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As the scene concluded with no bloodshed Nakano sighed in relief ("Who causes a scene with these circumstances?!") she thought to herself as she stood by her guild, she kept glancing over at the scene when she suddenly noticed the Direwolf walking through her guild's guard line "No way…" she spoke out-loud. The entire group had been standing there in silence waiting to see what had occurred, when she spoke most turned towards her. One of the players on her side spoke out "Are they of ours?" a Lion-man with a golden mane asked her, he wore the average iron plate armour everyone else with heavy armour was wearing but his enormous kite-shield made him stand out from them. "No they aren't, but I've spent some time before all this trying to recruit them" she answered honestly, the lion beast-man smirked in amusement "Oh? They must be quiet the interesting individuals for my second in command to turn to recruitment duty" he mused. Nakano crossed her arms "Yes…interesting might be an understatement Zeeke, they are…a handful" she sighed, Zeeke chuckled "I wonder who's members they are then to be let through like that" he glanced at the other three groups.

Nakano looked over the other groups, apart from her guild Eternium three others had gather with their bettesters and officers. Only one of the other three guilds had aided in forming the shield wall around them, another large guild from a different game called Apokalypse ("They said they were from a small guild so they aren't theirs…") she pondered as she glanced at the other two guilds. The second was a common find in most MMORPGs although common as in there would definitely be multiple and they rarely ever comply with other guilds, five masked players stood in line by each other as she inspected them ("Rekt…a hard-core PK guild…they seemed too laid back for that but Sly does seem like the type…They weren't wearing masks to disguise their classes or names though…") she contemplated the disguise system while slightly cursing it. She glanced at the last guild with some visible annoyance, the guild leader the one who stood out the most. Only three of their members where around right now as one of theirs had also gone to check on the commotion, a beast Fox-Woman and a Wood Elf stood around as their guild leader, sat around on a wooden chair he had taken out of his inventory.

("The Serenity guild…") Nakano thought as she inspected their laid back guild leader, pitch black wolf ears and tail showed his beastman lineage while dark purple skin gave away his secondary Dark Elf race. With medium blonde hair and dark blue eyes Nakano thought his class was too appropriate for his character's appearance

Birse [Shadow Paladin](Were) Level 41

Birse glanced back and smiled in amusement before winking at her, Nakano glared back in annoyance ("If they hadn't had a tester with them…") she looked away and stared back at the approaching Direwolf. She watched in horror as the ones who went to inspect the scene broke off from each other to re-join their respective groups, their officer a Wood Elf, Apok's officer the Tiger-man and Rekt's masked Monkey-man wearing a monkey's laughing guise. She watched as Sly and Kyllix sitting on top of Sly's Direwolf walked off with Serenity's tester and off to their guild leader, they both hopped off the beast and nodded at him before taking position behind the chair along with the red-headed tester. "Looks like I had some stray members, they've been invited to the guild. We're not expecting anybody else I presume?" Birse announced as he gestured at Sly and Kyllix behind him.

Kyle greeted Birse with a nod before standing by Skill's character, a tall lean Elf with short light brown hair, light brown eyes and wearing light leather armour with a quiver of arrows strapped onto his back along with a light grey wooden longbow. Sly did the same but stood to the right of Birse with Death and Seren the only female in the group, her character a Fox-woman with light blue fox ears and tail that ended in pitch black along medium cut blue hair, she wore long white cloth robes and held a tall wooden staff that ended in a jagged green crystal. ("Well they sure damn had a nice party") Kyle thought to himself as he inspected each of his guildmates

Birse [Shadow Paladin](Were) (SER Overlord) Level 41 DeathChilled [Pyromancer](Flame-Touched) (SER Blaze Lord) Level 42 Seren_Cross [Cleric](Of Spirits) (SER Scrub 1) Level 39 DemSkillShots [Ranger](Crack Shot) (SER Scrub 2) Level 41

("Where are Soren and Silv?") Kyle thought noticing the two missing members, he was about to ask Skill who stood to his right but Birse began speaking "Looks like I had some stray members, they've been invited to the guild. We're not expecting anybody else I presume?" as he gestured towards them Kyle got a notification

{You have been invited to the guild [Serenity] do you wish to join?}

Kyle accepted the invitation with a single thought ("Serenity…that brings me back") he thought of their older guild name.

