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Translator's Note

This chapter contains mature content. Please be advised.

Sorry for the awkward translation; most of the words I would normally use when writing these scenes are words Ernst would never use, and to add on to it, the Dunbertian speaks so formally to him…

Arc 1, New Moon
Chapter 25

"Can I really… Um, may I really, be allowed to touch you…?"

"Aah, I don't mind. I want you to touch me, after all. And I also want to touch you."

Ernst tried to take off his clothes with his clumsy fingers. Even though a long time had passed since he had learned how to manage his own clothes, he still hadn't become proficient at it. Especially now that his fingers were shaking, he wasn't able to do anything.

"Aah, it's no good. I'm sorry, but could you take this off for me?"

Ernst turned around to face the man, who stretched out his hands to skillfully and nimbly strip off Ernst's clothes.

"Ah! Lord Ernst…!"

The man pressed a kiss to Ernst's small body, which had been rendered completely nude. He sucked on the tiny nubs on his chest and stroked his tender skin.


The man sucked between Ernst's legs, bringing ecstasy to Ernst's small manhood. When he began to roll it above his tongue, Ernst pulled on the man's curly hair. His entire body began to tremble from the pleasure creeping up over him until Ernst's upper body fell over on top of the man.

"…Wait. I also want to touch you."

When Ernst hit the man's back, the man finally released Ernst. The man stood straight up and yanked his clothes off. His coat had ripped along the way, but he didn't care at all.

"Aah… it's truly, amazing…"

Without meaning to, Ernst let out an admiring remark. The raised muscles of his shoulders, his thick pectorals, his tight and rippling abdomen. Thick thighs and muscular arms.

With nothing getting in the way, the man's everything was now exposed freely to Ernst's eyes. Ernst's trembling fingertips reached toward the manhood which proudly jutted from between the man's legs.

This was the first time Ernst had ever seen this when it was erect. Just from the thought that this was the thing of his beloved person, Ernst felt electricity in the core of his body.

"It's very… large."

Spellbound, Ernst held it with both hands. The thick undergrowth was the same as the man's hair, but a darker color. Ernst stroked what he held in his hands and felt ashamed over his own lower half.

"I really am lacking, aren't I."

He whispered this while setting his cheek upon the man's warm chest.

"What are you saying. Lord Ernst is truly magnificent. All it takes is for me to be near Lord Ernst, and just like this, become unable to suppress myself."

The man moved his hips as if to jut out his lower half, which Ernst continued to grip.

"But it seems as though you've been able to hold yourself back plenty up until now…"

"Because I always took caution to not show it. I constricted myself by tightly wrapping a strong and firm cloth around me so that I would never make Lord Ernst have to see my unsightly form. In this way, I disciplined myself."

Ernst touched the wet tip with his slender fingertips, thinking back.

Now that he mentioned it, on Ernst's last night at the royal palace. When he had touched the man, he had thought that the man was wearing an incredibly tough cloth for his underwear. So that was what he was talking about.

A smile spread over Ernst's lips.

So, it seemed like this man had desired him from such a long time ago.

"…Lord Ernst!"

The man spoke in a harried voice as Ernst rounded his back and brought his face closer to the manhood in his hands. Ever since earlier, the choking scent it released had made the insides of his head feel fuzzy.

The man's semen smelled fragrant. More than the man's saliva, more than his sweat, this scent drove Ernst mad, his mind unable to keep itself together. Unable to hold himself back, Ernst stretched out the tip of his tongue to lick it.


The man's large hands gripped Ernst's shoulders and pushed him away.

"What are you doing!? Don't interrupt me."

When Ernst turned a condemning gaze on him, the man's reddish-brown eyes looked earnestly down at Ernst.

"If you… do such a thing to me there, I won't be able to endure."

"What do you mean, endure?"

"That is, in other words, um, I am about to ejaculate."

"Isn't it good if you do?"

Ernst had read about that countless times in the books.

"No way…! If it happens like this, then I'm afraid that it will land upon Lord Ernst's face."

