chao took a deep breath instead.


This is Shangguan Yan.

Is this woman crazy? What is she trying to do?

Why would she appear here?

Shangguan Yan looked at the criminals in front of him and forcefully suppressed the panic in his heart.

There was originally no flight for her, but she suddenly had to help a pregnant colleague fly a few more times, which was why she was here.

But he never would have thought that he would encounter such a situation.

That little girl couldn't help but remind her of her little sister.

Her desire to protect instantly came up.

That was why he made such a bold move.

"Go back, or I'll kill you."

Chen Keqiang roared.

"If I use that little girl's words, her body won't be able to block you."

Shangguan Yan said calmly, "I can take her place and be your hostage."

When Shangguan Yan said that, his eyes tensed up.

This woman had gone mad.

She actually took the initiative to be the hostage.

"You're a cop."

Chen Keqiang immediately questioned: "I won't be tricked by that."

"You're thinking too much, aren't you?"

Shangguan Yan immediately said, "The situation is so urgent, what police would change the clothes of the flight attendant so quickly to find you? If you don't believe me, then it's alright."

Shangguan Yan shouted to the policemen beside him: "Please throw a pair of handcuffs over here,"

The policemen looked at each other.

"Give it to her …"

The sheriff nodded. "Let the kid come back first."

The sheriff admired Shangguan Yan's courage.

A policeman immediately threw his handcuffs in front of Shangguan Yan.

Shangguan Yan bent down, revealing the perfect curve of his buttocks.

In that instant, even Chen Keqiang was slightly dumbstruck.

Shangguan Yan on the other hand, had already picked up the handcuffs, and very naturally locked his own wrist, and handcuffed his hands together.

"Now, you can rest assured."

Shangguan Yan asked Chen Keqiang.

However, Chen Keqiang hesitated.

"It seems that you are either not a man or are not confident in yourself."

The corner of Shangguan Yan's mouth hooked up.

She was deliberately provoking the man's anger.

"I won't fall for your provocation."

Chen Keqiang said coldly, "But you are indeed beneficial to us, raise your hands above your head, and walk over slowly."

Shangguan Yan followed Chen Keqiang's instructions and walked over bit by bit, in order to avoid attracting Chen Keqiang's attention by moving too much.

Men were easily provoked.

She still felt slightly proud of herself.

When she walked to Chen Keqiang's side, Chen Keqiang immediately pushed the little girl away and grabbed her.


The little girl ran towards her mother.

The mother burst into tears and held her daughter in her arms.

When Shangguan Yan saw this scene, he could not help but smile.

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In the past two days, the old goat has always seen some news about the raiding and robbing, but he only hopes that everyone will listen to him, this kind of raiding and robbing can only hurt our countrymen and make the foreigners laugh. For example, when he saw Qu Chen being robbed yesterday, some people purposely incited him to call it a Japanese enterprise, and a while ago, there was a place where he attacked and robbed, only to find out later that the two people in the lead were actually Japanese students, both of whom were quite fluent in Chinese and began to instigate the patriotic youth to start the raiding and robbing.

Therefore, I hope everyone can live in peace and hope that they won't be used by others. Don't let our noble spirit be used by those malicious fellows.

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