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The Death of Xuanyuan

Several grave keeper s each released a ray of golden light.

These golden lights flew into the air and instantly turned into several golden dragons. They roared as they flew downwards, charging into the vicious beasts.

The vicious beasts in the arena were all knocked into a mess by the golden dragons.

The combined power of the grave keeper was indeed very strong.

"You're courting death!"

Seeing that its companion was at a disadvantage, the Taotie, whose fighting strength was still considered complete, instantly became furious.

He let out a furious roar as his body instantly grew larger.

In the blink of an eye, the Taotie had turned into a huge black vicious beast that was over ten meters long and five meters tall.

However, it still only had three arms.

But it did not hinder the power of the Taotie. He opened his mouth wide and aimed at the cultivators below.

A huge suction force came from his mouth.

It was like a black hole, sucking in all the cultivators present.

"Be careful! This fellow's mouth is weird! "

"I, I can't control myself, ahhhhhh!"

Some cultivators that weren't very strong were immediately sucked into the Taotie's mouth.

Only Emei and the others stood far away, so they didn't suffer any losses.

As for the other sects, they had suffered terrible losses.

Many disciples were swallowed by the Taotie.

"How dare you, you monster!"

An Qiyang pointed with his finger, and those roaring golden dragons immediately charged into the Taotie's mouth.

The Taotie's mouth erupted with golden light, and its body continuously explosively retreated until it returned to its human form. It spat out blood from its mouth and collapsed onto the ground.

"You will all die today!"

That An Qiyang had already made up his mind to take revenge for his youngest disciple.

"Haha, even if I die with you today, I will not let you hurt Wang!"

Blood dripped from the Taotie's mouth, but it still laughed loudly.

"How reckless!"

An Qiyang controlled a golden dragon and roared as he charged towards the Taotie.

"Me too!"

Hou's figure suddenly rushed over. He was No.1 warrior general among the fierce beasts.

This fellow sent a fist flying, smashing straight through that golden dragon.

However, his own figure was also knocked back explosively, and finally smashed into the ground below him.

"This is the tomb guard's golden dragon. Against monsters like you, it's the most suitable."

An Qiyang said.

"Hehe, I really don't know who the true demon is."

Shan Sao swept a disciple of Mount Shu away with his tail as he coldly said, "At least, we are alive and well. And you are all a bunch of vile people! You are truly a despicable person! "

"Kill them!" The berserk beasts were about to collapse! All cultivators present here, in the future, your heroic names will certainly appear in the annals of history! "

After being unable to attack for so long, the Tian Danzi was already getting impatient.

He had to quickly take down the Shanhai tomb and kill that Xuanyuan Yingji in order to achieve a great merit for the cultivation world.

He really did not expect that even the heavens would help his Tian Danzi.

Originally, he thought that the flesh god would have some problems, but he never expected her to retreat so quickly, now was the time to get weak.

Take her!

He must not miss this godsend chance!

Under the urging of the Tian Danzi, those cultivators fought even more bravely.

This could be said to be a battle of fame for them.

In the future, he could brag to his fellow disciples and juniors about how he had participated in the battle to exterminate the vicious beasts and even launched a great attack.

This, how awesome was this!

"Your dirty names will only be left behind in history!"

Shan Sao shouted loudly, "This will definitely not be glory!"

"Go and die first!"

The grave keeper controlled a golden dragon and flew towards Shan Sao.

"Who dares to hurt one of my Shanhai tomb's men!"

At this moment, a cold female voice flew out from the black smoke.

Then, a black and red fireball came out of the black smoke and hit the golden dragon.

The golden dragon was immediately blasted apart.

All the vicious beasts turned their heads to look and shouted in unison.


As for all the cultivators, they couldn't help but stop their attacks and look in the direction of the black smoke.

The black smoke gradually dissipated.

A woman wearing a white dress slowly revealed herself.

For a moment, that woman appeared, causing many cultivators to fall into a state of infatuation.

She, she was too beautiful!

This kind of beauty was simply indescribable!

It was as if even if she sent him to his death, they would definitely do the same!

If they had to trade everything for this woman's smile, they would be willing to do so!

"I didn't expect... "During the days when I was sleeping, I actually caused so much trouble."

Xuanyuan Yingji stood on his own tomb, and looked at the group of cultivators in front of him.

Her eyes quickly fell on Qin Chao's body.

It was a kind of attachment, an obsession.

"You also came to kill me?"

"I came to watch the show."

Qin Chao knew these words were said to him.

"As expected, they are related..."

Tian Danzi said in his heart.

"Xuanyuan Yingji!"

He turned his head, trying his best to suppress the infatuation he had when he saw Xuanyuan Yingji.

Beautiful, beautiful short heroic spirit.

Even if it was him, he couldn't help it.

He never thought that this Xuanyuan Yingji was actually such a beauty.

"Today is the day you die."


Shan Sao immediately shouted, "With just you two!"

"I'm talking to Xuanyuan Yingji, who do you think you are!"