Ernst didn't understand just what this man was afraid of. What was the point of having something with such a fragrant and delicious taste if Ernst couldn't taste it.

"It's fine if you let it out."

As soon as Ernst said that, he opened his small mouth as wide as he could and popped the man's erection inside.

The man's semen was wonderful.

When Ernst had been the crown prince, he had received a gift from one of the countries of the Sistica Continent, the Kingdom of Leucurias.

Of the various goods they had brought to him, the one that Ernst liked the most was the Leucurias liquor. It could only be made in Leucurias, and only a small amount of it could be made; it was an extremely scarce and precious liquor.

What Ernst had received was a small bottle that could fit inside his palm. Every night, he savored and enjoyed it little by little.

The taste of this man's semen was the same, no, it was more wonderful than even the taste of that Leucurias liquor.

"Lord Ernst! Lord Ernst…!"

The man's voice sounded like he was on the edge. The tip which Ernst held within his mouth pulsed and shot out several times. Ernst gulped down the man's semen as if it were an overflowing fountain.

Aah, more, more, more!

Despite how frantically Ernst sucked him down, the man brought his large hands to Ernst's face and firmly, but not roughly, pulled him off.

Having been rudely interrupted, Ernst looked up at the man with an accusatory glare – and a hot splash covered his face.

"…ngh! …Ah, Lord Ernst!"

The man hurriedly rushed to find a cloth while Ernst stood there in the middle of the room, staring at him in a daze.

The feeling of the man's semen dripping down Ernst's forehead and cheeks made his body tremble. Surrounded by the man's overpowering scent, Ernst felt a beast rise up within his small body.

"Lord Ernst… I'm so sorry."

Hanging his head, the depressed man wiped at Ernst's face with a soft cloth.

"What do you need to apologize for? Right now, I'm feeling so very happy because of you."

Ernst clung to the large hand wiping his face, then tried his best to stand all the way to the tips of his toes to ask for a kiss. The man promptly met his wish, and his large tongue licked the inside of Ernst's mouth.

"I love you. I love everything about you."

Ernst's whisper was swallowed up by their kissing.

The man faced the fireplace, his large legs spread out. Ernst rode the man's lap, watching the man's thick finger move in and out of Ernst.

Ernst leaned back on the man's thick chest, resting his cheek on the man's arm, and reached over to pluck at his own downturned, limp manhood.

"Lord Ernst."

As if sensing Ernst's despondent mood, the man gently pressed a kiss to Ernst's shoulder.

"Over here, if it looked something like this, you would be pleased, wouldn't you."

Ernst tugged, lifting it up. The arms encircling Ernst tightened, holding him closer.

"Please, don't show that sort of figure to me…"

Still kissing Ernst's shoulder, the man let out this low and muffled whisper.

"I won't be able to restrain myself, if you do."

Ernst pulled back his hips, rubbing against that place between the man's legs. He touched the man's hot, hard manhood.

"This… you want to penetrate me with this, don't you?"

Closing his eyes, Ernst felt the heat of that robust manhood on his waist.

"So you knew of this…"

"I'm not so naive that I wouldn't even know that."

He successfully made the man chuckle. Ernst wasn't going to let him know just how hastily he had gotten this knowledge.

"If you want to insert it, then insert it. That way, you don't have to just keep fingering at my rear forever."

Ernst tightened his hips, making his ass squeeze around the fingers inside him.

"…ngh! But… Lord Ernst. Lord Ernst is so delicate here, there is no possible way for this insolent thing of mine to enter."

Ernst also knew that the largeness of the manhood behind him was different from the width of the finger inside of him.

But that was what this man wanted. And besides, he had done that very same thing with those women up until now. It wasn't fair that he could give it to those women whose faces he didn't even remember but not give it to Ernst, whom he loved.

"You don't have to worry about my body, or anything like that. I want to be penetrated by you. I want to feel you more strongly. More strongly than anyone, before, ever has."