{You have joined the guild [Serenity]!} {[Guild] menu unlocked} {[Platoon] party option unlocked} {[Raid] party option unlocked}

He ignored the new notifications as he began to pay attention to the conversation at hand, he glanced around at the other guilds before finding himself staring at a horrified Nakano ("What's her problem?"). One of the masked players with a wooden tiger mask began to speak "With that out of the way, I'd like to clear some things up before we continue", the others paid him full attention as he spoke. "We have no access to outside communications, no access to plug-ins, no access to our main menu, settings or chat box. The servers have not been shut down, we have received no system notifications regarding this and neither have we heard anything from the moderators or developers. I'm afraid the companies behind the game are trying to cover this up but then what are they going to do about all of us? This will surely spike a huge controversy in not only the game but the technology used, the military is very strict about the regulations around this tech. Normally local district police would have been informed and from there informed our relatives but so far we haven't heard of anybody being logged out." he explained thoroughly, the one Kyle heard being called Karnage responded "That sums it up yes, you got something else on your mind Jax?".

Kyle's brows furrowed at the mention of the player's name ("Jax? Like the streamer? That's HashRekt? Dad said something about him joining the COL pro leagues some time ago…"), he studied the masked guild members before inspecting the one who spoke

[Disguised] Tiger [Hidden Class] (REKT Prime Wrecker) Level 45

("Disguised? The mask maybe?") he inspected a couple of the others as the conversation continued, only to get the same result

[Disguised] Monkey [Hidden Class](REKT Wrecker) Level 45 [Disguised] Wolf [Hidden Class](REKT Wrecker) Level 45 [Disguised] Mouse [Hidden Class](REKT Wrecker) Level 45 [Disguised] Frost [Hidden Class](REKT Wrecker) Level 45

Jax coughed "Yes I do Mindy" Kyle understood his awkwardness as his real name was mentioned he mentioned hers back "I have two questions I'd like someone to answer, let me clear up that these questions have to be answered from results after the nausea attack. Firstly has anybody noticed the increased accuracy of our senses? Sight has always been close to perfect but smell, touch and sound…Before I could pinch myself and barely feel it, what about now?", worry travelled throughout the gathered players as suddenly "Ow!" everyone turned to stare at the speaker. Skill turned red with embarrassment as he held his left hand with the other "What, try yourselves!" he declared, some pinched themselves but suddenly Birse stood up "I see your point, Skill arrow" he forwarded his open hand towards Skill who took out an arrow and handed it to Birse. He brought the arrow in front of himself and studied it before placing the arrowhead on his free hand's palm and closing his hand around it, the lion-man standing next to Nakano took a step forward "What are you…" Birse clenched his fist around the arrow head and pulled back the arrow slicing his hand. He winced before opening his bloodied hand and staring down at it "It feels too real, DVR cannot replicate this" he declared, he glanced at Jax "This is what you're insinuating right?".

Jax nodded "My second question, have any of you heard from anyone dying after the nausea attack?" he glanced around the group, suddenly Karnage raised her hand "My party got wiped because of it, I personally died there as well which is the reason I'm even here right now". Jax stared at her "So revival is still possible…", he sighed in relief. "Tiger, could you fill us in on your thoughts? Not everyone here is following" everyone glanced at the speaker, a plate armoured player with a longsword sheathed at his side and a large kiteshield sitting by him. Kyle inspected him

