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Chen Xiang wanted to go to the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country to find someone, which made Gu Dongchen suspicious. He already knew that Chen Xiang and Liu Meng'er were very close, and had even teamed up to trap his Spar. However, Xue Xianxian was Chen Xiang's wife, so it wasn't a big deal for Chen Xiang to look for her.

"Wait till the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country's Female Emperor comes, then you can go with her! What I am going to say now is very important. After you finish listening, you must be prepared. " Gu Dongchen said.

Chen Xiang nodded.

"I assume all of you should know about that huge disturbance right? Right now, only the core disciples of some sects know about this. There will definitely be a big commotion, but you can't tell anyone about it right now, otherwise the whole world will be in chaos. " Gu Dongchen said, at this time, another 10 elders came over.

"That huge disturbance is the legendary Great War between Three Realms, you guys should be familiar with this matter, especially during this period of time when the rumors were spreading." Wu Kaiming said.

When the disciples of the nineth section of genuine kungfu realm heard it, their bodies shivered, they had long thought of the Great War between Three Realms, only that they had not confirmed it. Now that Wu Kaiming said it, it was true.

"Unfortunately, there is an entrance to the Chen Martial Continent. When the time comes, the demons will enter! That's why the pressure on us Chen Martial Continent s is really great. " Gu Dongchen sighed.

Chen Xiang found out from Long Xueyi that the Mortal Martial Realm he was in was one of the larger common worlds. Above the Mortal Martial Realm was a boundless ocean, and there were a lot of continents on the seas.

But now, a fusion point with the Demon and Devil Realms had appeared. This was the only entrance to the Mortal Martial Realm!

"It is said that the fusion point last time was also at our Chen Martial Continent. However, that was a hundred thousand years ago! The location will be in Great Devil Mountains! " This made Chen Xiang's heart skip a beat. He was going to the Great Devil Mountains.

"Back then when they were merging, the experts from all the different continents in Mortal Martial Realm were gathered here, and they teamed up to fight against the demons that came from the Demon and Devil Realms. The battle that year was extremely bitter. Many outstanding experts from the Mortal Martial Realm have died. At the same time, many precious martial skills, alchemy techniques and the like have also been lost.

Hearing Gu Dongchen's words, everyone knew that it would be very tragic. Even people from the Nirvana Stage would fall, let alone them.

"You guys need to make a trip to the Great Devil Mountains. You went there to investigate, and the situation is not looking good for the Great Devil Mountains. The power of the dead spirits who died there is slowly increasing, if the passage was opened earlier, there is no way the people on the Chen Martial Continent could stop us! We, the Nirvana Stage s, are contacting the experts from the many continents of the ocean to come here. We will summon a Hero Tournament! "

Chen Xiang had always thought that the Great Devil Mountains was just a dangerous mountain, but he never thought that it was indeed the place where the fought a great battle a hundred thousand years ago.

What Chen Xiang was more concerned about was the Hero Tournament. When the time came, the warriors from other continents would come, and it must be known that the Mortal Martial Realm was very big. There were many continents, and the people that came would definitely not be small.

"You just need to go check out the situation. Something abnormal has already happened inside the Great Devil Mountains. As long as you go past the nineth section of genuine kungfu realm or above, there will be ghostly wails coming out from there. I once wanted to force my way in, but instead, there was a very strong resistance, and it would cause an earthquake. Right now, all of the sects are sending nineth section of genuine kungfu realm s to investigate inside, so all of you have to be careful, if anything goes wrong, immediately retreat. " Gu Dongchen emphasized his last sentence, as he did not want his disciples to sacrifice themselves.

"Elder Wu, bring the ten of them to understand the situation of the Great Devil Mountains, and familiarize them with the demon qi! There's no need for Chen Xiang to stay in the Southern Wasteland anymore, Chen Xiang, come with me! " Gu Dongchen left with Chen Xiang and came to his secret residence.

Chen Xiang only had the fifth section of genuine kungfu realm, and Gu Dongchen also letting him go to Great Devil Mountains, must have other intentions.

"Junior master, you're going to the Great Devil Mountains. Are you afraid?" Gu Dongchen asked. He knew Chen Xiang was a Alchemist and was busy with many things.

"Of course not! Just say whatever you have to say directly. " Chen Xiang said indifferently, even if Gu Dongchen did not want him to, he still had to go, because he wanted to retrieve the Devil-suppressing kungfu.

"Alright, the situation inside Great Devil Mountains is very strange. I suspect that the remnants of the dead spirits are all gathered together and used by others to create something similar to an altar. That's why it formed a powerful barrier that prevented us Nirvana Stage's people from entering."

Gu Dongchen's expression was stern, he said in a low voice: "If you can't find anything, just set the fire inside to burn it, I know that Junior Master's flame is not ordinary, it is filled with extremely powerful Yang energy, it should be extremely destructive towards the demon energy!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head, this was merely asking him to set fire to the mountain, he was not afraid of Great Devil Mountains, he was only more concerned about how useful the Devil-suppressing kungfu was, and how difficult it was to learn.

"When the time comes, I'll go by myself. Tell the other senior brothers not to go into the depths!" To be honest, when I went to find Master, Master told me to pay attention to the Great Devil Mountains, and he even told me to go into the depths to investigate. He said that I was qualified! " Chen Xiang thought about it and came up with an excuse. This would allow him to move alone.

Gu Dongchen was shocked. He knew that Huang Jintian had the power to predict the future, so he trusted in him a lot: "Alright, I will greet the other sects! That Liu Meng'er is coming, she should be looking for Junior Sister. "

Liu Meng'er had come. She was wearing a black veil, black robes and a black robe, appearing to be rather low key. She was not here to look for the Elder Dan, but Chen Xiang.

Gu Dongchen was a little curious as to why Liu Meng'er wanted to find him, but he did not ask.

This was the first time Chen Xiang was alone with him inside the Super Martial School.

Right now, there were only Chen Xiang and Liu Meng'er in the Super Dan Imperial College. Wu Qianqian was not here, she was receiving training in the Triumph Martial Yard, unlike Chen Xiang who had so many methods to increase her strength.

"Elder Sister Meng'er, you are really a rare guest here!"

Chen Xiang chuckled as she served tea to Liu Meng'er, and suddenly kissed her on the cheek, making Liu Meng'er feel extremely embarrassed. Although there was no one else around, but it was the territory of the Super Martial School, and she was a little worried.

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