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Chapter 2652 - Myriad Zombies Array

What is reality?

This was reality!

Both in his previous life and in other worlds, the people of this world were the same.

However …

Long Fei saw through it too, but he did not think that it was strange.

Gui Qingshan wanted to say something else, but Long Fei pulled him back and said: "The path is different, there is no conspiracy. If you don't want to follow me, I won't force you."

"After all, I'm just telling you guys that I can't decide your fates."

This kind of thing happening at this critical moment, Long Fei felt his heart ache.

After all, they were brothers who had fought in the same trenches.

Everyone had their own aspirations, so he didn't force it.


Long Fei then walked towards the depths of Xuan Yue secret territory.

Transformers was displeased and said: "Boss, we're letting them go just like that? Who gave them their Zhen Wu realm? Who are they alive for? "

"This bunch of ingrate, we're letting them go just like that?"

He was really unhappy.

Xiao Die, thin monkey, Big Al and the others were all very unhappy.

It was Long Fei who allowed them to soar into the sky.

It was also Long Fei who allowed them to escape this calamity.

Right now, Long Fei was at a time when he needed people to separate them, what was this?

To add insult to injury!

Gui Qingshan's face turned ugly. A hundred Zhen Wu realm s were all his subordinates, but now … They all betrayed him.

His old face looked as if it had been slapped a few times.

It was very hard.

He couldn't even raise his head to look at Long Fei.

Long Fei smiled faintly and said: "It's alright, it's also good to be able to recognize some people. Furthermore, with fewer people, we can relax a little."

"Uncle Gui, don't blame yourself."

"This has nothing to do with you!"


"Let's not talk about this anymore. Now, let's think of a way to pass through." Long Fei was only sad for half a minute and he quickly recovered.

Yi Liuxian asked: "Are you sure we can go over?"

Yi Yourong also said, "Master..." He paused for a moment and then changed his words, "She said that it might be the tomb of the number one wargod in Ming Clan, Ming Long."

"If it really is the grave of the Netherwyrm, then that's great."

"Long Fei, you have the Super Force of Ming Clan, the Ming Clan's ancient inheritance.

Ming Long, Ming Clan's number one war god!

Very strong!

He was once ranked as one of the top ten peak powerhouse of the Primordial Heavenly Ranking.

If he could fuse the power of the Netherwyrm, it wouldn't be too hard to deal with the Golden Armor Elder.


Long Fei said slightly: "If it's really the necropolis of the Netherwyrm, then the consequences would be even more disastrous."


Yi Liuxian was startled, and asked: "What do you mean?"

Long Fei said: "I don't know, but I feel that it's not good. I feel that there might be a trap inside, and it's very likely that it's a trap set up by the Netherwyrm."


Although the Xuan Yue secret territory's entrance has been destroyed, it is not difficult for the Golden Armor Bodyguard to reopen the entrance with his power, it is just that it will take a bit of time.

"The most important thing is to do it!"

"We must quickly pass the Secret World."

"Before they can react!"

If Long Fei and the others entered the Secret World, it would create a false impression that they were hiding inside the Secret World, and that way the Golden Armor Elder would not be in too much of a hurry to make a move.

Long Fei and the others quickly passed through the Secret World, and exited from the other side. By the time the Golden Armor Elder entered the Secret World, maybe they had already reached the Magic Tribe!

At this moment.

tang renjie's nose slightly moved, his body tensed up, and he immediately said. The Netherworld Udumbara Flower! "


A beast whose entire body was burning with nether flames, heavily pounced over with a huge body that gave off an aura of a vicious beast.

Yi Liuxian's eyes tensed up, "dark unicorn?"

"Is there really a beast like the Qilin in this world?"

The Transformers's eyes were filled with rage. His three heads and six arms moved, and the staff in his hands suddenly turned red. He wanted to smash it down.


Long Fei stopped Transformers.

At this time.

The dark unicorn directly pounced to Long Fei's side, supported Long Fei's leg, and rolled around beside him, continuously saying: "Boss, you finally came. It's been so long, I thought you had long forgotten about me."

Everyone was shocked and dumbfounded.

Only Yi Yourong knew what was going on.

Long Fei smiled slightly and said: "I've been too busy so I don't have time to come in. How about it? "How is everything I told you to do?"

You Ye immediately said while looking at Long Fei with a serious face, "I've investigated thoroughly. The lower level is a secret space, and inside it are all evil beings."

"Even though it carries an Netherworld Udumbara aura, I can guarantee that it's definitely not Ming Clan's demon beast."

"There is an extremely huge power in that secret space. I don't dare to get too close to it. That power is too powerful, I've never seen such a strong power."

Long Fei slightly nodded, and thought to himself: "That should be the place where the coffin is kept."

"I just don't know …" Is the person lying inside the coffin still a demon, a god or a ghost? "

The dark unicorn said: "That secret space is very special, boss …. You must not enter, as once you do, you will be immediately devoured. "

"And …"

"And …"

Long Fei asked: "And what?"

The dark unicorn muttered for a long time before replying, "Nothing."

He wasn't sure.


He had heard the dragon's roar coming from the secret space before, so there shouldn't be any dragon's roar. The Netherwyrm was just a name, and he wasn't a dragon.

So even if it was the Netherwyrm's coffin inside, it couldn't be the dragon's roar.

The dark unicorn felt that the secret space was too strange.

Long Fei said: "No matter what, even if it's the ninth floor of the demon towers, the eighteen levels of hell would still require us to pass."

And then …

Long Fei and his group entered the great hall.

The dark unicorn led the way, and they quickly entered the first floor, which was where Long Fei had first dropped the zombie core.

A long corridor hung in the sky.

At the end of the corridor was a black entrance.

The entrance was like a small whirlpool, constantly spinning.

An evil aura continued to emit from inside.

According to the dark unicorn's description, there was still one more floor to the coffin, and the lower floor should be densely packed with those Ten Thousand Year Zombies.

Long Fei explained the weakness of those Ten Thousand Year Zombies simply.

And then …

Long Fei walked to the entrance of the Secret World and used his power, "Rumble!"

Just like before, they directly destroyed the Secret World's entrance.

It wasn't that he didn't trust Gui Qingshan's people, they were currently in a situation where there were wolves in front and tigers in the back, so they had to be careful of everything.

The moment he destroyed the entrance, the gallery began to crack.

One piece after another fell into the dark abyss.

Long Fei immediately said: "Quickly go in, quickly!"

Everyone's face tightened. They didn't stop and quickly rushed to the next level.

The dark unicorn had no time to remind him.

When everyone reached the lower level, they immediately set up a defensive formation.

Their auras instantly caused all the evil beings in Secret World to be activated, and ghostly green eyes opened one after another.

Ten Thousand Year Zombie Formation.

It was so densely packed that his scalp was numb!

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