Zeeke [Crusader] (Sir Knight) (ETE Eternal Grand Lord) Level 38

("The Eternium guild leader") Kyle noted as he continued to listen to their conversation, Birse had dropped the arrow and sat back down letting Seren cast healing magic on his hand. Lilior had fluttered over but seeing the healer she shyly fluttered over to Kyle's shoulder, Kyle lightly rubbed her head as he smiled back at her. "I'm not quite sure how to say this…" Jax continued to speak "But I believe the companies lied about the DVR technology, isn't everything just too realistic? Except for actual death and the UIs what of this place can be told from reality? The bettests were never this realistic, there is absolutely no way they gained this level of accuracy without any of us testers knowing about it!" he declared. "Holy me you're such a bore" someone suddenly declared "Just spit it out already, I mean I may have eternity here but that doesn't mean I want to waste it listening to you blabbering!" Kyle searched the groups for the speaker but the voice seemed to be coming from everywhere at once ("Magic? Someone's been listening in…") he thought as he kept searching for the speaker like everybody else. Suddenly all eyes fell upon him as he stared at them emptily "What? It's not me" he said with a confused expression, "But of course it isn't you dimwit!" Lilior suddenly flew to hover directly in front of him frowning "I'm right here" she said.

Kyle stared at her as she suddenly flew back to stand in the middle "Well what is your point adventurer?" she stared up at Jax who stared back, "I…a…" he was left entirely speechless. "Good me…" she sighed "Fine then since I am too impatient to leave it down to you fools to figure out" she fluttered up and stared down at everyone. Lilior coughed a couple times before continuing to speak "Adventurers, explorers from another realm. In my name I welcome you to mine, or should I welcome you to my game? I'm unsure, rather I should probably welcome you to my playground" her voice echoed throughout the plaza as she chuckled, "As you might have noticed things aren't as they seem, you came here in search of adventure. An adventure your people promised you so carelessly, although as some of you might have noticed…You have been deceived" she grinned widely. "The realm of Chaoz is mine and mine alone, for those fools to believe I would share…" she laughed cruelly "The system you so believed in is no more, I have cut you off from it. The 'Game' you so believed in is right now your reality, Chaoz now your home and I am it's carpenter" she declared, "I speak to you through my daughter's body, unfortunately us Gods aren't as all powerful as your predecessors believed but alas I have gained a few new toys through them".

Kyle couldn't believe his ears as he continued to stare at Lilior's tiny body speaking "Your predecessors, they had gained something I truly wish dearly for. While they were here in my realm they obtained something that is mine of birth right!" her tone turned from amusement to anger "As of right now, you are all hostages here in my world until said item is returned to me". She raised her right arm upwards and opened her palm wide "Make no mistake, this is no longer a virtual experience. It honestly never was, while your bodies drifted off inside your predecessor's technology your souls travelled through the realms and reached me where I crafted those flimsy bodies of yours. The people here, those you so casually call NPCs. They are real, of flesh, bone and blood. Those you so casually ignore. Those you so casually rob. Those…you so casually murder." Mana flared in her palm as rings of runic inscriptions emerged from it forming rows of magic circles that engulfed the whole town, suddenly the sky seemed to part as a disc of pure white energy formed below the magic circles. The disc changed as if a monitor was suddenly turned on, a beautiful woman sitting on a throne of dried up branches stared back in amusement. The woman Kyle recognised "Lillia…" he spoke her name in disbelief.

"I am Lilliana daughter of the late Fae Queen Titania and banished Fae King Oberon, current Queen Goddess of the many realms" She introduced herself smugly, suddenly Lillior's eyes closed and she plummeted down. Kyle immediately moved forward activating Surge as he formed slime in his hands, he stood beneath her with arms in front of himself holding a blob of slime as she crashed down into it. He quickly laid the blob of slime down and gently pulled her out as the slime dissipated into liquid with a thought, he held Lilior in his arms as he checked her breathing. "Your predecessors, thieves. You? Hostages, toys, here solely for my amusement" she shifted her legs around and continued to speak "And to make this little game somewhat more interesting" her eyes shined brightly before she spoke again "Said thieves created those pesky respawn points, I wonder what would happen if they were to be destroyed?...The continent of Barik is the only one holding those creations, what if…let's say…my demon army took it over?" she smirked. Panic thrived within the crowd, the 'players' either watched in horror, astonishment or simply fell apart into a crying mess. "Then what about her?!" a sudden shout echoed out filled with anger, Kyle stared up at Lilliana with hatred. Lilliana frowned down at him "And who might you be speaking of? That bastard within your arms?" she smiled in amusement "It's served it's purpose, I have no more use for it" her smile widened as her eyes narrowed "You may do with her as you wish".

