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Chapter 1631: All present

A large wave after another was teleported by Long Fei.

This also directly led to the establishment of the gang god's martial sect s by Long Fei to directly level up!

A rank 10 guild!

There was a special attribute of the Sect: the Guild Teleportation Technique!

As long as they activated it, they would be able to teleport all the members of the gang to where Long Fei was.

Long Fei was stunned, "A Level 10 Gang!"


The system beep sounded again.

"Do you want to activate the gang transfer?"

This was the moment that Long Fei had yearned for day and night. He really wanted to teleport the relatives of the people in the god's martial continent over to him. It was finally going to happen.

"Leopard Girl, Thousand, Luo Xi …"

"Bring it on!"

"Dragon ancestors, come!"

Long Fei's gaze tensed up, he stared at the distant owner of tower question of god and the arrogant Zhan Wushuang, and laughed coldly: "Compared to laozi, you have more people?"

"I'll let you know what it means to have more people!"

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"Bring it on!"

Long Fei moved and bellowed, "Activate the teleportation function of the gang."


Suddenly, a buzzing sound came out of thin air, followed by the void door opening up.

The entire fairyland of tower question of god was shocked on the inside. Even the Destiny God above the ninth heaven shivered and asked in a heavy voice, "Large scale teleportation power?"

"Who is he trying to teleport to?"




Powerful energy continued to burst out of the void. It was incomparably strong as the void door opened up. "Roar …"

A gigantic dragon was the first to rush out.


Green dragon scales and a huge dragon's body. The moment it rushed out, it let out a roar, and the dragon's roar wreaked havoc as its power erupted forth.

The scene was extremely domineering.

Dragon might defied the heavens.

To be able to crush the entire fairyland of tower question of god, the dragon was an existence that was super strong in everyone's hearts.


"It's a dragon!"

"He actually teleported a dragon here. This, this, didn't the dragon race perish a long time ago?" How can there be a dragon? "

The surrounding crowd was dumbfounded.

Only the Eight King Kong s of the god's martial continent were incomparably excited, because they had seen the green dragon ancestor before.

The moment the green dragon ancestor rushed out of the void door, he heavily looked at Long Fei, "Boss!"

At this moment.

Patriarch Sea Dragon charged out.

Eight golden dragons rushed out.

Poisonous Ancestor.

Black Dragon Ancestor...

They all rushed out, and all landed on Long Fei's body, placing all their weight on top of his, "Boss!"

His might and domineering aura were in complete disarray.

Dora wind has to be Dora wind.

The disciples of the fairyland of tower question of god were all dumbfounded.

"What are the names of the dragons called?"

"Why are there so many dragons?"

"The dragons should have perished."

"This is unbelievable."

"Boss?" Who exactly is this Long Fei, isn't this too terrifying? "

… ….

All of their faces paled. The dozen or so Dragon Patriarchs were simply too awesome.


This was only the beginning.


One by one, the Long Family disciples turned into dragons and rushed out of the void door. "Who is it?"

"Who wants to touch my grandson?"

Crazy Long turned into a Tyrant Wyrm covered in golden dragon scales and rushed out in an extremely ferocious manner. Sweeping his eyes across the place, he stared at the tower lord of the tower question of god and shouted, "Are you the one who is going to make a move on Long Fei?"


owner of tower question of god swallowed his saliva. His head was a little numb.

What was Long Fei doing?

Right now, the fairyland of tower question of god was densely packed with Long Fei's people, what was he trying to do?

He was the one who surrounded Long Fei earlier, but now … In just a few minutes, Long Fei had surrounded them, each and every one of them extremely ferocious.

Even those who had rushed out from the lower realm god's martial continent were incomparably arrogant and valiant, especially when those Dragon Ancestral Saints appeared.

What was he trying to do?

owner of tower question of god's heart started to tremble.

Zhan Wushuang's eyes were still cold and filled with killing intent.


A light and nimble voice sounded out, "Long Fei."

When Liu Luoxi walked out of the void door, she was dressed in white and floated down from the sky. In a few years, she had become even more beautiful and mature.

It was the season for ripe harvesting.

Liu Luoxi was the leader, followed by the leopard girl, Xiao Tiantian, Ye Ziyan, Qian Qian … The sisters all walked out one by one.


What was different from the other warriors in the god's martial continent was that their cultivation auras were very strong. Even Long Fei was shocked on the inside, they were not weaker than the Chaos Realm's Semi-realistic Realm.

What kind of power was this?

Three years time.

Han Ba had taught them a lot of things. During this period of time, they had been cultivating all the time, completely forgetting about the things in the god's martial continent.

Upon entering the Chaos Realm, the auras on their bodies underwent an earth-shattering change.

Just like jumping levels.

"This is …"

There was no need to transcend tribulation!

Actually, there was no problem at all with their strength undergoing the tribulation. However, there was no problem at all. After all, if a hundred thousand planes succeeded in undergoing the tribulation, it was unknown which plane you would enter.

They were waiting for Long Fei's summons.


"You scoundrel, you finally remembered us!"


"Sir, I'm here."

All the girls were beautiful and incomparably beautiful, making them look extremely charming. The surrounding martial artists were all extremely envious. "Hualala!" "Hualalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!"

Long Fei was instantly surrounded by the female army.

Long Fei was extremely excited to see them appear, he thought to himself: "When this daddy finishes off Zhan Wushuang, I will definitely make a gigantic bed and roll in the sheets together, and fight a great battle for thirty thousand rounds, hahaha …"

At this time.



"Boom, boom!"

The last two void door s to come out were Xiao Bai and Ice and Fire.

At this moment.

Xiao Bai had already cultivated a human form, her ice and fire wings had also turned golden, the kind of defense on her body was completely different.

"Hahaha …"

Seeing Xiao Bai, he could not help but think of his big move, "It's good that you're here, it's good that you're here!"

The two fellows were incomparably excited, tears on the verge of flowing out of their eyes.

The void door closed.

Long Fei raised his eyes slightly, looked at the Destiny God s that were above the ninth heaven, then stared at Zhan Wushuang and owner of tower question of god, and said: "More people? Come on, let's have a competition? "

owner of tower question of god's face darkened.

He really regretted saying that now.

More people than anything.

Now he was surrounded.

This Long Fei was too terrifying.

Seeing that the owner of tower question of god was silent, Long Fei roared out loud and said: "Do you still want to compete?"


"You want to compete with laozi more? Was this great? "However..." Long Fei moved and smiled: "Just you people are not even enough to fill the gaps in my teeth."

"More than others?"

"I'll let you know what it means to have more people." Long Fei still had yet to use his big move … …

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