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Chapter 543 Reasons

The Eight Remoteness Dragon King was said to be a humanoid fierce beast of the Primordial Era.

In the end, he angered one of the Rankers at that time. After injuring him heavily, he felt pity, and could not bear to kill him completely. In the end, he sealed him deep in the ocean between the Two Realms Plain.

Dozens of years ago, the Demon Lord Fen Tian found his existence in a trench, and helped him undo the seal, escaping from his confinement. Different from the Flamewing Phoenix King and the Sword Soul King, who had their souls controlled, the Eight Remoteness Dragon King was deeply grateful and loyal to the Demon Lord Fen Tian, obeying his orders.

Thus, the Demon Clan had an additional "Eight Remoteness Dragon King".

Information regarding the 'Eight Remoteness Dragon King' flashed past Tang Huan's mind, and he immediately rolled his eyes, his lips curling into a strange smile, "Senior Zhang Tang, where are you planning to go?"

Everyone followed Tang Huan's gaze, only to realize that Zhang Tang had already stealthily galloped for around 10 metres.

Zhang Tang's body trembled as he laughed dryly, "Master Ye Ming, that 'Eight Remoteness Dragon King' is too powerful. We are not a match for it. Everyone no longer care about how the Demon Clan's army appeared. It's more important that they quickly escape, since only one can escape now. " As he spoke, Zhang Tang didn't stop. Instead, he clamped his legs together, and the steed beneath him whinnied. Then, he shot forward like an arrow that had just left the bowstring.

Everyone felt as if they had just awoken from a dream. Those who had already dismounted from their horses quickly jumped back onto their horses. Those who were still riding on their horses turned their horses around quickly.


But right at that moment, Tang Huan suddenly disappeared from the horse's back, and instantly traversed ten meters, arriving in front of the horse carrying Zhang Tang.

Zhang Tang could only see a blur as Tang Huan's smiling face appeared before him.

This turn of events was too sudden, causing him to find it hard to believe his eyes. He subconsciously thought that he was mistaken. But in the next moment, he woke up because Tang Huan had already grabbed onto the rein like lightning. With a light tug, that handsome horse was flipped over and fell onto the ground.


Caught off guard, Zhang Tang, who was on horseback, was also sent flying. However, he was still a Martial Lord of the eighth step, his body twisted strangely in the air and steadily landed on the ground. However, his face was filled with unconcealable shock, "Master Ye Ming, you … …"

The other Martial Warriors s were all shocked, they only realised that Tang Huan had suddenly disappeared, and after a moment, they could see that Zhang Tang who was tens of metres away was being blown away along with his horse, and they could see Tang Huan's figure again. As for how Tang Huan went over to him, they were not aware of it at all.

Was this Master Ye Ming really a Martial Lord of the eighth step?

With such a strange method and terrifying speed, even the Stage Nine Martial Saint wouldn't have it, right?

Beneath the black veil, Feng Ming's lips were pursed as a smile appeared on her lips. Amongst so many people, only she knew that Tang Huan had used the spatial spell "Space Moving" earlier, and only the "Space Moving" was able to travel such a far distance in an instant without anyone being able to track his movements.

"Senior Zhang Tang, you've chosen this route to take me in circles. I presume this is the moment you're waiting for."

Tang Huan smiled as he looked at Zhang Tang.

At that moment, the gigantic explosion seemed to resound right beside his ears. It could be seen that the Demon Clan's army was extremely far away, but not only was he not nervous, he even had fighting spirit in his chest.

Now, Tang Huan finally understood what the hell Luo Lang was doing. However, Tang Huan was puzzled by the fact that he had no enmity with Luo Lang, why did he reveal his whereabouts to the Demon Clan and had his old servant bring him to the place where the Demon Clan was hiding.

What was even more strange was that even the Demon Clan s were mobilized!

If it was a of the eighth step, it would be absolutely impossible to lure the Eight Remoteness Dragon King out. From this, it could be seen that his real identity had already been leaked.

No wonder he had always felt that Luo Lang seemed to be suppressing a certain emotion within his heart when he was at the Thousand Generals Manor. It seemed that he had likely recognized him the moment they had met.

"Master Ye Ming, you don't need to joke around. Let's just hurry up and escape. The Demon Clan is about to arrive." Zhang Tang forced out a smile.

"Master Ye Ming?"

Tang Huan's lips curved into a faint smile, "Senior Zhang Tang, I feel like you can now call me Master Tang Huan."

Tang Huan squinted his eyes, the bottom of his heart had some doubts. He could be sure that he had never seen Luo Lang, and he had also heard from others on the road that Luo Lang had been guarding Ocean City ever since the end of the war with no intention of leaving, and had never returned to the Glory Continent, so it was obviously impossible for him to have met Luo Lang.

Judging from this, Luo Lang should have only seen his portrait, and the two of them shouldn't have any hatred between them. But to kill him, Luo Lang actually colluded with the Demon Clan?

This was truly unbelievable.

However, thinking about it, Tang Huan felt that he seemed to have understood something. Back then in Sword Crafting Valley, he had killed the son of Tang Kingdom's Grand Scholar, Tang Chen, and the son of Tang Kingdom's General Shi Zhongda, Shi Qian, had also died by Lu Chen's hands.

"Tang Huan?"

The surrounding dozens of Martial Warriors s were shocked when they heard that. This young man named "Ye Ming" actually claimed to be Tang Huan? This made them unable to believe their own ears. Even when one was in the "Two Realms Plain", the name "Tang Huan" echoed like thunder to the ears.

Tang Huan, who in just three short years had gone from a normal person to a Stage Nine Martial Saint, had already become an idol of countless Martial Warriors.

He is actually Tang Huan?

After a moment of confusion, everyone immediately believed that the miraculous method just now, could not be used by an ordinary person. If it was Tang Huan, then it would make sense. Only, the words that Tang Huan said to Zhang Tang just now seemed to have some hidden meaning, why was it like that?

"Master, you... How could you be Tang Huan? " Zhang Tang's face twitched slightly as he chuckled, a trace of panic in his eyes.

"Senior Zhang Tang, can you tell me what is the relationship between General Luo Lang and the Senior General Tang Yue or General Shi Zhongda?" Tang Huan did not beat around the bush with Zhang Tang anymore and went straight to the point.

"Master Tang Huan, I do not understand what you are saying." Zhang Tang avoided his gaze.

"Master Tang Huan, General Luo Lang is General Shi Zhongda."

Wang Haicheng is an important place in the Human Allied Forces's granary, we must absolutely not lose anything. Therefore, whether it is our Tang Dynasty or the Mo Yun, although people say that the ones sent are ordinary generals, in truth, the ones who are truly in charge are all great generals, and they do so because they want to see if they can lure the Demon Clan out from the Furious Billows Castle. This matter is extremely secretive, and only the thousand generals and more generals know, and the normal soldiers all thought that the person us in charge of Wang Haicheng is only General Luo Lang, but they did not know that General Luo Lang had already returned to Luo City.

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