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Chapter 157: Breaking Up the Heterosexual Couple

Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

First generation! How was that possible? Weren’t the first thirty generations all wiped out?

Yao Si started to feel out of place; her position as an ancestor was in jeopardy.

“Mu Xuan, do you know him?” He was the only person who has been here ever since the Earth’s time. If a first generation was still alive, Mu Xuan should know him?

Unexpectedly, Mu Xuan shook his head. “I have never seen him before.” His aura was unfamiliar. He had never seen such a first generation before, even back when he was on earth,

“Then…” Who was he?

“I don’t know for now.” Mu Xuan tightened his grip around her, his expression serious. “I don’t think we can continue with this tour anymore. Sisi, let’s return—”

“Sisi, look over at the Heavenly Planet!” Before he could finish, Lian Yu exclaimed as she flew over with her seedling brother.

Yao Si turned and saw a blue substance starting to form in the middle of the dissected planet. It was enlarging as a figure shook within it.

What was that?

“It’s the Rainbow Pond!” Lian Yu exclaimed. “Why is it growing when the planet is already gone?”

The fluid recollected, forming a circular shape and eating up the fragments at the side as though a new water-based planet was being formed.

In less than ten minutes, the formation was almost the size of a tiny planet.

“How did the Rainbow Pond do this? Whwhat exactly is… this?” Lian Yu muttered..

Mu Xuan brought Yao Si away while warning them in a deep voice. “There’s something inside.”


Yao Si took a closer look, and, indeed, in the middle of the water ball was something moving. On closer inspection…


A painful, shrill cry came from within as a massive figure burst out—it was a gigantic beast that wasn’t fully formed. There wasn’t any skin covering the upper half of its body, just flesh and blood with bones sticking out in places. It was covered in a yellowish fluid that was mixed with blood and water from the planet. A bunch of organs came falling out of its body.

Yao Si was suddenly reminded of the bastard’s words. He mentioned that Lian Yu’s brother had polluted the water, which probably meant the one that had been in the Rainbow Pond.

Yet what… had he been harvesting?

The beast moved rapidly. He seemed to have sensed their existence and opened its huge mouth toward the three of them.

Yao Si froze. Even though it was a frightening image, she wasn’t afraid. It seemed almost familiar as the massive beast was about to swallow them any minute.

Mu Xuan lifted his hand, summoning a flame toward the beast. Before it could even howl, it had already turned into a pile of ashes together with the water ball.

“Mu Xuan, there’s something behind!” Yao Si tapped his arm, pointing toward the planet.

The water was gone, but among the floating pieces was a black dot. When compared to the beast, it was extremely tiny.

With a flash, Mu Xuan flew them over. The black dot was a blue hole, its inside pitch dark and flat almost like a burn in a piece of paper. It was unlike the black hole in the universe that devoured everything nearby, but was silent and unmoving, just like a picture. However, it emitted an eerie aura that brought about discomfort.

“What is… this?!” Yao Si asked.

“I don’t know.” Mu Xuan shook his head, his brows coming together into a tight knot. “It looks like a transportation method, but I can’t be sure where it leads to. Either way, it won’t lead to someone pleasant.”

“That aves!” He suddenly turned toward Lian Yu.

“Ah?” With her brother in her hands, she replied instinctively before catching herself. Glaring at him, she asked irritably, “What?”

Love rival!

“Inform the heavenly sylvians and get them to block off the area.”

Lian Yu frowned, then glanced at Yao Si who was still in his arms and poated. “I’m the queen, why must I listen to you?”

“Whatever!” Mu Xuan’s face darkened, and his voice hardened. “This isn’t the bloodlings’ domain anyways!”

Without another word, he lifted his hand to open a portal to the Red Planet. Caressing his cub, he said, “Let’s head home first.” He needed to investigate that first generation man more.

“Er, wait a minute, Sisi…” Just as Lian Yu was about to stop them, they disappeared. She stomped her feet in frustration; she had known that the bastard would snatch her Sisi!

Heh, all heterosexual love will end in disaster!

My Sisi…

Silently, she cursed a certain someone over a hundred times before switching on her optical computer indignantly to contact the heavenly sylvians. Who knew what else the Heavenly Planet would do, so it was better to get someone to check on it. After all, half of it belonged to the heavenly sylvians.

She contacted the king directly, informing him about what had happened in great detail. He then acted swiftly, delegating jobs to his people. After settling the matter, the queen could no longer keep her indignation under control.

“Uncle, I think I’m out of love…”

“Out of love? When did you get a partner? Why wasn’t I informed! Didn’t you just dismiss the aerial prince, even declaring to stay single forever?”

“That was the past, I never expected to meet her.”

“Little Yu, that’s the right decision. For the aves, you really should form a family. When do you intend to register your marriage? Hahaha… our Little Yu is finally going to get married.”

“Bur she has a boyfriend.”

“What’s there to be afraid, I’ll just snatch her over. You are the aves queen after all! Wait… boyfriend? It’s a woman?!”

(⊙ o ⊙)

“What’s wrong? Is it not permitted?”

“Er… you can, of course you can, hehe… whatever makes you happy. Come, tell your uncle who this lucky person is. How old is she? Who is her boyfriend? Do you need uncle to kill him for you? Oh right, which race is he from?”

“He is a bloodling.”

“Oh, blood… What!” There was a moment of silence. “Niece Yu, how could you end up in such a hopeless situation.… Why not consider someone else instead?” He would even accept a beast.

“No, I like Sisi.”


“My dearest Sisi, she is Si Yao. Isn’t it nice? Doesn’t it sound endearing and likeable?”

“Why does… this name sound so familiar?”

“I’m going to the Red Planet to find her and separate that pair! Goodbye uncle! Oh, that bastard is called Mo Xuan. I think he’s also a bloodling.”

“Siyao, Mo Xuan… Mu-Mu Xuan!”

Thump, thump, thump.

A bunch of objects came falling onto the ground.

“Little Yu, come back!!!”

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