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Chapter 656 - Heavenly Luo Soul Refining Art

After obtaining Fen Tian's "Soul Method True Explanation", Tang Huan had complete Spirit Adhesion techniques. During this period of time, among the thirteen Divine Armament s that he had forged, the artifact spirit no longer contained his own Mind Stigma. No matter who these Divine Armament s landed in, they were able to successfully merge with each other.

"Tang Huan, then I won't be polite."

Mu Yan beamed with joy, her beautiful eyes revealed a trace of excitement, and her gaze landed on a longbow. The bow was bent, and was extremely exquisite.

"The name of this bow is' Dragon Tongue '."

Following Mu Yan's gaze, Tang Huan could not help but smile.

There were a total of three Divine Armament s that he had first inherited from this old man. First, there was the "Conqueror Spear," second, there was the "Xuanyuan Sword," and second, there was the "Dragon Tongue Bow."

"I choose it."

Mu Yan squinted his eyes and laughed, he lightly stepped forward a few steps and picked it up, then he sat down with his legs crossed. Under her urging, the next moment, fresh blood oozed out from the tip of her finger and continuously seeped into the bow. Not long after, the bow was covered in blood.

Time passed bit by bit, and the blood-red color on the bow became even more intense. It even emitted out, forming a blood-red fog that completely enveloped the longbow.

Seeing this scene, Feng Ming's eyes flashed with a tinge of envy.

The thirteen Divine Armament s that Tang Huan had forged were definitely much more powerful than the Flame Dancing Sword, Conqueror Spear and Ghost-killing Saber that he had forged in the Sword Crafting Valley back then. Of course, the difference was mainly in the Spirit of Divine Weapon s. The first three Spirit Adhesion s all used the soul of the Stage Nine, and the thirteen Divine Armament s such as the Dragon Slaughtering Saber all used the soul of the Heavenly Domain Fierce Beasts.

Looking at her expression, Tang Huan unwittingly smiled: "There is a type of 'Heavenly Luo Soul Refining Art' in the 'Soul Method True Explanation'. It can absorb and refine souls, and increase the quality of spirit artifacts."

"Heavenly Luo Soul Refining Art …"

Feng Ming's eyes lit up, and then she went close to Tang Huan's ear. Her eyes were bewitching, and she laughed with an orchid like breath: "Tang Huan, I came to find you tonight, teach me this technique again." As she said that, her red and tender tongue actually stuck out, sliding past Tang Huan's earlobes, her expression was extremely enchanting.

"What are you waiting for tonight? I'll teach you later."

Tang Huan's heart skipped a beat, and he immediately collected his thoughts, snappily giving her a punch. Feng Ming had never learnt these things before, he had only stayed with Mu Yan for a little more than a month and he already broke his promise.

If it was in the past, Tang Huan wouldn't have too much of a feeling towards this kind of enticement. But after the two times he had intertwined with Shan Shan in the Heavenly Forging City, his "Sun Spirit Body" had actually started to have a drastic change in its taste.


Feng Ming curled his lips, and the look in his eyes towards Tang Huan became somewhat bitter.

This was a move that he had learned from Mu Yan! Tang Huan pretended not to see it, his gaze landed on Mu Yan's body once again, the blood mist was quickly flowing into his right palm, and before long, the blood mist and the Dragon Tongue Bow that was covered by it disappeared, as the Divine Armament had already merged with his body.

The strange feeling of being connected to the Divine Armament by blood and having the same thought filled her beautiful eyes with amazement. Then, like a child who had obtained a fresh toy, she turned the Dragon Tongue Bow over and over, sizing it up.

Tang Huan smiled. Just as he was about to speak, he seemed to have sensed something and laughed loudly: "Miss Xing Yan, since you are already at my place, why not come and have a chat with me?" While they were talking, Tang Huan had already put down the Dragon Slaughtering Saber. He took a step out of the bedroom, and although his voice was not loud, it was clearly heard.


After a while, a figure floated and landed in the courtyard. She was dressed in purple and had a black veil over her face and was Xing Yan from Star Ocean Commerce.

"Brother Tang Huan, how have you been?" Xing Yan's eyes were bright and beautiful, her voice was clear and pleasant like the chirping of an oriole, her words were filled with laughter, "I came here to take a look, and was just planning to wait for you to finish forging Divine Armament, and pay a visit, but I didn't expect you to find out after a while."

"All of the Divine Weapon Catalogue on my body have been refined into Divine Armament."

Tang Huan said with a smile.


Xing Yan's beautiful eyes lit up, "It looks like I've come at the right time. Brother Tang Huan, those thirteen Divine Armament s, would they be able to broaden my horizons?"


Tang Huan invited Xing Yan into his room with a smile on his face.

Xing Yan first nodded her head towards Feng Ming, and when she saw Mu Yan, who had just stood up, she actually also nodded. Her face still revealed a hint of a smile, and immediately after, she impatiently went over to the table that was filled with Divine Armament.

Mu Yan smiled back at Xing Yan, but a trace of surprise flashed past his eyes.

She was once the general director of the Flowing Flower Merchant Guild and could be considered to be in a hostile position with the Star Ocean Commerce. Back then, when the Star Ocean Commerce was forced to hold the "Phoenix Spirit Martial Meeting", it was her masterpiece. She even participated in the Martial Competition match and obtained a portion of the "Phoenix Flame Essence".

What surprised her was that Tang Huan and Xing Yan's relationship seemed to be quite good.

"Brother Tang Huan, your Tools Method Attainments, in our world, has never been seen before and will never be seen again." After a long while, Xing Yan reluctantly withdrew his gaze, and when he looked at Tang Huan again, he looked like he wanted to say something, but was a little hesitant.

"You're too kind."

Tang Huan laughed, then said: "Miss Xing Yan, you and I are old friends, if there's anything you need my help with, feel free to say it."

"Alright, Tang Huan, then I won't bother with formalities anymore." Xing Yan gave a carefree smile and retrieved a small wooden box from his sleeve. He quickly opened it and found a golden page quietly lying inside, on it was a purple sword sketched out.

"Divine Weapon Catalogue?"

Tang Huan was stunned for a moment, then understood what Xing Yan meant, and laughed, "Miss Xing Yan, if you trust me, then leave this page behind. In three or four days, you can come and fetch the sword."

As for why Xing Yan took out a page of the "Divine Weapon Catalogue", Tang Huan was not surprised.

Star Ocean Commerce was spread throughout the two continents of glory and origin, and had a large amount of power. It was normal for a page of "Divine Weapon Catalogue" to be collected.

"Brother Tang Huan, then I'll be counting on you." Xing Yan closed the wooden box without hesitation and handed it over to Tang Huan, "The reward for forging the Divine Armament …"

"To me, forging a Divine Armament is not a difficult task, so there's no need for the reward." Tang Huan waved his hand.


Not long after, Xing Yan left the blacksmith shop.

However, Xing Yan's appearance was merely the beginning. She had left for less than fifteen minutes, and Tang Moyang, Shamei and Mo Huang had already joined forces and arrived.

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