Ernst firmly gripped the man's manhood and looked up into the man's reddish-brown eyes, those eyes which revealed how taken-aback the man was. Within those eyes of the man he loved, Ernst searched for the light of a beast.

"Please… give this to me."

Ernst felt the number of fingers in his ass increase.

If you're able to easily take three fingers, then we can do it. The man said this, allowing Ernst to finally understand what he had been doing for so long.

Ernst laid on the long length of the man's legs and looked at the man, who peeked toward him fretfully. The man continued to look at him with hesitation, so at the very last minute, Ernst turned to him and opened his legs wide.

"Lord Ernst!"

Ernst felt it – inside the man, something had been unleashed.

Taking care with Ernst's small body, the man laid flat on the ground and settled Ernst's body over his stomach.

Ernst rested his cheek on the man's muscular chest, trying to endure as the man's overwhelming girth entered him.

So tight, so painful, so difficult.

But, Ernst's chest beat faster; they were finally doing it, this act that the both of them had been desiring. Just a little more, there's just a little more, the man soothed. Gritting his teeth, Ernst nodded with difficulty.

"Lord Ernst, Lord Ernst."

Ernst raised his frail head at that man's caring voice.

"Lord Ernst, how are you feeling?"

Those reddish-brown eyes looked like they were on the brink of tears. When Ernst was in pain, that man also looked just as pained. Heheh, Ernst snickered, reaching out a trembling arm to stroke the man's cheek.

"I'm alright."

The man took Ernst's fingertips into his mouth and licked them, smiling gently.

The man rocked with a very slow and gentle rhythm.

The man waited patiently for Ernst to get used to his shape. Finally, once Ernst had gotten used to it and begun wriggling his small body on his own, the man gripped Ernst's hips with his large hands. He slowly, slowly, began to move.

Slowly, as he watched Ernst's reaction.

Ernst swayed, his cheek resting on the man's chest. He felt anchored by the man's powerful heartbeat. It let him feel how robustly full of life the man was.

Ernst was entranced by the sound of that heartbeat and the pleasure of the sensations that the man gave him. Even though the man had been swallowed up by Ernst's body, he continued to painfully hold back; inside of Ernst, he had an urge like a beast to make this man run wild. The girth inside of him struck a place that the man's wide fingers hadn't before reached.

"Ah…. aah…!"

"Lord Ernst, are you alright? …Was this too much for you?"

"It wasn't…! Aah, you're really, so big, aren't you…"

When Ernst began to pant, his breaths coming out hot, Ernst sensed the man smile in satisfaction.

The rhythm steadily grew more intense. Ernst's mouth had stopped functioning properly. All it was good for was gasping and panting.

"Lord Ernst! Lord Ernst!"

The man moved his hips like crazy, calling out Ernst's name countless times. His body grew even hotter.

The manhood inside of Ernst's body suddenly felt scorching within him. That delicious liquor was probably pouring out from its tip.

The moment Ernst felt it, pleasurable tremors wracked his small body uncontrollably.


His entire body felt numb. He felt numb even up to his brain. Not a single part of his body would listen to Ernst's orders.

"Aah!… aah… what was… that…?"

He clung to the man before his eyes. He felt that if he didn't grab onto something, he would fall into a dark and unseen pit.

"Lord Ernst…"

"What is this? What's happening? Aah… I'm going to fall… Save me!"

For the very first time since he was born, Ernst spoke out when he was afraid. Without worrying about his position, without being afraid of losing his dignity, he exposed everything about himself to his beloved person.

Feeling as if he was going to be pulled away somewhere, Ernst clung to that man's robust body as if his life depended on it.

"Lord Ernst, please calm down."

Those large hands rubbed Ernst's back as Ernst repeatedly let out shallow breaths.

"Take a deep breath… Yes, like that… It's alright, there's nothing to be afraid of."

The fingers that Ernst had used to grip the man's wide shoulders were stiff with tension. Ernst pried them off one by one, trying to bring strength back to his trembling arms as he roused his body.

