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Chapter 1963 When I wake up, I'll take you to hell with me!

"Who can refine continuous bone pill?"

A Alchemy Master was the first to rush into the room.

At this moment.

Long Fei was just about to pick the materials.

Doctor Xu looked at Long Fei.

When he saw the god's rudder, he immediately stood up and returned back to normal with a glance from the Branch Lord.

A dozen or so fifth grade Alchemy masters looked at Long Fei with a look of disdain, "Just this brat?"

"He can refine continuous bone pill?"

"Hahaha... Are you sure this is not a joke? "

"How is this possible? With just him? "

"Kid, may I ask what rank of Alchemy Master you are?"

"If he can refine a continuous bone pill, this old one will write his name backwards."

… ….

None of them believed it.

It was because they were Alchemist s, but Long Fei was in his early twenties, how could he possibly refine a continuous bone pill?

Long Fei ignored him.

He arranged the position of the Spirit Grass by himself.

god's rudder frowned, one of the clan elders immediately shouted: "All of you, quiet down."

The hall quickly became silent.

Everyone stared at Long Fei. None of them spoke, but their expressions were full of disdain.

Alchemy Masters were all very proud existences.

They despised some low-level Alchemy masters. They were proud and aloof, and always thought of themselves as the number one Alchemy master under the heavens.

"Huff …"

After preparing everything, Long Fei exhaled lightly. His heart calmed down and the aura on his body relaxed slightly.

A slight buzzing sound was emitted in the air.

No one in the room noticed this hum, but … The purple-clothed woman on the ninth floor suddenly moved. She put down the ancient scroll and started to listen with all her heart.

When the old servant saw the purple-dressed woman's serious expression, the expression in his eyes changed.

… ….

A Spirit Grass floated in the air.

Long Fei did not have any pill furnaces beside him.

A Alchemy master could not help but laugh, "If you don't even have a pill furnace, how are you going to refine it? You can refine a ball. "

Pill furnace.

It is an essential item of the Alchemy.

How could he refine without a pill furnace?

Isn't this a joke?

No one understood that in the common sense of Alchemy, one must have a pill furnace in order to obtain it.

god's rudder looked at the Alchemy Master of the Mystical Hall. Their faces were also filled with shock and they did not understand as they had never seen this kind of method of Alchemy.

Long Fei entered a state of selflessness.

Zhang Xuan's eyes twitched.

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With a series of explosive sounds, all the windows in the room were suddenly violently pushed open by a strong force, and rushed into the Spirit Grass s.

There was no pill furnace.

No flames.

But... The Spirit Grass began to slowly extract the spirit liquid.

The heaven and earth became the furnace.

The power of nature was fire.

Let alone these fifth grade Alchemy Masters, even the top Alchemy Masters of the Primordial Divine War might not have seen this kind of technique before.

Everyone in the hall was scared silly.

When had I ever seen such a Alchemy technique before?

One of the Spirit Grass's spirit liquids had not yet finished being refined. As for the other Spirit Grass, it started floating in the air and seeping out spirit liquids, fusing together.

"Mixing spirit liquid?"

"Will it work?"

"Does he know Alchemy or not?"

It was completely against common sense.

Many people began to question him.

The purple-clothed woman looked as if she was in the hall, and said lightly: "The connection between the spirit liquids is so perfect, what a powerful Alchemy technique."

The spirit liquid from another Spirit Grass connected to everything else.

In just a few short minutes, a dozen or so stalks of Spirit Grass spirit liquid were refined and linked together perfectly.

They converged into a liquid ball.

How they were solidified was also the most important part.

The purple clothed lady said softly, "How are you going to freeze it now? If we don't operate properly, everything we did before will be in vain. "

She was looking forward to it.

They were looking forward to Long Fei refining it earlier.

Long Fei maintained his calm expression as he looked at the boiling water in front of him, and started to roll non-stop.

He wanted to solidify it into a pill.

What was needed was not the burning of flames, but the crushing of strength!

This was also a method taught to him by a dragon.


His left arm shook.

The power of Buddha started to move.

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His right arm shook, and the strength of the Dragon-Shaped Mark under his sleeve slightly moved as well.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The air continuously ruptured as powerful energy continuously poured into the spirit liquid from the center of Long Fei's palm. He began to frantically crush, expelling the impurities in the spirit liquid and fusing Long Fei's power of Buddha and Dragon-Shaped Mark's energy into it.

The area around the elixir was as though there were dozens of large hands squeezing it in a frenzy, as though they were holding it in place.

At the same time.

On Long Fei's forehead, his back was sweating profusely.

"Just a little more!"

"Just a little more..."

"Just a little more!"

Long Fei clenched his teeth and persisted.


A light sound rang out.

A steaming hot pill was floating in the air.


"Refining is a success!"

The system sounded out.

Long Fei's body trembled slightly, he fell on his butt on the chair, unable to take it anymore, his body felt like it had been sucked dry, and not only his holy power value, but his mental force too.

Very uncomfortable.

Long Fei panted anxiously, and said: "Doctor Xu, hurry and give it to him."

Everyone in the hall was shocked.

Each and every one of them looked at Long Fei with their mouths agape. They had never seen such a method of refining Alchemy before, and it had actually succeeded.

It was too unbelievable.

All of them looked like idiots.

god's rudder's heart was even more fervent, pleasantly surprised, "Genius … "No, no, no. To use the word genius to describe him is simply insulting him."

"It's too sharp!"

He suddenly realized that he had made the right choice.

Doctor Xu came back to reality and immediately fed the pill to wang tai.

As the pill entered his body, the bones that were connected to wang tai quickly let out a series of cracking sounds, and the black bones that protruded from his back slowly retracted back into his body.


wang tai's body was covered with waves of divine light.

Not only had the bones on his back been repaired, even the bones in his entire body had been remodeled. It was as if he had been reborn and evolved anew.

"Huff …"

wang tai's eyes twitched, he suddenly woke up.

The aura on his body rumbled like an explosion.

The aura on his body underwent a sudden change.

Instantly breaking through to the next realm!

This time … The surrounding people all looked at Long Fei as though they were looking at a fool. Their faces were filled with worship and shock, as if they had seen their ancestors.

Long Fei smiled as he looked at wang tai who had stood up once again.

Hu hu hu hu ….

"I need some rest."

"Sister, go warm your bed." Long Fei was really, really, very tired. He looked at wang tai and said: "When I wake up, I'll settle the score for you."

He thought that it was the same as outside in training space of the Dragon Coffin.

However …

The world was like a furnace and the natural power was like a fire, taking his life with it. He wouldn't be able to feel it from the inside, but outside … He felt extremely uncomfortable.

The twins supported Long Fei as they walked into the room.

The god's rudder also quickly gave the order, "All of you, get out. Don't disturb his rest."

… ….

The ninth floor.

The purple-clothed woman by the window was in a daze. "He's really not normal."

"Never seen it before."

"Uncle You He, you said … Can you concoct the Nine Steps Yang Reversion Pill? "

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