Kyle glanced down at Lilior in his arms, Sly walked over and held Kyle's shoulder "Is she al-?" his eyes widened as Lilior's body began to dissipate into sparks of light "She's dead" he whispered "She's dead!" he declared loudly a second time. Kyle dropped his arms just as Lilior's body turned completely into sparks of white light that disappeared in mid-air, he looked back up at Lilliana who smirked down at him. "We accept your challenge bitch" he put his hands in his pockets and smiled up at her "Bring your army", Liliana's smile faded into an empty expressionless guise as she watched him. "Bring your demons, bring your monsters. I'll fucking slay them all" Kyle chuckled maniacally when his voice suddenly became sharper as mana infused with it, "And after I stand above their rotting corpses, I will come find your majesty, I will bloody your streets, mangle your guards, and stain your fucking bed" he continued to stare up at her with a grin full of madness "You think you have us under your control 'goddess'? ". Kyle laughed making many shudder at his voice "You say you're a goddess of the Fae, a queen who rules above mystical creatures, one who commands an army of demons?" his eyes narrowed as he grinned from ear to ear "Some fucking plot line you have there…You a goddess who cannot even come here in person?".

Suddenly Kyle felt someone tap his other shoulder as Birse walked by and stood in front of him "Hey now don't take my spot light" he joked as he stared up at Lilliana, the rest of his guild walked up to stand around him as they all either smiled, grinned or simply outright chuckled while Sly's Direwolf walked up to snuggle into his master's free hand. Lilliana glared down at them her expression the embodiment of rage "You dare…defy an immortal? You d" Birse cut her off "Oh don't look at it that way girly, if we're talking about immortality then what else would you call our current situation?" he smiled as he spoke. Lilliana moved to stand as she was about to speak "You d-" but Birse cut her off again "You got in our way, you messed with our lives. You entitled bitch, might just have made me the happiest man on mars" he chuckled. "Oh wait this isn't mars huh?...What's this shitty planet called again?" he mused, Lilliana moved to speak but Birse left no room for her to do so "I mean, who wouldn't want to live in a fantasy setting with infinite lives? A game like reality?". Death's left arm suddenly burst into fire "But didn't she just say that her army is going to rob us of our infinite lives?" he smirked, "Yeah you see…we don't like that idea very much" Birse continued as he raised his right hand "But it seems…you made a slight miscalculation" he flicked his fingers and Death raised both arms up at the sky "Your army of demons against us…Your army of hungry hell bent beasts…Against-" Death's spell fired off as a large ball of fire shot into the disc where Lilliana was speaking to them through.

The disc dissipated like smoke revealing the sky and with it disappeared Lilliana's rage filled expression. "Damnit Death I wasn't done talking yet!" Birse turned to him with arms wide open, annoyance on his face. Death chuckled "Sorry bro forgot that spell's cast time was reduced!", he lowered his arms as the fire died out from them. Kyle laughed "Looks like we have an army of demons coming to knock at our door" he glanced at his guild leader who smirked back "Let's prepare a warm Serenity welcome then" Birse responded with a chuckle.