"I thought that I was about to fall somewhere…"

"It's alright. If that happens, I'll hold you tight to keep you from going anywhere."

Ernst pushed up his hips, his small body arching back.

"…If I may be permitted to say this… since Lord Ernst and I are partners with compatible bodily fluids, when you felt my semen inside of you, it may have caused a reaction."

"…That might be so."

The characters in the stories were also like that. For the partners with compatible bodily fluids, nothing happened to their mouths, but in the deepest parts of their bodies, they felt their partner more strongly than anywhere.

Ernst sat on the man's toned hips, taking great care to keep in mind the place where he held the man deeply inside him.

He had felt that his own body had stopped listening to him and begun moving of its own accord. Even though the man had reached into the furthest depths of his body, it had been greedily inviting him to reach deeper inside.

He placed his hand on the man's solid stomach and briefly glanced at it.

Once he saw an unbelievable sight there, he gulped in a breath.

"This… Isn't this…?"

"Has something happened?"

The man looked confusedly at him. Dumbfounded, Ernst whispered:

"Look here. I'm erect…"

Ernst was pulled off of the manhood that he had so painstakingly taken inside of himself. The man brought his giant body toward the place between Ernst's legs, grasping it with his mouth.

"Why did you take it out!"

The man ignored Ernst's futile protests, but in exchange for his manhood, perhaps, he slipped his thick fingers inside of Ernst.

It felt soft and warm inside as the man sucked Ernst's manhood strongly enough to pull. At the same time, he played with the hole of Ernst's ass, making Ernst savor a feeling so intoxicating that he felt like his soul was about to fly away.

As the man continued to suck between his legs, Ernst used both of his hands to grip the man's curly brown hair, a pleasure he had never before experienced in his life now assaulting his body.


He fell over atop the man's large back, his thin chest rising and falling.

"Haa… aah… what happened…?"

The man continued to suck on Ernst's small manhood as well as the sack behind it, both of which he held within his mouth. Ernst asked that question, his fingers trailing over the man's wide back.

"What happened was that you ejaculated, Lord Ernst."

The man raised his head, smiling cheekily. Upon seeing how wet the area around the man's mouth was, Ernst's brain felt dizzy as if he was drunk.

"Aah, I'm so happy, I feel like I have been blessed…! Lord Ernst's first time letting it out, and it was allowed to happen within this mouth of mine!"

The man opened his large mouth and once again buried his face between Ernst's legs.

"Hold on, wait!"

The man raised his face, dissatisfied.

"I'm unable to leave behind descendants, right? That was what the physicians had told me. So how was I able to ejaculate?"

"That's, I hadn't been aware of that… Though certainly, no matter how Lord Ernst had been touched, you remained small and cute, after all."

A large finger stroked Ernst's manhood, which had reddened after being played with.

"Perhaps it was… because you had felt my semen with in your body…?"

The man suddenly said, as if struck by an idea. Ernst also thought it over.

That certainly might be it. The moment that Ernst had felt the man's semen inside him, he had experienced unprecedented pleasure.

"That… should be good, right. That's, very good."

Ernst grinned, brushing the man's brown-haired head.

"It's as if I'm being told that I was made for you, and you alone. I'm very satisfied."

The flames of the fireplace had already gone out, yet Ernst didn't feel a single trace of cold.

The hot-bodied Dunbertian embraced him, and deep within Ernst's innermost parts, he felt heat spill inside of him. That hot, scorching vitality shot out inside of Ernst.

It was an unending, gushing stream of life. In ecstasy, Ernst felt its strong power.

In the morning, Ernst woke to find himself between two muscular arms. He rubbed the tip of his nose against the man's burly chest and looked up at his face. The man seemed to have already been awake for some time. When Ernst looked up, he encountered a discomfited expression on the man's face.

"What's wrong?"

Ernst asked him with a tone full of doubts; the man replied, seeming at a loss.

"Just earlier, a butler came in."

Aah, so it was already time to wake up. Ernst now realized, far too slowly, that he had woken up.

