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Chu Tenghu snorted heavily. He couldn't suppress his anger anymore and shouted, "Chu Yang! Don't go too far!"

Chu Yang was stunned. "I've gone too far?" Suddenly he jumped up in rage and yelled, "I've actually gone too far? How is it so? I dedicated all my efforts to treat the sick. How have I gone too far?"

Chu Tenghu's body shuddered with rage, "Don't think that nobody dares to fight with you! If you remain so unbridled, I'll punish you!"

Chu Yang lifted his chest and slanted his eyes, "Try to punish me if you dare!" Then he thrust himself forward to Chu Tenghu.

Chu Tenghu's face turned white.

He really dared to not to start a fight under the eyes of so many people.

Because Chu Yang was ultimately his big brother! If Chu Tenghu, the younger brother, hit Chu Yang, it would be tantamount to him showing disrespect to people who were his senior. It was clearly stated in the family rule that such behavior was a major offense that would cause one to be expelled from the clan!

And… the most irritating thing was, although Chu Yang did everything, he still had the upper hand in his reasoning: He had indeed worked hard to consult his patients — although he didn't cure them well; He indeed didn't provoke others preemptively — he only struck back after being provoked…

Everything had its cause and effect!

Chu Tenghu and Chu Tengjiao glared at Chu Yang, yet at a loss of what to do to deal with him.

While in the stalemate, another person came at the door.

"Who is the shopkeeper here?" the person at the door asked steadily.

Everyone turned back. A middle-aged man wearing the uniform of law-enforcement officers came in. There was a silver word 'law-enforcement' on that person's chest!

It was a silver-plate law-enforcement officer!

Behind him was two iron-plate law-enforcement officers. The three people walked in arrogantly.

Chu Tenghu hurriedly went up and put up a smiley face in front of them, asking, "I see, it's the law-enforcement officers. May I know what are you here for?"

That silver-plate law-enforcement officer snorted and said, "You're the shopkeeper?"

Chu Tenghu said, "Yes, it's me."

"Very good," the law-enforcement officer instantly put on a heavy look and shouted, "Look at what your medical center looks like! Why are there those filthy things outside?!"

"Filthy things?" Chu Tenghu was shocked.

"Those paintings are so unsightly! They're clearly the product of demons or heterodox beings who've come to pollute the Earth!" the law-enforcement officers snorted, waved his hand and said, "Tie him back to be interrogated! I want to know who sent him here to pollute the Flat Mountain Ridge! I suspect that he's a spy from the Three Stars Divine Clan!"

A spy from the Three Stars Divine Clan? Such a heavy charge! Not many people would be given such a charge.

Chu Tenghu was instantly stunned and he retreated, saying, "Officer, officer, I'm wronged!" Suddenly, he thought of pushing this charge to Chu Yang. He immediately said, "Officer, this is done by him."

"He's the shopkeeper?" that law-enforcement officer asked.

Chu Tenghu's eyes widened as he stammered, "I… I…"

"We only want to find the shopkeeper! The person-in-charge here!" that law-enforcement officer snorted and said, "He's only a worker. Why do we need him?"

Chu Yang went up to plead, "Law-enforcement officer, this is my younger brother. He's still young and ignorant. Although he made this mistake, it's also… *cough* pardonable…"

The law-enforcement officer flipped his eyelids and said righteously, "I only know that law is ruthless, and I don't know that one should be forgiven just because he's young. If you have any words, talk to the commander! Let's go!"

The other two law-enforcement officers hurled towards Chu Tenghu like wolves or tigers, and bundled him up dexterously, then pressed him against the ground.

Chu Tenghu struggled and screamed angrily, "Why didn't you come to check here a few days ago? Why did you only come to check here after I've just taken over his position? You actually teamed up with him… As law-enforcement officers, you actually…"

The silver-plate law-enforcement officer kicked him and scolded, "We'll check whenever we want to! What right do you have to talk against us? You've one more charge added to you for slandering us law-enforcement officers! You've also another heavier charge for inhibiting our law-enforcement processes!"

Chu Tenghu cried in pain, and shouted, "Tengjiao, Tengjiao… Go back to inform our father. Let him come to save me…"

Chu Tengjiao quickly ran away.

That law-enforcement officer's eyes lit up as he ordered, "There's even a fugitive! Take down this accomplice together!"

He extended his hands, held Chu Tengjiao who had already reached the door, and slammed him heavily on the ground. A rope was subsequently slipped about his neck. After which, he was also bundled up. The law-enforcement officer gave Chu Tengjiao a slap and said, "Are there any more accomplices?"

Chu Tengjiao looked back angrily. He gritted his teeth and said nothing.

The law-enforcement officer put their ears forward, "What? There are still two? Those two old men? Motherf**ker! I was just wondering just now that you have no intention to design such filthy things. It's actually these two old men. No wonder… Take them down!"

They two old men flipped their eyelids and fainted.

The three law-enforcement officers escorted the four people back; before they left, the law-enforcement officers didn't even say anything about getting rid of the 'filthy' advertising board. So it still stood there, tall and upright, in an extremely eye-catching manner.

