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Side Story 30 – Shinigami’s Salary

On that day, Princess called for me with an extremely serious face.

"Cain, come here for a moment"

Thanks to the contract's effect, I know when Princess calls for me.
When I showed up immediately, having fortunately been close by, Princess urged me to sit of the sofa.
She's somewhat fidgety.

"No, it's fine"

When I held myself back and urged her to talk, with Errr Princess got the ball rolling.

"I've kept you waiting for a long time. Because I finally came with the idea, Cain, I would like to give you your salary today!"
"Ha? Salary?"

When I asked back about the unexpected word, Princess slowly nodded.
Her face is more earnest than I could expect.

"Because, Cain, you're bound to me by a master-servant contract, right? Then I think it's natural for me to have an obligation to pay the salary for your work, Cain"

Dumbfounded, I shook my head at Princess who talked seriously. It's a development that never crossed my mind.

"… No, that might be true, but it's me who's imposing"

I'm aware I forced Princess, who hesitated because she wanted to be friends, to do something unreasonable by having her contract me.
In addition, I have zero intention of having her pay my salary.

… It's not like I'm particularly troubled for money.
That's why I shook my head that I don't need it, but Princess remained unconvinced.

"You can't. I'm the one who agreed. That's why I want to fulfill my role as a master to the best of my ability"
"… I'm not particularly troubled for money"

As a last resort I answered honestly.

I have the so called inheritance left by the Hiyuma clan.
I only have a part of it at hand right now, but if I wanted to go back to collect it, it's properly hidden.
Although the amount weights on my mind, it's enough that I could easily live my whole life while messing around.
I'm really not troubled.

That's why, I revealed why I don't want it, still Princess didn't nod.
It's what I knew, but she's fairly stubborn.

"You can't. It's not about having money or not. It's about being proper. Hey, Cain. I prepared it, so take it"

I froze when Princess produced a bulging bag.
No matter how I look at it, it's too much.

And, it's simple to predict that this money is probably the allowance from her parents.
Princess is expressly using the money she saved up for my sake.
I frantically argued that I can't let her do that.

"Look, it's the money parents generously prepared for Princess, right? I'm fine, so don't use it for my sake"

I tried to refuse with that, but Princess laughed that that's not it.

"It's alright. This is the money I earned. You know I make sweets that are novel in this country, right? I earn quite a lot thanks to it"
"Ah, but keep it a secret from Father"

In fact, I've done various things, as Princess stifled her laughter I was taken aback.
I'd try asking in detail, but saying it's a secret for now, she glossed over it.

"That's why I have enough income, so you don't need to particularly mind. I haven't thought of something as rude as paying Cain with parents' money. If it's just Cain, I can provide for you!"

Master who smiled to leave it to her with her chest puffed up with pride is too dazzling.

I simply stared at Princess dizzily.
Mmhm, after a single nod Princess continued.

"After all, it was like that in the Warring States period too, but you have to pay your ninja a salary. I'm happy about Cain's feelings, but a concrete evaluation is also important"

You can't buy life or loyalty with money, still it'll show just how much I value you, right?

Princess said it like it's nothing.
Really, wasn't the sex she was born as wrong.

Sometimes, like now, she says something incomprehensible like 'ninja', but fundamentally Princess acts according to her beliefs. Probably this case is also an example of that.

Urged many times, I timidly received the presented object, but its heavy weight spoke of the considerable amount of money inside.

"… After all I can't take it. No matter how I look at, it's too much"
"Isn't it better than if you thought it's too little. That just means I value Cain higher than you think… Hey, because I'll lose my position, don't return it, okay?"

If she tells me such a thing with a bitter smile, I can't refuse anymore.
As I reluctantly stowed it away in my bosom, Princess nodded as if relieved.

"Yup, that's fine… Hey Cain, I think it's essential to receive a corresponding salary for work, okay?"

So don't hesitate to receive it from now on.
Unable to look at Princess who said that with a gentle smile, I reflexively hung my head.

… Irresistible.

She accepted me like this and agreed to the contract.
Princess gave me more than enough. There's nothing I desire besides this.

And yet, Princess gave me more, as if that wasn't enough.

… It wasn't money.

More than anything, I'm happy she's seriously thinking of me like this.
With this matter I can understand she carefully thinks of me.
This fact is the biggest reward for me.

My chest felt stuffed and I tightly closed my eyes.
Otherwise, I would cry.
I quietly took a deep breath and calmed down my excited feelings.

Then I raised my face, and said to Princess who probably doesn't understand.

"Jeez, Princess is too cool"

After all I'm glad to have chosen Princess.
With that strong feeling, I renewed my determination to protect her to the end.

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