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「What ails ye?」

 Puzzled, Kohaku asked.

 For some reason, Taiyou was hesitating to go up onto the bed.


「There are……five people here, aren't there?」


 Kotone and the others reacted to Taiyou's words.

 The three mismatched girls astonishedly said「Wh?」in unison.

 There were five people here――three people other than Kohaku and Aoba.

 Normally, this would be a no-brainer.

 However, that would mean that Taiyou had counted them as「three people」for the first time.

 Hence their astonishment.

「What are you saying, Natsuno-kun?」

「Cause this is the first time I've slept with this many people. Whether it be over here or "over there"」

 Taiyou said with a bitter smile.

 His expression was a smile.

 But that smile seemed to look to the girls like there was fear mixed in.

「I'm sure you all would understand since we've slept together before, but at most I've only done it with one or two. "Three or more" is a first for me」

「……Are your eyes and heart confused? Dannsama」


 Taiyou nodded. Three in his eyes, five in his heart.

「Oh, but my head's fine, don't worry. I'm aware that I'm a bit confused. So maybe that's exactly why?」

「What do you mean?」

「This is bliss. This is happiness that all of the men in the world……90%, or maybe even 100% of them would be envious of. This is like the stuff of miracles that you probably couldn't even reach if you started over in life. I think so.」

 He said as a smile of self-depreciation rose to his face.

「Because it's my first time sleeping with "more than three people", I guess I was reminded that I'm really happy. That this happiness is miraculous. And whether I have the confidence to continue this miracles from now on……I was wondering about that for a moment there」

「Come on!」

「Taiyou-san, you can definitely do it」


 Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane insisted; a chorus of souls.

「You say that, but……」

 Taiyou frowned further.

 A shadow crept up behind him as he did that.

「What're you grumbling――about!」


 Feeling a strong impact on his behind, Taiyou staggered.

 That caused him to stumble forward, falling onto the bed where everyone waited with a thud.

「Wh-Who is it?」

 He turned around, looking up.

 There he saw Youran, who should have been in another room with Leticia.

 She seemed to be putting a hand on her hip, looking down at Taiyou.

 It had been a while since he saw those cold eyes.

「Why are you here……didn't you have something to discuss with Leticia?」

「I did, but it didn't go like I thought it would, so I came back. Anyhow――」

 Youran looked at Taiyou with even colder eyes.

「What are you, stupid?」

「Ooo, that is indeed a fantastic line――mph」

 Hera wanted to say something, but Kohaku sealed her mouth.

 Now that interruptions were gone, Yoruan continued.

「Why are you harboring such obscure worries at this point in time?」

「Well it's just…」

 Taiyou attempted to make some sort of excuse.

 Wordlessly, Youran took out her self-defense gun, thrusting it at Taiyou with cold eyes.

 After a moment, her finger pulled the trigger.

 It was a small gun that specialized in not being detected by any sort of sensor.

 The bullets that came out ripped through the air faster than the speed of sound――but faltered as they made contact with Taiyou's body.

 Long-Range Void.

 It was one of Taiyou's skills, and the lead bullet twisted from the laws of physics fell atop the bed.

「The hell was that for?」

「Well this doesn't work on you. Not even rocket launchers would work」


 The look he gave her seemed to ask "And so what?".

「It's flawless, right?」

「It is, yeah, but why does that matter?」

「Then your harem is also flawless. So it'll be flawless even until you get your seven brides. That's not some miracle――it's『flawless』, guy」

 Taiyou's eyes opened wide.


「We also」

「Think that way!」

「I agree. Though miracles be romantic, a flawless destiny sounds even more magnificent」

「I came with you in the first place because you were like this, Natsuno-kun. Other than the beginning, it was no longer a miracle with my time」

 Taiyou's brides all said those things.

 They all had different things to say, but the one thing they united behind was that this was no miracle.

「And hey, you didn't dodge it this time」

「Oh, yeah」

「There was enough time from when I pulled out my gun and fired. You could've easily dodged. But you clearly didn't. You have confidence in that skill, so why are you worrying about odd things? It's stupid」

「Stupid, you say

「Yes, stupid」


 Taiyou smiled bitterly.

 True. It was pretty stupid.

 Just as Youran said, fretting over that sort of thing at this point was stupid.

 Taiyou closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

 Thinking of what had happened and what was yet to come.

 He opened his eyes, looking at all the girls, then spoke.

「……I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing would repeat itself three times」

「What? Look, guy――」

 Youran looked like she was about to erupt again when Kohaku cut her off.

「Ye mean once the fifth, sixth, and seventh Shirokiyami get added」


 Taiyou nodded.

 Youran's anger got smaller and smaller by the minute because she understood what he was getting at.

 Instead, she became exasperated.

 The kind of exasperated feeling that is close to fondness.

 Youran spoke while feeling that.

「Okay. Then I'll just kick your ass again when that time comes」

「Could you maybe not?」

「But you're gonna worry again」

「Yeah, I will. So――」

 Taiyou reached out, grabbing Youran's hand.

 He pulled her close to him.

 Her dainty body fell and he caught it, falling with her onto the bed.

 From left and right, as if getting the clue, Aoba and the three sisters came closer.

 And Kohaku used his thighs as a pillow.

 Everyone huddled close to Taiyou.

 They all clung together on the bed.

 That was when Taiyou spoke.

「Let's do this again when the time comes. Let's make sure that it's no miracle」


「I will teach ye the true reality」

「I'll teach you about harems」

「And I'll have my gun prepared」

 They said as they pressed into Taiyou.

 They slept together that night, but did nothing else, simply enjoying it.

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