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"The Ancient Emperor's Military Stealing Technique, the supreme technique of the way of the heavens, what a great skill!"

When the jade talisman of Wei Suo appeared, Extreme Yin Lord couldn't help but shudder.

"Martial Uncle, this..." Right at this time, another jade talisman appeared in front of him, causing him to be stunned.

"What's this, at least I'll need you to deal with Yu Hua and Ying Tian, so I'll reluctantly pass on this' Lawless' skill to you." The Primaltwin didn't even look at him.

"Martial Uncle, please don't be like this, okay?" At least say less, I will be more grateful to you. " Extreme Yin was on the verge of tears again.

The countless strings that were mixed in the sky and the earth all disappeared, leaving behind only the dozens of trails at the beginning of the dao diagram.

Wei Suo was once again immersed in this unspeakable feeling.

The dao diagram in his mind also stopped at the beginning, and each of its orbits completely overlapped with the one he was' seeing 'at this moment.

Under his control, the dao diagram in his mind first started to slowly change. He did not make any movements, and only watched coldly from the sidelines.

Very quickly, the tracks in front of him increased, and he once again pulled out the zither strings that seemed to have been plucked out by him.

Over and over again, the strings of the zither around him became more and more numerous. In the end, they seemed to become disorderly and disorderly, lying in a dense patch of grass.

However, his heart was once again filled with pleasant surprise.

With the guidance of this diagram, all the origin energy rules needed to delimit this Great Way of Justice had been "pulled out" by him.

"How much time has passed?"

Because he could not feel the loss of time at all, Wei Suo stopped and asked everyone who was still waiting for him in the great hall.

"One hour." Old Ancestor Yuan Yin gave a straightforward answer. The shock in his eyes grew more and more. Wei Suo had truly given him too many surprises. He had walked the path Weiser was now taking, and it had been harder than Weasel, so he knew that he had come to a halt, that he had gone through another phase. At the same time, he was also very clear that even with clear guidance, it would be extremely difficult for one to clearly feel the strings of the zither which had spread throughout the world, as compared to a cultivator who had just broken through to the third level of the Divine Profound Realm. And with Wei Suo's speed and his previous confidence that he could quickly master this domain, he could only be sure of two things. First, Wei Suo had already embarked on this path, and second, this rogue cultivator born to a small businessman had indeed turned from a rock carving to a beautiful jade.

Wei Suo didn't waste any time on nonsense. He once again closed his eyes. Almost at the same time he did so, it was as if he was once again in a dense patch of grass.

He began to carefully 'touch' every bit of origin law, but he only "touched" it, not daring to make any changes.

"How much time has passed?"

Weiser opened his eyes again and asked the same question.

"Two hours." His eyes lit up even more.

Wei Suo once again closed his eyes. This time, the "strings" around him suddenly decreased, turning into the dozens of lines at the beginning.

His body also began to emit some "strings". These tens of strings were drawn by him and began to follow the dao diagrams in his mind and evolve.

These zither strings shattered and disappeared in front of him time and time again, or were in complete disarray. However, each time he simulated it, he was able to move forward a little. It was like building a house. Although each building would collapse, it would be able to add another brick to the building each time, raising the building to a higher height.

It was also unknown how much time had passed, or how many failures he had experienced. Every origin energy law's flow and change, every origin energy's elimination, and the addition of new laws became more and more perfect.


Suddenly, the deductions of the dao diagrams were without any surprise. As the dao diagrams in Wei Suo's mind reached the final step, they evolved into a white dao diagram. The origin energy rules in front of Wei Suo also evolved into an identical dao diagram.

A wave of ecstasy filled Wei Suo's heart, "This..." He opened his eyes again. He still wanted to ask how much time had passed just like the previous two times. However, the moment he opened his eyes, the scene in front of him stunned him.

He was still in the palace, but the entire palace was already more or less broken. Especially right in front of him, not only had most of the palace completely disappeared, even the palace in front of it had become a pile of debris.

"There's no need to be shocked, it was the same for my first time. It's just that I had to split up many times before I was able to fully comprehend a Great Way of Jurisdiction. I haven't completed it like you did." The Yin Master walked over from the side and said as he looked at Wei Suo, who was still in a daze.

"So I was really deducing this dao diagram over and over again just now? I can't believe I didn't sense it myself! " Only now did Wei Suo regain his senses.

"Presumably, you have a deeper understanding of it now … The Great Dao Court relied not on the eruption of accumulated true essence, but on the rules of this world. Countless stars, countless heaven and earth origin energy, this world … "A body that is countless times bigger than ours. The might of this world is countless times greater than the true essence and blood essence that we cultivators store within our bodies." Ancestor Yuan Yin slowly looked at Wei Suo and said, "That feeling of coming into contact with the Source Energy is very mysterious. It can indeed cause anyone to be engrossed in it, but if you want to face the enemy, you have to get rid of that feeling of immersion. When you are comprehending heaven and earth origin energy and cultivating, you can feel these things as much as you want. But when facing an enemy, you can't think about anything else, just like a zither master. You can only play the set zither music, not think about how this zither was created, and not wonder if another finger technique would produce any other sound … You still need to practice a few more times, so that you can use the Great Way of the Gods to face your enemies and not be attracted by the mysteries of the world and the origin. You need to know that even if we spent decades, centuries, or even millennia, we still wouldn't be able to see all of the mysteries of the world clearly. "

"Thank you for your guidance, senior. Junior will now accept your teachings!"

