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The rest also shrank their necks.

Motherf**ker, this kid is so shameless. This thing is obviously planned by you. Anyone could see this. You're simply seeking revenge from the clan as you're dissatisfied with the clan for stripping you of your financial source. So, you colluded with the law-enforcement officers to make up all of this.

Now, you actually pretended to be innocent and evade all your responsibilities. Anyone who believes you would be a fool!

But, everyone dared not to coerce him any further. What if he went back to the law-enforcement officers and sue whoever for libel… For the sake of this kid, the law-enforcement officers were willing to make out a charge of 'putting up filthy things'. It wouldn't be surprising at all to arrest another one on the basis of labeling.

The fact that the various big stewards could reach their current positions meant that they were intelligent people. All of them knew that once they were arrested, with the kid fanning the flames on one side, even if they didn't die, they would have a layer of skin scraped off!

Who would dare to talk against Chu Yang?

Chu Xiongcheng coughed and said, "Chu Yang, don't be so agitated, everyone is now investigating this issue. Please say whatever you have to say. I also want to hear your explanation."

Chu Yang was stunned. He said, "Grandpa, what explanation do you want to hear?"

Chu Xiongcheng's face instantly turned black. He said, "Explanation regarding why the law-enforcement officers arrested your brothers!"

Chu Yang spread out his hands and said with grievances, "Grandpa, you're pushing me into a difficult position now. It's the law enforcement officers doing the work. What explanation do I have? If you want to know, you've asked the wrong person. You've to ask the law-enforcement officers…"

Everyone wanted to faint.

Damn it, if we can ask them, why do we still ask you?

A big steward buried his head and said, "Probably, Young Master Chu Yang was very resentful because the two other young masters went to the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall, so he…" This guy didn't dare to reveal his face. He hid among the crowd and said this in a low, muffled voice. He was obviously scared that Chu Yang would go to the law-enforcement officers and sue him for slandering…

Everyone revealed a 'sure' look.

Chu Xiongcheng sighed deeply and said, "Chu Yang, grandpa knows that you have some grievances for the matter regarding the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall. But, Tenghu, Tengjiao and you are after all brothers whose blood is thicker than water! Besides, it's also inglorious for our clan to have such things happening to us. From my view, you should stop continuing this matter, and bring your two brothers out. I'll definitely give you an answer back. How about it?"

Very obviously, the old master had already affirmed that Chu Yang had some relations with this matter…

Chu Yang said with grievances, "Grandpa, you've said wrongly. Regardless of how immature I am, I also know that we are from the same clan and blood is thicker than water. To be honest, when the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall was taken back to the clan, I also had some resentment. After all, youngsters are generally impetuous. But, I've come round in the end…"

He raised his head and said righteously, "We're from the same clan, and we should consider everything from the clan's perspective! I'm ready to sacrifice myself for the clan at every moment, and sacrifice everything that I have! The clan interest is of utmost importance! The clan's reputation is of utmost importance! Increasing the clan's potential is our first priority! For the sake of the clan, we must devote our lives completely to the clan, even if it means that we have to die! Regardless of whether I have to go through mountains of blades or oceans of fires, as long as the clan needs me, I won't ever raise my brows by a single bit!"

When he said till here, half of the people in the clan had already fainted. Damn it, this kid really dares to talk so much. Look at how devoted he is to the clan! In comparison, we should simply commit suicide now out of guilt…

Chu Yang put on a dignified look. The more he spoke, the more forceful and enthusiastic his voice became, "So, taking Purple Crystals Huichun Hall back to the clan is the smartest decision ever! I'll raise all my four limbs to approve this decision!"

"As grandpa has said earlier on, Tenghu, Tengjiao and I are brothers! Although we don't have the same mother, our blood is thicker than water! Both of them are younger than me, so by right, I should give way to them for whatever things. Even if I need to suffer some grievances for the sake of clan, it'll still not be a great deal! Just because they are my younger brothers! Previously, I was lonely. But now, I've two younger brothers who're so nice and friendly. I really cherish them dearly… These few days, I was so happy to be with them! The three of us have affection towards each other, and we get along extremely well. My presence to them is like fish getting to the water, while to me, I really have deep fraternal love towards them! How would I frame them? It's still not enough for me to cherish, love and pity them…"

When Young Master Chu said till here, everyone in the hall had fainted.

Chu Feiyan clasped his hands in his sleeves and looked up at the ceiling, his face twitching continuously. Occasionally, he would slant his eyes to look at Chu Feilong, and gloat in his heart: You deserve it! Why don't you irritate anyone else? Why did you simply want to irritate the King of Hell Chu? Now you finally see for yourself how powerful he is! Humph…

Yang Ruolan was originally anxious for his son, but now, she was looking at his son, who was speaking eloquently, with a startled face. She started to have fits of dizziness.

Oh, I'm too stunned.

I always thought that my son was pure, kind-hearted, naive, frank and sincere… now this image is completely destroyed…

He actually behaved so shamelessly today… Argh, no, how intelligent and witty he is! He's actually so calm and steady in the face of threats, and when he speaks, he's so glib yet rational… I was worried about him at first. From the looks of his ability today, he's completely capable of turning perils into safety…

God has really blessed me with such a smart child…

I… I'm not worried for him even by a bit now, instead, I'm starting to worry for Chu Feilong… It's so unlucky for you to irritate my son. From my visual estimation, your skin is actually thinner than my son's…

Chu Xiongcheng remained numb for a while, then he asked with a black face, "Do you mean that this matter has nothing to do with you?"

