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Chapter 569 - Conqueror Spear

"Lord General, do you think that the Sword Crafting Valley is about to appear?"

Within the Great Tang Empire's Thousand Generals Palace, a young man exclaimed in shock. He looked in disbelief at the armor-clad Tang Xiong as his eyes widened.

"I wonder if a Divine Armament would appear in this world."

Tang Xiong laughed, "However, there is a very high possibility that there is a Divine Armament hidden in the Sword Crafting Valley! Bring a few people with you and go back to the God-down City. Send the news back and see what His Majesty decides. "

"Now?" The young man was stunned for a moment.

"Immediately!" Tang Xiong nodded his head.

"Yes sir!"


… ….

"Let's go to Sword Crafting Valley to take a look!"

"Manifestation Sword Intent? How is this possible? Those who can manifest sword intent are all sword type Divine Armament, where do you think Sword Crafting Valley would hide them? "

"Sigh, what a pity, a few days ago that guy invited me to the Sword Crafting Valley. I did not go.


When the news from the Sword Crafting Valley came back, the entire Dragon Spring Town was shaken, and immediately after, a group of Martial Warriors s left the east side of the city, but even more of them left the north side of the city to head towards the Sword Crafting Valley.

Inside Forging God Cave.

Tang Huan was completely unaware of the movements of the outside world, he stood at his desk, his eyes looking at the dozens of "Divine Weapon Catalogue s" on the scrolls.

In a nearby wooden box, Xiao Budian was still "kacha" and "kacha" chewing on Saint Grade Gem s, and a small pile of fragmented stone dregs had already appeared outside of the box. In the region dozens of meters away, Feng Ming waved the Flame Dancing Sword in his hands at an astonishing speed.

"This one!"

Tang Huan finally picked up a golden page, on it was a drawing of a spear, the style of the spear head was rather strange, as though the back half of the rhombus was superimposed onto the front part of the other rhombus, and the area where the spear head met the spear shaft was covered in spines, giving people a kind of unforgettable feeling.

And what was still fresh in Tang Huan's memory was the incomparably domineering aura that the long spear was emitting.

This was the Conqueror Spear!

Back then in the smithy, when Xiao Budian took out the wooden box containing the old man's collection, the first remaining Divine Weapon Catalogue scroll that Tang Huan saw was the one with the Conqueror Spear drawn on it.

Sitting on the ground with his legs crossed, Tang Huan closed the golden page in his palms, then closed his eyes. Not long after, the page started to tremble intensely with a "hualala" sound …

… ….

As the days passed, the Sword Crafting Valley became more and more lively.

The surroundings of the Lunar Tomb and the sword monument that was as tall as the clouds were already filled with a sea of people. At the top of the cliff, there was a flash of shadow.

All of the Martial Warriors who came here knew that the fiery red sword image had appeared above the cliff.

This meant that the treasure that was suspected to be the "Divine Armament" should be within the cliff.

In the past few days, many Martial Warriors had tried to gouge open the stone walls along the six stone caves to see what was going on, but those people all returned empty-handed.

The toughness of this cliff was astonishing.

Even if it was a Martial Lord of the eighth step, even if he used all his might to activate the Heavenly Grade Armament, he could only leave a shallow mark on the cliff. It would be impossible to use this method to excavate the cliff and find the treasure.

This also caused everyone to be incomparably surprised. It was unknown how the seniors of the Sword Crafting Valley had managed to open up those six caves on the cliff.

"With such a strong stone wall, even if there's a treasure hidden inside, its aura wouldn't be able to leak out."

"Damn, could it be fake news?"

"He's gone, he's gone. It's been so many days and I can't find anything. If I stay any longer, it'll just be a waste of time."


The clamor of the crowd rose and fell.

At first, there were only a few people, but as time passed, more and more Martial Warriors began to leave in large groups. In less than half a day, at least half of the figures on the cliffs above Sword Crafting Valley had disappeared.

"OP, why don't we go back as well?" Beside the Lunar Tomb, a middle-aged man couldn't help but ask.

"You also think that it's false news?" Ge Teng frowned slightly.

"This …"

The middle-aged man hesitated, but before he could finish his sentence, cries of surprise came from the top of the cliff. He raised his head and looked up, only to see that above the cliff, a dark red light suddenly condensed and shot into the sky like smoke.

Soon after, an incomparably terrifying aura swept through the heaven and earth, majestic and tyrannical.

The faces of the numerous Martial Warriors on the cliff immediately changed. At this moment, they felt a sense of pressure that they could not resist. In an instant, the entire area became deadly silent, and some of the weaker Martial Warriors were even unable to breathe, as if they wanted to suffocate.

That beam of dark red luster came and left quickly. Not long after, it had vanished into thin air.

The frozen void was finally unfrozen. The dumbstruck crowd quickly recovered from their shock and looked at each other in dismay. They could see the unconcealable shock in each other's eyes.

After a moment, an earth-shaking roar suddenly erupted from the top of the cliff. It condensed into a giant wave of sound which rumbled and surged in the high sky.

"Spear!" That's a spear! "

Beside the Lunar Tomb, the middle-aged man pointed at the top of the cliff and shouted emotionally, "Tower Lord, do you see that, that's a gun! "Haha!"

"The news is indeed true."

Ge Teng let out a light breath as an excited wave of red flashed across his face. On the top of the cliff just now, that beam of glittering light had revealed a long spear, with a dark red spear tip and dark red spear shaft.

After the initial agitation, Ge Teng calmed down a little and could not help but mutter uncertainly: "Last time, those Martial Warriors s only saw sword intent take form. This time, we saw spear intent take form.


The middle-aged man was stunned for a moment. Then, he also realized the problem, and his brows were immediately filled with joy, "Great, if our Divine Weapon Pavilion can get these two Divine Armament s …." When he said till this point, he had already become quite nervous. "Great Elder and the rest should hurry over as soon as possible."

"Whether it's a Divine Armament or not is unknown."

Many people thought that the Holy Emperor Mountain and River Forging for the Divine Armament was just a rumor, but he was very clear that it was not a rumor, but the truth. All of the Divine Armament Forging for the Sacred Emperor Mountain and River, were all from the Sword Crafting Valley.

Furthermore, the place where he was going to forge the Divine Armament was most likely the cave at the top of the cliff.

From the appearance of the silhouette above the cliff, it was very likely that the inside the cave was different from the heaven and earth. It was a pity that no one knew how to enter.

Even the Grand Elder might not know.

I wonder if the sword and spear were forged by the Sacred Emperor in the past, and why would they only materialize recently? Could it be that there was no suppression from some power in the past, and it was only recently that the two Divine Armament's broke through the suppression and blockade, revealing this strange phenomenon?

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