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Beyond One's Ability to Quibble              

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A cold light glinted in Shen Ao's eyes, along with deep enmity. He realized that Jiang Chen would never let go of him, and if Shen Yifei died, he would be in agony throughout his life; hence, he swore to himself that if his son was really killed, he would definitely ensure that Jiang Chen would die a graveless death, so that Jiang Chen could accompany his son in the underworld.

"What a good Shen Yifei! You do have the nerve to distort the truth at this very moment."

Jiang Chen grasped Shen Yifei on the neck. Dense killing intent swept Shen Yifei's body like sharp blades, making his body shiver in fear, his soul almost about to burst. He knew how cruel and ruthless Jiang Chen was. He was afraid that he wouldn't live after deceiving Jiang Chen today. Despite being surrounded by all the cultivators of Fengluo Sect, he wasn't able to feel the slightest sense of security, but felt a strong desolation and threat of death instead.

"Jiang Chen, I'm going to die anyway. I might as well make you a scapegoat." Shen Yifei spoke through gritted teeth.

"Jiang Chen, what else do you have to say? It's time for you to tell us who sent you here. Why do you want to create internal conflicts in our sect?!" Shen Ao clamoured.

"So this is it. This Jiang Chen is truly abominable. He must be a spy sent by the enemy to cause chaos in our sect and make us kill each other, profiting at the expense of our people."

"This has to be it. He's too audacious and dangerous. He has to be eliminated!"

"It's such a pity that Senior Brother Shen, the number one genius of our sect, had fallen to such an end."

The scene became restless. Shi Yifei's words immediately turned Jiang Chen the public enemy. Jiang Chen anticipated that this would happen, after all, there was no way he could convince these people verbally. At the end of the day, he was still an outsider to them and wouldn't be able to make them believe him without a solid proof.

Of course, Jiang Chen wasn't a fool. How could Shen Yifei hide his motive from him? He wouldn't be called Jiang Chen if he was tricked by such an unimportant figure.

"Jiang Chen, do you have any more to say?"

Fenghua Zi looked over at Jiang Chen, his eyes full of sharpness. Unlike the others, he didn't think that Jiang Chen just made this all up because he couldn't detect the slightest tension from Jiang Chen's face. Shen Yifei's words didn't seem to affect Jiang Chen at all.

Furthermore, Fenghua Zi was determined in believing that Jiang Chen wouldn't come here just to insult the Great Elder as that was no different than seeking death. It was even more unlikely that Jiang Chen was sent by an enemy force because they weren't idiotic enough to ignore the dangers of such an attempt. Additionally, nobody would let such an incredible genius to take such a risk. More importantly, Fengluo Sect had no enemy that had such a powerful genius. He was afraid that no one amongst the young generation in the Central Domain could beat Shen Yifei to such a degree.

Jiang Chen didn't reply to Fenghua Zi, but turned to Shen Yifei and spoke with a smile, "Shen Yifei, you are too naïve to think that you can turn the tables against me. This simply showed how low your intelligence is."

After he finished speaking, Jiang Chen turned his palm, producing a crystal ball that was made from a special material. People rarely took such crystal ball with them due to its limited function - it could be used to record images like the Great Thousand Mirror, however the images could only be kept for three days tops, after three days those recorded events would automatically disappear.

To Jiang Chen, this time limit was more than enough.

He stuck out his finger, shooting out a jet of golden light. Sensing the stimulation of the light, the crystal ball glowed brilliantly. An enormous projection appeared in the sky. It was precisely the projection of the incidents that had happened on the square of Yu Family.

The projection showed Shen Yifei, who had just lost an arm, kneeling down, looking at Jiang Chen in horror.

"Why do you use the Bloodthirsty Grass to concoct those pills?"


"You don't want to tell me?"

"No-no, I'll tell you."

"Those pill recipes were given to me by my father. The Bloodthirsty Grass can aid him in his cultivation technique."

"Sure enough, it was your dad. It seems like your dad cultivates a kind of peerless evil art. He wanted to transfer the ability of the grass, making it his own ability. Once he succeeds, he will be able to gain that ability and absorb the blood and qi of others to improve his strength. Am I right?"

"You, how did you know about this?"

"Humph! The Bloodthirsty Grass can't be taken directly, so you two are trying to mix other herbs with it, until you can extract the ability of the grass. Which was why you haven't achieved success during all the testing of the pills. Fengluo Sect is a righteous sect. As for your dad, who is the Great Elder of the sect, cultivating an evil art that needs the blood, qi, and essence of other cultivators, you two can only execute the plan in secret.

"I'm not finished. I still know that once your pill succeeds, the cultivation of your dad's evil art will succeed as well. At that time, he will make a huge progress. After that, you two will overthrow the current Sect Master of Fengluo Sect. Am I right?"

Everything that transpired on the square was clearly shown in the projection, instantly breaking the silence of the scene. Nobody present was a fool. Jiang Chen's words might be a lie, but those images displayed in the projection were surely not fabricated. Through the projection, they saw that Jiang Chen didn't threaten Shen Yifei in the slightest. The plans and motives of Shen Yifei and his father were all accurately guessed by Jiang Chen.

Shen Yifei's ashen face was full of despair. He couldn't help but submit to Jiang Chen. All along, Jiang Chen had never neglected any details and leave chances for his enemy. From the moment he decided to come to Fengluo Sect, he was already well-prepared 


Angry and pitying eyes fell upon Shen Ao. There was nothing much to say. Debating was no longer useful. This was the absolute and irrefutable fact. To the cultivators of Fengluo Sect, this was a major blow. The Great Elder whom they had respected and admired was actually an evil-doer. If the Great Elder had succeeded in his evil cultivation and started a rebellion, there was bound to be bloodshed in Fengluo Sect. They couldn't express their feeling at the thought of having to die in the hands of the one they highly respected. 

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