Chu Yang said seriously, "I dare to point to the heaven and earth, and vow to the Nine Tribulations Sword; This has absolutely nothing to do with me! If I lied, I'll be willing to allow the Nine Tribulations Sword to penetrate me for 10 000 times!"

The Nine Tribulations Sword was the number one sacred object in the Nine Heavens. An oath taken to the Nine Tribulations Sword was the heaviest form of oath in the Upper Three Heavens!

When these words were spoken, Chu Xiongcheng didn't dare to make a sound instantly.

The rest of the masses also kept quiet. Chu Yang had already sworn an oath to the Nine Tribulations Sword… what else would they have to say? How could they coerce Chu Yang further?

While Chu Yang appeared to be grim on his face, he felt contented in his heart: Allow the Nine Tribulations Sword to penetrate me for 10 000 times? Hahahahaha, how would it dare to? I'm the sword master!

Yang Ruolan said hurriedly, "My child, what are you saying? If you say you didn't do it, then you really didn't do it! How would you need to swear such a heavy oath!" She clasped her hands and said her prayers silently. She was obviously praying for her son.

Then, she opened her eyes and said, "Father, since Yang Yang had said so, then this thing was absolutely not done by him!"

Chu Xiongcheng sighed and said, "You're right too. But this matter is really a headache for us…" He frowned and said, "Why would the law-enforcement officers deal with Tenghu and Tengjiao so suddenly? This matter is really hard to understand…"

Chu Yang continued Chu Xiongcheng's words, "Yeah, I thought for a long time. The law-enforcement officers are really very unreasonable! They should catch me instead! Why would they go catch my younger brothers? Humph! These law-enforcement officers always do things in such a confusing manner! I'm really angry…"

"*Cough*… *Cough*…" Aside, Chu Feiyan choked a breath of air and started to cough violently.

Oh God, I can't bear it any longer.

Everyone started their discussion.

Chu Feilong's face remained black all along and he didn't speak a word.

"Everyone, what should we do now?" Chu Xiongcheng asked.

"From the rise of drastic actions taken by the law-enforcement officers in recent times, I'm afraid they are trying to assert their authority," a big steward who hadn't spoken previously said, "If that's the case, if we keep a low profile and pay off some purple crystals, we could then fetch the two young masters back."

Chu Xiongcheng nodded and said, "Then who shall be in charge of this?"

Everyone lowered their heads.

Especially those people on Chu Feilong's side, almost everyone shrank their heads into their clothes. They knew that they themselves couldn't afford to go. If they went, not only would they gain nothing, but also have to suffer under Chu Feilong!

A moment of awkward silence.

After a long time, Chu Feilong finally stepped up and said, "Father, I think that if Big Brother were to go forth, it would definitely be successful."

Chu Yang scolded in his heart: You want to use my father to suppress me? Humph… We shall see who wins.

Chu Xiongcheng said, "Feiling, what do you think?"

Chu Feiling said, "If this is so, I shall go to the Law-Enforcement Hall."

Chu Xiongcheng nodded, "Good. The clan shall prepare 300 purple crystals for the law-enforcement officers. What do you think?"

"That should be enough. If the law-enforcement officers only want to assert themselves, I guess they won't put us in a too difficult position. After all, the Chu clan has still held considerable influence over the Flat Mountain Ridge," Chu Feiling said.

"Alright, then go and return back as soon as possible. I'll wait here for your news," Chu Xiongcheng waved his hands.

Chu Feiling went.

Chu Yang sat next to his mother's side. Everyone waited in the hall grimly. After all, it wasn't a good thing for the clan at all to have two young masters detained…

The atmosphere was oppressive.

Chu Feilong constantly glared at Chu Yang resentfully but didn't say a word.

After a long time, the first big steward who had spoken just now said, "The mention of purple crystals makes me think of something. Originally, Young Master Chu Yang was in charge of the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall. He could be said to have gained huge profits every day. But now, ever since the two young masters went there, there weren't any profits at all. Young Master Chu Yang didn't even cure any of his patients… What's the reason behind this?"

Chu Yang sat next to his mother and said calmly, "Do divine doctors who can cure all illnesses even exist in the world? This big steward, did you see this kind of divine doctors before? If there is, please say. I'll quickly go to learn from him…"

That big steward snorted coldly and said, "There are indeed no such divine doctors that you've said. But previously, Young Master Chu Yang cured so many people. It won't be possible that you can't cure a single patient now! There's obviously something fishy about it!"

Chu Yang was furious. He stood up and said, "How about you be the doctor? What are you gabbling here for? I just don't have that ability. Find a more qualified doctor if you could."

That big steward burst into anger too. He said coldly, "The Purple Crystals Huichun Hall is the family property, and it's to help the clan earn purple crystals. But now, what's the use of it if it can't earn a single purple crystal?"

Chu Yang crossed his legs and said composedly, "This is an operational issue. But I'm not in charge of this. I'm only a chief doctor, and only responsible for giving consultations to my patients. Regarding this problem, you've to find the shopkeeper!"

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