Wei Suo's eyes flashed with a fierce light, and he immediately bowed to the Yin Master. Grandmaster Yuan Yin's words cut into his current state, causing him to feel as if the road in front of him had become clear. If it were not for Ancestor Yuan Yin, he would have expended a lot of time.

"Let's go!"

After thanking Yuan Yin Ancestor, Wei Suo nodded to everyone. He flew up and immediately dashed into an empty valley that was filled with broken rocks.

This spacious valley was the test method valley that the Immortal Seeking Sect specialized in testing magic.

"What kind of grand law is this?"

"It's just a vertical movement …" not lost in it. "

Wei Suo carefully recalled the feeling he had when he evolved the dao diagram as well as the words of the Yin Ancestor. Then, he once again evolved the Great Dao Region.

Just what kind of laws and might were these? He had no idea, but his heart was filled with excitement and anticipation.


The strings between heaven and earth were once again struck and altered by Wei Suo. He was extremely careful as he completed another dao diagram.

However, this time, Wei Suo did not immerse himself in the source of the music. It was as if he was separated into two people. One of them was playing while the other was merely standing by the sidelines and using something that the other person played.

In the instant that the dao diagram evolved, his pupils slightly contracted. However, his eyes emitted an exceptionally bright divine light.

There weren't any dao diagrams around him, but endless white light and divine splendor formed.

It was as though a fairyland had been snatched up by him. White lotuses the size of washbasins began to bloom one after another in the surrounding space. Multicolored light began to swirl about.


Following his intent, this region of the immortal realms pressed forwards, causing the entire space to tremble violently.

"The remnants left behind by the Grandmaster of the Ascension Sect is actually from such a great Dao jurisdiction."

The faces of Patriarch Primordial Yin, the Extreme Yin Divine Sovereign, Adept Yuhuang, Ji Ya, and the others all instantly changed.

Previously, Wei Suo didn't know that the Great Way Court had already released a great amount of power, causing several buildings to be damaged. However, that was only the power when the Great Way Court collapsed. The true power of the Great Way Court was only fully displayed under Wei Suo's command at this time.

The might displayed by this region of the fairyland was so great that it had obviously far surpassed Wei Sou's full strength attack of the crescent moon. However, what caused everyone's faces to change was not the immense might, but the fact that after Wei Suo had truly materialized this region, everyone's consciousness was actually unable to lock onto Wei Suo.

It was as if Wei Suo was completely in another world. His spiritual sense could only sense his existence, but it could not pinpoint exactly where he was.

Only when Wei Suo made his move would everyone's spiritual sense lock onto his aura and position.

In other words, when facing an enemy, it was only when Wei Suo launched an attack that the enemy could seize the opportunity to lock onto him and also attack him.

This was too shocking! Because if this was the case, the other party's casting and casting speed would be greatly limited. Unless they had a strong law of restraint, anyone who faced Wei Suo, who was able to evolve a law of the Great Dao, would definitely feel extremely helpless.

He could only take advantage of the moment his opponent punched to return his opponent's punch. What kind of concept was this!

"The power of this Great Dao Jurisdiction even surpasses the power of the Great Dao Jurisdiction of Vapour Heaven. With my current cultivation, the power of this Great Dao Jurisdiction will definitely not be any weaker than that of the Great Dao Jurisdiction of Vapour Heaven!" At this moment, he was like a doppelgänger. He was more clear on this Great Dao Region than anyone else.

Although the Grand Dao Jurisdiction of Ethereal Transformation made Ethereal Transformation appear like it was living in a world of ink and water, in reality, it was only carrying a part of the world. His Grand Dao Jurisdiction, on the other hand, was completely different from the jurisdiction of the Mysterious God he had previously seen, as if he was being led into a part of the world.

Moreover, the might of this Great Dao Court had completely surpassed the might of the Great Dao Court.

The more powerful one's cultivation and consciousness was, the more precise and precise using the zither strings of the heaven and earth would be. At the same time, the more true essence and divine might one would naturally possess, as well as the power unleashed by the Great Way of the Buddha. Yu Hua Tian's cultivation was very close to the fourth level of the Divine Profound Realm, but his cultivation had just reached the third level of the Divine Profound Realm.

Compared to each other, his Grand Dao jurisdiction was completely overshadowed by the Grand Dao jurisdiction!

"Let's go, we will see where Yuhua is now!" At that time, while I'm hurrying, I'll also comprehend senior's Lawless and refining the Immortal Traversing Tire to increase my cultivation! "

After taking in a deep breath, Wei Suo once again rose into the air. When he was still several tens of kilometers away from the entrance of the Immortal Sect, a surge of dark Yin energy directly swept through the two auras that had previously blocked Ying Tian's Heart Sword.

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