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Chapter 1557 - Opening the Berserk Path


"Grand Elder, he …"

When the news of Zhan Tianlong's death reached the Nine Secret Warrior Family, the entire Battle Family was shaken.

He was a Master of the Master.

The powerhouse of the blend fo godhead, however … He had fallen!

Was Long Fei that strong?

In the War Clan's great hall, the patriarch of the Zhan Clan was Zhan Wushuang's father. Zhan Tiantu's forehead was locked tightly together as he secretly became angry.

"Long Fei!"

"Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

The hall was filled with a solemn killing intent.

The killing intent was dense.

None of the Zhans elder s in the great hall dared to make a sound, as they were all crushed by Zhan Tiantu's killing intent and felt incomparable discomfort.

After a long time.

His aura slowly disappeared.

An elder let out a long breath, "Patriarch, could it be related to the appearance of that giant dragon?"


"I've sent people to investigate, Eight King Kong entered the Chaos Realm from a low plane, their previous master's name was also Long Fei, and had the same name as this Long Fei."

"The key point is, he's a member of the dragon race. All the low level dragons that appeared in the god's martial continent obeyed Long Fei's orders!"

"Could it be that this huge dragon is Long Fei's awakened body?" An elder voiced out his doubts.

"Dragon clan?"

Zhan Tiantu coldly spat out two words, his eyes tensed up for a moment, then he slowly said: "I do not care what race he is, but even if he is from the God Clan, he must die, all those who are in my way die!"

The killing intent in his voice grew stronger once again.

Nine Secret Warrior Family was the overlord of the Chaos Realm, no matter who it was, they could forget about obstructing his path.

And then …

Zhan Tiantu said: "Do not let Wushuang know about the Grand Elder's death. He is currently in the one hundred floors of the Impact Sky Tower, and he cannot be distracted at a time like this."

"Yes sir!"

An elder asked: "Clan leader, if Long Fei is really from the dragon race, then how should we deal with him?!


"Long Fei's potential far exceeds our expectations. Who would have thought that a broken Pubes trash would have such fortuitous encounters?"

"Moreover, he seems to be fighting with the young master for the position of Xuanyuan nationality's eldest miss."

"His strength is not what it used to be."

Long Fei grew up too fast.

He had to make them pay attention to him.

Zhan Hongtu's death gave them a warning. This time, they had sent out their s, but... They still failed, which allowed them to clearly see just how strong Long Fei was.

How should he deal with it?

Zhan Tiantu's eyes slightly trembled, and said: "You don't have to worry about this matter, it's fine if he isn't of the dragon race, but if he is of the dragon race … "Heh heh …"

"He doesn't need us to do anything. He will die without a burial ground."

"Long Fei, just you wait!"

Others might not know, but Zhan Tiantu had seen in Battle Family's secret history that the Dragon Clan's ancestor had an incomparably powerful Dragon Bloodline Battle God, Flying God, and even an extremely powerful foreign ancestor. In the end, they were all killed by a powerful force, and this force had never disappeared.

They existed once.

They had been killing the remnants of the dragon clan's disciples in countless planes.

For example, the great tribulation that occurred in the god's martial continent every three million three hundred thousand years was aimed at that powerful force.

If Long Fei was really of the dragon race, then the people he would be facing wouldn't be as simple as the powerhouse of this plane.

Once the colorful fairy dragon appeared, it wouldn't be long before that mysterious force descended once again. Long Fei would definitely receive a heavy blow from the heavens, he would definitely die!

However …

Zhan Tiantu did not wait for the appearance of the mysterious power.

There was a saying that a gentleman's revenge could last for ten years, but Zhan Tiantu's personality was one where there was no room for revenge. He would definitely not let any of the Zhan Clan members die in vain.

Exiting the main hall, he entered the forbidden area of the Zhan Clan.

There was a long passageway inside the forbidden area. That was the way to the Nine Hell Forbidden Area.

He wanted to bring some Divine level powerhouse s that did not belong to the Chaos Realm here. He wanted to let Zhan Wushuang safely enter the ancient holy battlefield, and also make it impossible for Long Fei to get back!

… ….


tower question of god, saint presbyter on the ninety-seventh floor, took a step back and said: "You passed."

"Let's go up."

Xuanyuan Li Er was slightly taken aback, "Elder, you …"

saint presbyter said, "Go up."

Xuanyuan Li Er could clearly feel that during the previous matches, it was saint who had allowed her win several times, and her last move was to purposefully reveal an opening. Only then would she be able to turn the tide and win.

It was obvious that he was throwing the match!

Xuanyuan Li Er was naturally intelligent, looked at saint, and walked straight to the ninety-eighth floor without saying a word, and thought to himself: "Big brother Long Fei, I'm afraid Zhan Wushuang has already grasped everything within the tower question of god, and now even saint presbyter listens to him, but … "It doesn't matter, as long as I break through the 100th level, I will come and find you!"

"I will definitely work hard!"

… ….

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"You little trash want to hurt me now?"

Ghost Hell Ruins.

The Celestial Spirit sneered and said, "A bunch of scum. Is powerhouse on the Heavenly Rankings that amazing?"

Layers upon layers of Pure Yang Force appeared on his body.

With the combination of the Ghost Vein Divine Art and the Heavenly Spirit technique, his body was now completely different. The first stage of the Ghost Yang stage, the first stage, the Ten Stage, the Ghost Yang Heavenly Emperor, he had refined into the immeasurable power of the Ten Stage Mountain in the Ghost Hell Ruins.

Ghostly Yang Heaven Defying Technique.

"It's time to leave!"

The sky spirit's eyes lit up. "Boss, I'm leaving the mountain!"

… ….

god;s water king kong, Lin Yousheng.

holy-armor king kong, Chen Tianfei.

The Venerable Dragon Subduing Doyen, Arhat, and Black Knife all walked out of the Secret World ruins they were in. In less than a year, they had completely changed.


Every place they entered seemed to have been arranged for them by the heavens, and they found their way there.

There was no such thing as a coincidence in the world.

All of this was part of the Yan Huang ancestor's plans.

Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to find a suitable place for their cultivation so smoothly.

All of the Eight King Kong s had come out of their mountains!

However …

Li Yuanba scratched his bald head and asked naively: "Where's boss?"

"Where should we meet up with our brothers?"

"So irritable."

Standing at the foot of the Giant Spirit Mountain, Li Yuanba looked out into the vast expanse, and didn't know where he should go to find Long Fei and the others.

In the end.

Li Yuanba carried the Giant Spirit Axe and muttered: "It doesn't matter, I will kill whoever comes to cause trouble for me. Hell Gate has always been targeting Boss, so I'll just flip it over first."

Thinking about this, Li Yuanba immediately became excited.

It was just as he had thought.

The other seven king kongs s all thought the same.

The person who was targeting Long Fei, was the person they needed to take revenge with. The current Eight King Kong was completely different from the past. They wanted to open the berserk path!

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