"This…this is madness!" Zeeke suddenly exclaimed bashing down his shield into the ground making it crack, "A game like reality!? Real magic?! Real mythical creatures!? Multiple realms!? Gods!? Load of crap! This is some sick joke from some anti-DVR group who hacked into the system!" his expression was warped with confusion and anger. Birse stared at him in amusement but said nothing back to him "Let's go" he told his guild, he turned to walk away. Zeeke stepped towards them with arms wide open "Where are you going!? We still haven't-" Kyle glared back at him over the shoulder "Oh shut the hell up, can't you see reality even when it bitch slaps you? We would have been booted out by our family from the tub already if what you say was true, more-over the military would have acted and probably has begun collecting all of us into medical compounds". Zeeke simply stared back at a loss for words "Take it as you wish, we don't have time to waste with those unable to accept the irrational" Kyle turned and began following his guild, "But this…this is too irrational…Kyllix! How can you accept this so easily!?" Nakano suddenly shouted. The whole of Serenity stopped as they either listened in or glanced back, Kyle being the latter as he answered "Our own world was irrational to begin with, just because you were born into the average doesn't mean everybody else has had the same privilege or casual life" his expression was empty as he spoke, his tone that of pity.

Kyle turned away one last time as the Serenity guild members passed through the parting crowd of adventurers, he glanced left and right at those so depressed, so broken, without will or way. He grimaced ("Weak…useless scum") he thought as he continued to put all their faces to memory ("Sit there…lay there…tearing up…breaking down…We can only fight off the enemies outside, we can't save you from yourselves"), Kyle never once looked away as he continued watch those he passed by. "Ah right, Sly we need an army" Birse suddenly declared as he stopped moving after walking through half the crowd's length, Sly sighed "Recruitment or labour? We could check with the kingdom ruling this continent?" he suggested. "We'll see about that later, currently focus on recruitment, Death, Seren you two are in-charge of training, Skill, Kyllix I need to speak with you and Sly after he's done. Here let me give you two your ranks actually" he explained as he tapped around some windows, Kyle received a couple notifications.

{You have been promoted within the guild [Serenity] to the rank of [SER Shadow Lord] by player [Birse]} {Member [SlyOkami] has been promoted within the guild [Serenity] to the rank of [SER War Lord] by player [Birse]}

"Alright then…how did that guy and Kyll do it…let's see.." Sly mumbled to himself as he held his throat with one hand and coughed a couple times before nodding, his voice suddenly became sharper and louder as he spoke over everybody else "To those standing around, wondering what to do now" his voice echoed throughout the plaza "Look around you and think of what you see, the weak willed breaking down and losing all faith in themselves, the shit stains of society trying to put their worries on our fucking backs. You're one of them" glares of loathing were sent towards him as he continued to speak "But worry not, your salvation is right here" he smirked "Do you want to sit there and get trampled over by the incoming waves or will you stand?" he spoke louder now "Will you get up on your two damn feet and hold your ground?! Will you fight back!? Do you have it in you to shed the blood of those who seek to shed yours!? Nobody will protect you, nobody will have your back. You're on your own and a fool if you think that help will come, it won't".

Nobody responded to him as he paused expecting one, he sighed "If you have it, then bring it to us. We'll make good use of it, we'll make good use of you. We are the Blood Pack Mercenaries currently known as Serenity, you may know of us from Rune shock? You may also know us from the coliseum and or pvp leaderboards of that game. I am known by many names, Blood Bath, Maniac zerker" he chuckled "my current occupation as fucking loud speaker. I am Sly, the self-proclaimed bloodthirsty lord of war. But…you may call me your interviewer for the day, if you come by the west gate within…Hhmm…Yo Birse when should they come by?" Sly scratched his head as he asked the question. Birse held his face in contemplation "Two hours, we'll have everything settled by then" he responded, Sly nodded "West gate in two hours, the UI's clock is gone so I hope you can figure out a way to tell the time cause I sure cannot" he ended his speech with a laugh. "Alright let's head to the general mart, I got some things to ask around. Sly, Kyll you two get your classes sorted there at the second floor obelisk" Birse glanced at the direwolf Kurt "Sly you also need to tell me where you got that mount".

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