Tian Danzi was furious and shouted.

"I'm your grandfather!"

Shan Sao did not want to be outdone, so he scolded back.

"You're courting death!"

Tian Danzi spat out a ball of golden-red flame, it was the Heavenly Flame of Karakorum.

The flame transformed into an arrow that shot towards Shan Sao.


Xuanyuan Yingji stretched out his hand.

Her palms also burned with the black flames that only zombies possessed, as she welcomed the Tian Danzi's Rocket.


The two flames collided, causing a violent explosion.

The ground began to shake, and a huge pit more than three meters deep was formed by the explosion.

Green smoke was still coming out of the hole.

One could see the power of the explosion.

"Pfft …"

Xuanyuan Yingji actually spat out a mouthful of blood.

Qin Chao was shocked. Xuanyuan Yingji's strength, was actually this weak?

"Master, that Xuanyuan Yingji is different from you after all. You are born to possess the power of divinity, but she is the one who has transferred the power of divinity to you. If one forcefully instilled the power of divinity into another, the price to pay would be tremendous. It's already a miracle that she can use her strength now. Logically speaking, she shouldn't be able to use her Essence for a period of time. "

Qin Chao was silent.

Xuanyuan Yingji had fallen to such a state because of him.

"Haha, Xuanyuan Yingji, you can't do it anymore!"

Tian Danzi laughed out loud, he shook his hand, and the Devil Incineration and Heaven Illumination Light behind him floated over, "Adding this Devil Incineration and Heaven Illumination Light, you will definitely die today."

"No one can kill me."

Xuanyuan Yingji smiled faintly. Even though she was in danger, her beauty was still astonishing.

"Besides, it's trash like you who came out of nowhere."

"You dare to call me trash, Xuanyuan Yingji, you are too arrogant!"

Tian Danzi did not have a good temper. Those who cultivated fire type techniques were somewhat irritable.

"Then today, I will let you know who the true trash is between you and me!"

Saying that, he threw out his own Devil Incineration and Heaven Illumination Light.

That small lamp immediately flew above Xuanyuan Yingji's head.

"What is this?"

Xuanyuan Yingji was a little confused.

But the light would answer her soon.

An intense golden light suddenly shone down, and hit Xuanyuan Yingji's body.


Xuanyuan Yingji screamed.

The golden light gave her a pain she had never felt before.

It was as if thousands of knives were tearing at her body.


Seeing Xuanyuan Yingji in such pain, all the beasts turned pale with fright.

Shan Sao and the others subconsciously jumped towards the small lamp.

They did not understand why that small broken lamp could restrict the power of the king.

"Boom boom boom!"

However, at this time, several golden lights shone on the Devil Incineration and Heaven Illumination Light and shone on the other beasts.


For some reason, these vicious beasts were all transformed back into their original forms, falling to the ground in pain.

"Hahaha, this Devil Incineration and Heaven Illumination Light is my sect's most precious treasure!"

When the Tian Danzi saw this scene, he could not help but burst out laughing, "All the evildoers and evildoers will struggle painfully under this lamp. Especially for zombies, once they are exposed to my light, they will lose all of their power, and they can only allow themselves to be slaughtered. "

"Damn it!"

All of the beasts were curled up on the ground, gnashing their teeth in pain.

Even the Tian Danzi did not expect that his Devil Incineration and Heaven Illumination Light would have such an effect!

Actually, this was his decision.

If these fierce beasts and Xuanyuan Yingji were not injured, his Devil Incineration and Heaven Illumination Light would not have such a strong effect.

But if the other party was injured, then the Devil Incineration and Heaven Illumination Light's light would be even stronger. It would directly penetrate the other party's defenses and pierce into his soul.

Right now, these fierce beasts were all injured, and Xuanyuan Yingji himself was extremely weak.

All the Devil Incineration and Heaven Illumination Light had such a strong effect.

"Xuanyuan Yingji, today, this old Daoist, I, will avenge my little disciple!"

grave keeper An Qiyang controlled a gold swimming dragon and continuously circled it in the air.

The surrounding golden dragons all converged towards the one he controlled.

In the blink of an eye, his golden dragon had grown even thicker and more ferocious.


He controlled the golden dragon and pounced towards Xuanyuan Yingji who was being controlled by the Devil Incineration and Heaven Illumination Light.

And at that moment, Xuanyuan Yingji's face did not have the slightest hint of pain.

She raised her head and glanced at Qin Chao.

Her eyes were still filled with tenderness and love.

In the face of death, she felt as though there was still a way to free herself.

Right at this moment, something in Qin Chao's heart seemed to have materialized.

"Break for me!"

He threw out a white treasured sword, slicing through the air and piercing through the golden dragon. He pushed the golden dragon a hundred meters away, nailing it to a nearby mountain peak.

And on his body, there was a Nine-dragons Armour.

"Qin Chao, what are you doing?"

The Tian Danzi looked at the man from the Rakshasa School differently.

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