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Chen Xiang still had a lot of Dao crystal, he had even planned to give it a try. This was just like gambling, he would have to try his luck.

After that, he searched the White Bones Imperial for legends. In this month, he had found a total of eight, but there weren't even a single ghost inside.

"Damn it!" He kicked the skull at his feet, sending it flying, "Damned half ghost, why don't you come out?"

Chen Xiang continuously kicked away a few skulls, and said: "It must be the White Bones Imperial's Transmission array, this place is so strange, we have to find somewhere else!"

He then returned to the Colorful Forest and tried to open the Transmission array once more. Even though he was faced with the trouble of being tracked, he succeeded in opening the Transmission array in the end and went back into the white space.

This time, he still didn't meet a single ghost, and he didn't even bother to scold them anymore.

"It's already the tenth time, if I fail ten times in a row, I will go find Time Ghost. Although I can't really see what it is, there's at least a ghost in that place, unlike those darned Transmission array s that don't have half a ghost!" Chen Xiang had already used up thirty trillion Dao crystal, he only had over a trillion Dao crystal left.

It had not even been a month. He had earned it with great effort for a long period of time.

If you want to become a prodigal family, then go and gamble, and this will be the situation for Chen Xiang.

"Colorful Forest is also a bird!" Chen Xiang left the Colorful Forest and headed towards the Flying Dragon Ghost Realm.

It was easy to be discovered by a lot of people in the Colorful Forest. Since the results were the same, he felt that those places without people were better. At least he wouldn't need to worry about being hunted down.

Not long after arriving at Flying Dragon Ghost Realm, he quickly found a Transmission array. He searched for it along the way, and just like before, he threw three trillion into the space where the legendary Dao crystal were placed, opening the Transmission array.

Very quickly, after the Transmission array opened, he arrived in a white space.

"Hey, is there anyone here?" Chen Xiang lazily shouted. He did not have much hope as well, he just wanted to quickly use up all his Dao crystal so that he could feel at ease in concocting pills.

Unexpectedly, at this time, an astonished voice sounded out, "It's you? It's only been a month or so, and you're here again! "

"Half-ghost Old Man, I've finally seen you, hahaha …" When Chen Xiang saw the old man, he laughed out loud.

"What is it? Have you tried it many times before? " The old man asked in surprise.

"Yeah, I was really unlucky nine times before! Now we finally meet an unlucky old man like you. " Chen Xiang sighed: "It used me so many Dao crystal."

The old man's mouth twitched, and said: "You little brat, there are actually so many Dao crystal, where did you get them from? Are the Dao crystal outside that easy to find now? "

"I picked it up!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"I'm not a child, do you think I'm so easy to deceive? "How the hell did you get it?" The old man was very curious about this.

"If I don't tell you, you won't give me the inheritance?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes!" The old man chuckled, "Speak quickly!"

"I earned it from selling the pills." Chen Xiang said: "I can refine Huazun Dan and sell them. Many people are fighting to buy them, but that place is under the control of an evil force, so I can only sneakily sell them, or else I will have more Dao crystal."

What Chen Xiang said was the truth, he had to use Mouse Man even if he wanted to sell the Dao crystal.

"So it's like that! The situation outside is actually so complicated! " The elder had a serious expression on his face. It seemed that this matter was of great concern to him.

"Oh right, I realized that I didn't need that many Dao crystal to activate those Transmission array s, but they did take away so many of my Dao crystal." Chen Xiang snorted: "What are you doing with the extra Dao crystal?"

"Of course the extra Dao crystal were moved to the Flying Dragon Pagoda!" The old man said: "Otherwise, why do you think there are so many Dao crystal here in Flying Dragon Pagoda?"

"So this is how it goes back to normal?" Could it be that a lot of people are consuming Dao crystal here? " Chen Xiang did not know about this.

"Of course, you just didn't notice, because this place is very big." The old man said, "What inheritance do you want? Now you have to think carefully!"

"There are all kinds of legacies, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"If you don't, you can change it." The old man did not directly answer Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang snorted: "It's not that powerful!"

Chen Xiang had not thought about what kind of inheritance he would want, and now he was desperately thinking about what kind of inheritance.

"I want a legacy that can control time." said. Time Ghost could do it, but if it was possible, he could use his time and energy to cover the medicinal herbs that were being used.

"No, I don't!" The old man's words poured a bucket of cold water on Chen Xiang who was secretly excited.

"Hmph, you don't even have that, and you still dare to say that it's the Myriad Tao's inheritance!" Chen Xiang said in disdain, "How can you not have one? There must be, right? "

"Yes, but I can't give it to you! "You need to comprehend the Time Laws yourself. If you give them to me as you please, it will be a mess, so I can't give it to you." The old man said.

"Abominable Half-ghost Old Man!" Chen Xiang cursed in his heart. That was an inheritance that he had thought of with great difficulty, but it actually had no effect.

"Can you give me a way to make Dao crystal?" Chen Xiang said: "This way, I won't have to work so hard to find the Dao crystal."

"No, think of another one." The old man shook his head: "You little brat, you always think of these kinds of evil ways."

"Controlling the time is not a demonic thing, okay!" Chen Xiang curled his lips: "Let me think about it!"

This inheritance was not omnipotent, so Chen Xiang had to think about it in many ways when he thought about it, because he did not know when he would be able to see the Half-ghost Old Man again.

"Give me the Fire Inheritance, the most powerful flames, such as those cultivated by World Defying Stage s." Chen Xiang said. If he concocted pills with flames that were even stronger, it would bring him a lot of convenience.

"World Defying Stage... You actually know about this realm. " The old man could not believe what he was seeing. The little imp in front of him was truly shocking.

"I heard that there are such inheritances?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course I do, but you need to train by yourself, so I'm not going to guide you." The old man gave Chen Xiang a piece of paper, and said: "This is the World Defying god fire's mental cultivation method, you can comprehend it yourself!"

"The World Defying god fire is really strong!" Chen Xiang took a look at it, and then memorized the incantation. It was indeed very profound.

"Is there a connection between the World Defying god fire and the Myriad Tao's Divine Arts? Or did the World Defying god fire come out of the Myriad Tao technique? " Chen Xiang asked again.

"You cultivate the Myriad Tao Divine Arts?" The old man was shocked again.

"I was lucky." Chen Xiang nodded.

"You can even get lucky like this?" The old man curled his lips. Chen Xiang always said things that were difficult to do very easily.

"The Myriad Tao Divine Arts allowed people to cultivate to the World Defying Stage, and World Defying god fire is a cultivation technique from the World Defying Stage. The World Defying god fire should be much stronger than the Myriad Tao Divine Arts." The old man said.

"That's good then. Take me out!" Chen Xiang said.

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