"Oh no…" After the law-enforcement officers had gone, Divine Doctor Chu patted his ass and ran towards the Chu clan anxiously.

Chu Feilong was supervising the martial artists in their practice in the field within the Chu clan. He was pondering at the same time: Chu Yang is passive in his work these few days. What methods are there to stop him from behaving like this?

He couldn't think of any good ways. Twisting his brows, he thought: Surely I can't allow him to continue like this.

When he was pondering, a crisp loud voice came in from the gate, "Oh no, oh no! My two brothers were taken away by law-enforcement officers… They had committed a great sin…"

It was Chu Yang.

In the Chu clan's hall.

Old Master Chu, with a black face, sat above various important personnel of the Chu clan.

In the middle of the hall, Chu Yang was anxiously narrating the accident that had happened. He said, because of so and so and so, Chu Tenghu and Chu Tengjiao were arrested by the law-enforcement officers… he himself wanted to save the two, but the law-enforcement officers were very righteous and did not relent. He had no choice but to come back to the clan to seek help…

Chu Feiling, Yang Ruolan and Chu Feiyan looked strange.

Chu Feilong was so angry that his nose twitched.

It took a long while for Chu Yang to finish his narration. He looked at everyone first before trotting towards Chu Feilong and shouting anxiously, "Second uncle, please think of some ways to save Tenghu and Tengjiao. Since I saw the strategies that the law-enforcement officers took last time, I was so scared that I couldn't sleep for many nights. I also couldn't eat for many days. If both of them stayed there for too long, they would definitely suffer from great torture."

Chu Yang's face was filled with sentiments. He cried and said, "Second uncle, they're your own sons. You can't just neglect them…"

Chu Feilong's face was as black as the bottom of a pot. He looked very unsightly. How he hoped for this kid to die at his hands!

It's obviously you, this bastard, who framed my sons. Yet you're still acting so ostentatiously in front of me and want me to think of a solution? What f**king solutions do I have?

This is definitely your conspiracy. You designed for my sons to be arrested, then asked me to beg them back… I bet that once I arrived at the Law Enforcement Hall, I would also be detained as an accomplice! Won't I f**king be offering myself to them… If you still continue to put sticks in the wheel, I'm afraid that there would be no use even if your grandpa had gone there. Why do I still need to think of any f**king ideas?

The other great stewards gazed at one another. They had varied expressions.

Charge for putting up filthy things? Since when did the law-enforcement officers design this new charge? I haven't heard of it before… It's such nonsense to use this as a reason to arrest two young masters of the Chu clan, which is one of the three great clans!

One of the big stewards coughed and said, "Young Master Chu Yang, are you saying… the law-enforcement officers arrested the two other young masters on the basis of 'putting up filthy things'?"

Chu Yang said, "Yes, the law-enforcement officers said it this way."

This steward snorted and said, "If this is so, I'm confused. Young Master Chu Yang has been in the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall for quite a period of time already, and you drew those pictures personally… Although they're filthy… the law-enforcement officers didn't say anything about them before, did they?"

Chu Yang said stunningly, "Yes, they clearly didn't say anything before. This is so strange…"

That big steward's face turned black. He said, "Then why did the law-enforcement officers not care about this previously, but only came up after a few days since the two young masters started working at the medical center? It's very queer. I hope that Young Master Chu Yang will resolve our confusion!"

These words were said very compellingly. The steward looked at Chu Yang with sharp eyes. The other stewards also echoed after him and didn't raise any objections.

Instantly, everyone in the hall turned their focus onto Chu Yang.

"Yeah, nothing happens to Young Master Chu Yang for a month, but the two young masters are now arrested as soon as they started their works there. Even Young Master Chu Yang, this culprit, isn't caught. This is way too strange…"

"Young Master Chu Yang definitely has some tricks!"

"Yes, yes, I think there's some conspiracy within it…"

Under the gaze of everyone, Chu Yang looked miserable. He scratched his head innocently and said, "Yes, yes, all of you are too right. Actually, I'm also wondering why would this happen? There's no reason for this to happen… Your words have indeed struck a chord with me…"

Everyone became speechless at the moment. They looked at Chu Yang even more ridiculously.

That big steward said, "Does it mean that Young Master Chu Yang know nothing about this matter at all? Such strange behaviors of the law-enforcement officers were really unprecedented, but ever since you've come, all of these happened… This inevitably led us to be a bit more suspicious…"

Chu Yang was stunned and said, "I don't know what you mean."

That big steward smiled coldly, saying, "What I mean is very simple. Is it because you've teamed up with the law-enforcement officers? Framing up the two young masters would have many benefits for you…"

Chu Yang was stunned for a while and finally burst into anger. His face flushed and he said angrily, "This big steward, why did you say this? What do you mean? Am I that kind of a person? You not only defamed me but also the law-enforcement officers! This is intolerable. You can say this, but only if you have the evidence! If you don't have evidence, I'll go to the law-enforcement officers now to say that you slandered them!"

That big steward became startled. At once, he tried to evade his eyes on Chu Yang. His face turned pale and he turned as silent as a cold cicada.

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