"Um… Once he saw me, he was surprised and left…"

The man gave a troubled smile.

"Is something the matter with that?"

"Right now, it should have caused an uproar within the mansion, right?"

"So that's how it is. But isn't it fine if we don't pay any mind to it?"

"You believe so?"

"I told you that I loved you, didn't I? …Or could it be that you, have already had your fill of me?"

The people of Grude were not said to be the kind of people who would continuously love one person. Ernst turned his teary eyes upon the man.

If the man said that he was already done using Ernst, then from here on, Ernst didn't think that he would be able to live with human decency anymore.

"Lord Ernst! Please, don't make that kind of face. I also love you. I have always, always wished for you to be in my arms, and now, my dream has finally come true. I've never felt happier than I am now."

The man hugged him tightly, enveloping Ernst with his beloved scent.

"Then in that case, it's fine. We don't have to worry about anyone else."

"But am I not a Dunbertian? And Lord Ernst, the noble Lord of the fief… I feel that what others will say is that I will be unable to bring you honor; instead, I would be lowering your standing…"

Hearing the man's worries, Ernst laughed. This was his first time laughing aloud.

"What do you think they're going to say. I'm the Lord of the fief of Meissen, you know? I'd be surprised if there was anything that was any worse than that."

"Is that really how it is?"

"That's right; there's nothing you have to worry about. Besides, I might be ousted from my position as lord and become just any other citizen. If that happens, well, I might just have to depend on you…"

"Leave everything to me! With these arms of mine, I would be able to protect one, or even two of Lord Ernst!"

As the man tightly gripped his hand into a fist, his large biceps bulged, becoming as big as Ernst's face. Ernst trusted in the man's resolve and smiled.

"In that case, there's nothing to worry about."

Saying that, Ernst kissed the man's chest; and at this exact moment, the head butler timidly inched open the door and poked his head inside.

"Aah, you came at just the right time. This man is my partner from here on." [1]

Ernst sat up, and when man beside him similarly raised himself up, Ernst reclined against him, patting the man's thick arm.

The people of Grude did not marry. Other than the upper classes, the people of Schell also did not bind themselves to each other. There were many things which had to be decided in the contract, making it a burdensome act.

But Ernst didn't want to have a simple, uncomplicated relationship with this man.

If Ernst bound him with a contract, then this man wouldn't be able to leave him. If Ernst showed them the contract, then no one else would be able to get close to this man.

"I want to have it set down in writing that you and I will spend the rest of our lives together… Do you mind?"

"Lord Ernst…!"

The man embraced Ernst's thin waist, nodding his brown-haired head up and down.

"Humm. Then it's decided. We will exchange a formal contract in the future, but at this time, I have decided to take this person as my spouse."

Ernst gave his proclamation in a sonorous voice, gazing at his beloved man.

And then, he realized, suddenly:

"By the way, what is your name?"

The man was dumbfounded for a moment as he looked down at Ernst, but afterward, he burst out in laughter. He gave his reply:

"My name is Ganche."

This was, throughout Ernst's entire life, from the moment he was born up until now, the very first time that he had received another person's name.

[1] The word Ernst uses is 伴侶 (hanryo) – companion, partner, spouse​

Translator’s Note

Here it is, the last chapter of this phase of the story! We finally, finally, found out the man’s name. Ernst may have forgotten to read his papers and find out the man’s name, but the readers certainly didn’t… Did you notice that other than Ernst, not a single person had been named throughout all 25 of these chapters?

Also, Ernst locked him down immediately after sleeping with him. He works fast.

The next chapter is an interlude which contains some of my favorite content. (Spoiler: Ernst finally reads his documents.) It’s the longest chapter so far, and the ending really moved me and cemented my love of Ganche and Ernst. Please enjoy the author’s wonderful writing! After that, we move into phase 2 of the story. They’re all longer chapters, so I’ll be taking my time with the updates.

Thank you for reading Tsukiya’s wonderful story with me!!

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