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The faint white light unceasingly aroused the fire elements in the cave; the faint red lights from various corners were attracted as they slowly went to Vermillion Bird’s spot. Under the guidance of the white light, the fire elements slowly poured into Vermillion Bird’s body.


On his red feathers small, unstable flames faintly appeared. This made Shen Yanxiao even more nervous.


She held her breath and stared at Vermillion Bird.


Amazingly, a large group of flames wrapped Vermillion Bird’s whole body and quickly swallowed it whole. 


"Vermillion Bird?" Shen Yanxiao was greatly alarmed and immediately went to his spot; however, Xiu timely held her shoulder to stop her. 


"He's fine, this is a sign of Vermillion Bird's awakening." Xiu’s low-pitched voice rang in Shen Yanxiao’s ears, which finally calmed her heart.


The blazing flame became a bit more intense as the whole cave went quiet again.


Surprisingly, a bang came from the flames.


A moment later, a small, white, tender hand suddenly came out from the flame.


The dazzling fire gradually dissipated, and in its place stood a cute little boy who looked around 2-3 years old, staring blankly.


Red, long hair and a pair of fiery eyes.


Was this not the appearance of Vermillion Bird?




He seemed to be younger than before. 


"Vermillion Bird?" Shen Yanxiao looked at Vermillion Bird, her eyes filled with excitement.


Vermillion Bird blinked as he looked at Shen Yanxiao. He then walked over to her and ignorantly extended both his arms at her. Then that rosy little mouth let out a soft voice.


"Mommy, hug."




Shen Yanxiao was completely petrified.


At the side, Taotie’s eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets, while inside Lan Fengli’s eyes that used to be serene and undisturbed there appeared an astonish look.


Vermillion Bird called Shen Yanxiao... Mommy?


"Carry..." The small Vermillion Bird pitifully looked at Shen Yanxiao. His extended arms did not obtain the response he wanted. His bright, big red eyes contained grievance as if he had been wronged.


Shen Yanxiao was secretly surprised and didn’t expect such thing to come.


Still not getting any response from Shen Yanxiao, small Vermillion Bird’s little mouth pouted before looking towards Xiu by her side. Moving his arms, he outstretched his arms at him.  


"Daddy, hug."


"..." Shen Yanxiao was thoroughly dumbstruck!!!


Xiu raised his eyebrow at this small Vermillion Bird who was like a tiger seeking to be touched and hugged. And then shifted his gaze beside him and saw how red Shen Yanxiao’s little face was. His cold eyes flashed a light smile, after which he went to extend his arms and hold Vermillion Bird who desired to be loved dearly.


Small Vermillion Bird smiled as it lay on Xiu’s shoulder, his big eyes looking around him. 


At the very same time, his sight locked on the stunned Taotie, then the small fella immediately furrowed his brows.




"..." Taotie felt very pitiful. How could this small Vermillion Bird curse him like the previous Vermillion Bird did?


Taotie, who was still thinking of also hugging this frail small Vermillion Bird just now, after Vermillion Bird attacked him, just started to focus his gaze on his still not eaten steam buns, crouching in a corner and continuing to eat. 


"Xiu, what happened to Vermillion Bird?" Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu with a blushing face.


Xiu slowly said, "He has experienced too many things before. Although he has already awakened, he has not fully recovered yet and so may have temporarily lost his memory."


"Then why did he called me—." Shen Yanxiao's expression was awfully complicated. Nevermind that he called her “mommy”.


 But to think that he actually called Xiu “daddy”!


Although the relationship between her and Xiu was seemingly moving forward, but!


They were still at least very pure now!


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